Yelawolf In Toronto!!!

21 September 2010 at 8:48 am (Celebrity, Entertainment, Local Events, Music, Toronto Life) (, , , , , , , , , )

On Sunday, Sept 26, Interscope rapper Yelawolf will be in town in Toronto performing at Sound Academy with Wiz Khalifa for the Waken Baken tour. Lola of partnered up with Contra MagazineFormat MagUniversal Records and Dunkees Skateboards to put together a brief meet and greet with Wolf at the New Era Flagship store where he will be doing interviews, taking photos and signing autographs for fans. There will also be give-a-ways including 3 Yelawolf x Dunkees Skateboard decks!! It will all be going down from 2pm-4pm. BE THERE!


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Vote For Landlord & Juice On MTV

27 June 2010 at 1:48 pm (Campaigns, Entertainment, Funny Things, Local Events, Raves, Televison, Toronto Life, Videos) (, , , , , , , , )


FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @Kamakacci_Juice <== I have NO idea why it says “us” but only Juice’s twitter is listed. Let me go get Landlord’s … poor ting ==> @landlordd


watch the youtube videos:

(offical video)

(landlord & juice fat boys)

and join the fanpage :


::: all info provided by Juice’s Facebook  (except Landlord’s twitter – smh) :::

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G20 Brief Thoughts (Non-Political)

27 June 2010 at 1:30 pm (#Kanyeshrug, Campaigns, Local Events, News, Politics, Rants, Toronto Life, World Issues, WTF!?) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

I’m not going to sit here and go into what the actual G20 summit is about … I’m gonna say something extremely brief, short, sweet and to the point about what’s been happening in my city of Toronto these past couple of days.

First and foremost: all you idiots that came from far to come and mash up my city need to go back to wherever you came from and mind your own. This shit has gotten out of control. What are you really protesting about? When the first car was set ablaze I said on twitter: “If this unrest continues over the rest of the weekend, how much of it will really be about the G20?” This weekend is just an excuse for SOME people to wreck havoc and cause chaos. GTFO of my city with all that there bullshit. This is embarrassing Toronto. Canadians don’t get down like this. For the ones that do, I’m appalled at the behaviours of the city’s citizens. But at the same time, I’m not surprised either (if that makes any sense).

I’m just happy that so far there have been no major injuries or human casualties because that would just set me over the edge.

In conclusion: here’s a word to the masses that wanna damage Toronto: if you fuck up a Tim Horton’s people will burn you at the stake. Timmy’s is a national treasure. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, SON!

Photo Credits: Tosha Dash (1&2), Jay Jones (3&4), Zoi the Femcee (5)

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Ms. Camy Covers Ordinary People

31 May 2010 at 7:32 pm (Entertainment, Local Events, Music, Raves, Toronto Life) (, , , , , )

This is my GOOD and darling, beautiful friend Camy singing a cover of John Legend’s classic hit “Ordinary People”. Please take it in and show love in the comments.

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H4H ::: Help 4 Haiti

24 January 2010 at 5:31 pm (Campaigns, Entertainment, Local Events, Toronto Life, Well Wishes, World Issues) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , , )

On Thursday February 4th, Toronto’s Entertainment Community will join together for a greater cause, to raise money for Haiti Earthquake Relief. H4H-Help For Haiti @ Circa .. 100% OF THE PROCEEDS WILL BE DONATED TO THE RED CROSS – BE THERE AND SUPPORT THE CAUSE.

Sounds provided by: DJ Kidd Tempo, DJ Spoonz, DJ FlatLine, Legacy, Ill Kidz, A Plus, Rych Kydd, Queen of Spades, John J, Fusion 3, Infamous Soundcrew, Blaxz Dun Da Place and more..

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4 January 2010 at 10:44 pm (Entertainment, Heavy Rotation, Local Events, Mixtapes, Music, Raves, Toronto Life) (, , , , , , , , , , )

As fresh as the bed of snow that just fell on Toronto, I made this mix to complement the vibe of the season. Here in Toronto, we dealt with a snowy winter in ’08, and a fairly mild winter last year. I figured in 2010 we were due for one of those real punishing winters with the triple-digit wind chill. So to counter that deep freeze, this is my response.

This is for those that choose to stay indoors an extra day or seven. For those that are content braving the elements behind a double paned windows and a layer of weatherstripping. Break out the hot cocoa, throw another log on, and curl up under some thermal blankets to this.

