Women: It’s OK To Be Alone, Dammit

16 January 2010 at 12:35 pm (#Kanyeshrug, Funny Things, Life, Rants, WTF!?) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

Remember not too long ago I wrote about women needing to get at their men first (and not other women) when they’ve been cheated on? Remember how I based that post on a chick I used to know and her drama she put out there on Twitter? Well, guess what? Her ass just showed me how truly lame she is. How the HELL are you going on and on about waste men …. not ever able to trust again …. you feel sorry for any guy you meet after this … and men are shit BUT you then turn around and say “single life sucks” and “I wanna trust him but I can’t” and “I’m falling for him” … WTF!?

Bitch you JUST got burned a few weeks ago and you’re already onto the next? How OLD are you? You are in your late 20’s acting like some highschool idiot! Christmas was apparently ruined because you found out your man was cheating on you with a REAL GIRL. You made her life hell, called her out her name, talked shit and then had the nerve to get your people involved. None of my business some might say? Well I read a lot. I browse the web to get topics like these to write about and when you put your business out there,  BEST BELIEVE Corprah Lanfrey is gonna have something to say. Don’t like it? Oh well #kanyeshrug all over that ass.

Women. It’s OK to be alone, you know. It’s OK to not have a man in your midst every day and week of your life. Do you not LIKE yourself? Can you not embrace single life at ALL? Why do you ALWAYS need a man around to validate you? Your self-worth and self-love should NOT be due to what man or how many men you have surrounding you. I understand its easy to fall for someone and have that love for another but there comes a time when enough is enough. If you were so hurt and crying and torn up over being cheated on, I can ASSURE you that it will take more than a couple of weeks to get over that feeling – unless that feeling was a figment of your imagination and just a ruse to gain sympathy. NO ONE feels sorry for you. Just the opposite actually – people LAUGH at you. At the very least they’ll PITY you.

But that’s what it is. You don’t have any self-love or worth and a man validates you. Period. Your life is a joke. You can’t and don’t want to be seen as single because it makes you look bad, weak, unworthy of a man’s love but … did you ever think standing on your own two feet without a man actually makes you look strong and worthy? Having this man and that man around you and your daughter does nothing but reiterate what people already know. You’re easy. You’re the best person to target for whatever means you give them. It’s no wonder you constantly get burned and hurt. You bring it on yourself. It’s so funny. The famous saying “Fool me once, shame on you … fool me twice, shame on me” REALLY APPLIES TO YOUR LIFE.

Try being alone and learning to love yourself. LIKE the time you spend with yourself. Get to know who you are before you present that person to another. Genuinely be READY for a relationship rather than jumping in and out of them. The fact you show these all over the place sentiments about countless men show just how pathetic you truly are. I’m ashamed to have ever befriended you and I don’t understand how ANYONE can be your friend and not tell you what I’m telling you – but, hey, the truth hurts. Too bad you fucked me over or I’d sit you down and tell you this in the best way I could. That’s what a real friend does.  A real friend wouldn’t encourage this behaviour. A real friend will tell you and call you out on your fuckery but thats not what you want – which is why you switch friends like girls switch their panties.

Anyway, this is a rant I, all of a sudden, no longer want to continue. I hope one day you will act your age, get your shit together and stop being so damn boy crazy. Loser.


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