Via DJ Mensa’s Facebook

Bob James – Feel Like Making Love / D’Angelo – Feel Like Making Love / Black Star – Brown Skin Lady / Mista – Lady / Rell ft. Jay-Z – Love For Free / Mary J. Blige – Be Happy (Siik Remix) / Amerie – Different People / Missy Elliott – Pussycat / 50 Cent – Ryder Muzik / Mary J. Blige ft DMX – Sincerity / Nicole – I Can’t See (Mensa Blend) / Deborah Cox – Sentimental / Cee-Lo – Let’s Stay Together / Glenn Lewis – Beautiful Eyes / Little Brother – All For You / Common – I Used To Love H.E.R. (Freddie Joachim Remix) / Hi-Tek – Git Ta Steppin’ / Bilal – Love It (9th Wonder Remix) / Janet Jackson – Spending Time With You / Snoop Dogg ft. Brandy & Pharrell – Special / Zo! – My Flame / Destiny’s Child – Game Over / Joe ft. Mariah Carey & Nas – Thank God I Found You / Glenn Lewis – The Thing To Do / Anthony Hamilton – Do You Feel Me / Isley Brothers – Don’t Say Goodnight (It’s Time For Love)

Download Here

Follow DJ Mensa on ::: Twitter :::

ALSO! Be sure to reach out to the return of Social Experiment this Thursday,
and every week after at Octopus Lounge!

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TWEET THIS: #votelola4vj

29 September 2009 at 8:39 pm (Campaigns, Entertainment, Life, Local Events, Music, Raves, Sites To Check For, Televison, Thank You's, Toronto Life) (, , , , , , )

This beautiful girl (who is also a friend of mine) needs your help and support.

Lola Plaku is in the running for the 2009 Much Music VJ search. She got her profile approved late in the game and she needs all the votes she can get since she has to play catch up to the rest of the submissions. And I believe she can do it – especially with YOUR help.

PLEASE take the time to go to the website: watch her posted video and vote for her!!! ALSO … if you are on Facebook, please join her group:

She deserves this.

Much appreciated and loads of love,
Corprah xo 

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Cancelling Caribana: The Right Thing To Do?

13 July 2009 at 1:24 pm (Beauty, Health & Fitness, Local Events, Oh You So Nasty!, Toronto Life) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

I have no idea if this is actually being considered but I’ve heard the rumours that this may be happening. I want to talk about it 😉 Why? Because I have some shit to say of course – lol. Pls note: I live in a neighbouring city unaffected by this strike so if my “facts” or points are wrong, I welcome all corrections.

Short background for my readers that don’t live in the GTA: The City of Toronto is suffering amidst a municipal strike. The reason it may affect Caribana is because city workers are on strike. Most notably, in this case, garbage clean up is at a standstill. Right now, some the city’s parks are temporary landfills and the shit is about to hit the fan – literally.

Let’s examine why and why not it would be a good idea to cancel this year’s parade:

First and foremost, sluts everywhere will recoil at the realization that their weekend to justify and excuse their affinity for whoredom will not be taking place this year. Dudes having a hard time getting pussy in Toronto will be happy they’ll be saving some time and money this year, seeing as how they won’t have to make their way to Buffalo or Detroit, to rent a car or truck to pretend they are American in hopes of lining up some ass for the night. Liars will breathe a collective sigh of relief knowing they won’t be asked to show their license to prove they really ARE from New York. Nail and hair salons will see what I assume will be a significant drop in their numbers because a lot of females won’t need their “hair and nails did” *snaps bubble gum and pats the weave*.  Yonge St. will actually be close to, if not, empty and motorists and pedestrians alike won’t have to worry about feet being run over. Motorists will be happy that seeing some ass in tightus pum pum shawts won’t distract them. No one likes rear ending a completely over-pimped out shiny white Cadillac Escalade.

All the afforementioned situations and scenarios will make people sad (or happy, depending on how you look at it) that Caribana is cancelled this year. But will it be good for the City of Toronto financially? HELL NO. Caribana generates a STUPID amount of money for the city. Every time at this point in the year we see our tourism numbers spike. The past few events have been relatively safe (dating back to the “Year Of the Gun”) and violence free and most people are OK with feeling safe at Caribana again. I hope it stays like that – I really do. So, in that sense, it wouldn’t be the smartest idea in the world to cancel Caribana. That’s a LOT of money lost. However, from a visitors (or even a reveller living here’s) standpoint, why would you want to be here when the city smells like ass? If I lived abroad and was flying in or driving an obscene amount of hours and wasn’t aware of this strike and stepped off the plane or out my car into what smells like a sewer: I WOULD BE PISSED! I can’t see myself, no anyone else for that matter, actually ENJOYING themselves amongst that stench. I mean, our noses all get used to scents after we’re exposed for long periods of time, but I don’t need to be getting it in with a roti or jerk chicken dinner only to have the wind blow a wicked swirl of SHIT SMELL and ROTTEN GARBAGE into my nose. My stomach will lurch and I WILL vomit. OK?

I haven’t been to Toronto since the Gay Pride parade which was about 2 1/2 weeks ago. At that time the strike was only 2 weeks old so it wasn’t so bad downtown. Because our cities are generally pretty friggin clean in nature WITHOUT a strike, changes in how the city looks wouldn’t be immediate. It didn’t smell at all (to me, anyway) and the streets were still relatively clean. However, from friends that live down there, I’m hearing it’s pretty damn bad now. Speaking of Pride, people want to use the argument that “ohh, you want to cancel Caribana but the gays got their day!” SHUT THE FUCK UP WITH ALL THAT FUCKING WEAK ASS BULLSHIT TALKS. PLEASE. Grow up. And those same people wanting to use that argument want to also turn it into a racial one. Save it. Here’s why: Caribana brings in more money than Pride. Significantly more. Now, as far as the city and its officials are concerned, the only colour they are wanting to see at the end of July is GREEN. The city is NOT going to pass up all that money to stop the blacks from getting their “jump up on”.  I believe if Caribana does indeed get cancelled, the strike is a valid reason as to why. Besides, don’t be stupid. The gay, lesbian and transgendered community is JUST as, if not more – in some cases, discriminated against the same way blacks are. Also, remember that I stated the strike, at the time of Pride, was only approximately 2 weeks old, therefore the garbage pile up wasn’t in such a dire state. By the time Caribana happens, the strike will be (I, believe) over 8 weeks old. PLUS, the organizers of Pride set money aside in case the strike wasn’t cleared up, to have the garbage properly cleaned and disposed of.  If the organizers of Caribana want to do the same, I can’t see the city stopping them. But I don’t see them doing that. Have y’all BEEN downtown and seen the aftermath of the Caribana parade? They’re gonna have to put up a lot of dinero to get that shit spotless – lol. But again, even if they did front the money for the clean up AFTER the parade, what about all the garbage piled up for almost 8 weeks BEFORE and DURING the parade?People will NOT be able to enjoy themselves. By July 31/Aug 1, the city will STAAAAAAANK!

Basically, if it’s cancelled, sure I’ll be disappointed but it won’t be the end of the world. I mean, it’s an annual event people. If they were cancelling it FORVER, I  could see the argument but a city without Caribana for one summer will NOT kill us – though, who knows what long term exposure to rotten garbage will do! Feel me on this, people!? Besides, I’m sure all the clubs will still have their parties and events and being inside won’t be nearly as bad as being outside on the parade route. And if that’s the case, the sluts will still be able to have their day. Or night. 😉

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Send Guests Home With the Mess

2 July 2009 at 3:56 pm (Funny Things, Life, Local Events, News, Toronto Life) (, , , , , , , , , , , )

Since I couldn’t find a site that will allow me to copy and paste this article I had to print screen and save it. You can read the article >here< (page 6) in the local Toronto paper 24 Hours. I read it this morning on my way to class and thought it was so witty. Thien Huynh is hilarious to me and I honestly enjoy reading his column. This particular article made me laugh out loud more than once and I especially liked the part where he explained how this city strike has made him a better husband – lol

Click the thumbnail (twice) below to see the entire article in picture form:


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Show Us Your Pride, Toronto!!!

22 June 2009 at 9:43 pm (Just For Fun!, Local Events, Raves) (, , , , , )

It’s that time of year again !!!!

Pride Week has started and my girls and I are ecstatic. None of us our gay – we are all heterosexual females, but we don’t let that stop us from partaking in the amazing events taking place during the week (and especially the weekend) in our city. Because we all work or have classes in the week we have decided to paint the town red Sat night and all day Sunday.

We’ll be at Fly Saturday night going off to the hard hitting sounds of house music, drinking and being merry with the best company in the city. I love going there for the sole reason of being able to be myself without any pretense or judgement. The music is amazing, the men are hot and they love cute single girls such as ourselves. Sure, they may not want to sleep with us but they sure will party with us 😉 And, of course, on Sunday we’ll be dancing in the streets at the parade!

We show our love and support for the gay community all year round but this week is probably one of our favourites of  the year.

I can’t wait.

Show your Pride this weekend and come out and support the community.

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