Hoe to Housewife Back To Hoe – Kendra Wilkinson Sex Tape Trailer

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If you want to see the trailer for Kendra Wilkinson’s Sex Tape then click her pic below:

P.S. Please be advised the trailer is most definitely NSFW!

Hank Baskett LOSES. WHY did he wife her? I mean, sure people can change but rumour has it she’s the one that was actively shopping this tape around Hollywood before she met him and tried to hide it from him. AND, apparently, there is a SECOND tape being shopped. WTH!? Is her new found love and family worth some more MONEY!? Fame comes with such an ugly price but if the rumours are true then she did this to herself. She made her bed, now she can lay in it. Pun absolutely intended.

What say you, readers? Can a hoe really be turned into a housewife?


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In Light Of the Celebrity Twitter Boxing Match

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He said it best … and quite simply, too:

“Regular people get caught up, you KNOW celebrities can.” (c) RaQ Holiday

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Damn Fool Of the Day (Maybe of the Month)

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This “woman” is crazy and a DAMN fool. How are you going to take $50,000 in light of the earthquake that just occured in Haiti and use it to buy billboards to embarrass your lover who happens to be married? I don’t care if you purchased the billboards before the earthquake struck (if that’s indeed the case) …. get yo’ ass a gotdamn refund, bitch.

YaVaughnie Wilkins …… YOU are a DAMN FOOL.

For the story click :: here ::

And please take note: I’m not absolving him of any of HIS responsibility in (maybe) leading her on .. I could care less what happened between them. Before today I had no idea who these people were. I’m judging this chick based on her crazy ass actions. LOL.

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Let’s All Be A Satanist Like Jay Z!

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I have tried religiously to avoid giving a serious opinion about Jay Z’s new video. At first I was like, what’s the big deal!? Get over it. It’s a video. A lot of shit is disturbing. Shit that is REAL and not a damn directed video with ideas from someone’s head. But then I realized people were being MAD serious about it and I’m like …ITS A GOTDAMN MUSIC VIDEO. This isn’t a documentary into his real life and what he does AWAY from the public eye. Anyone can take any idea, fashion, current event and apply it to a music video … it doesn’t necessarily mean the artist, director, producer, stylist and whomever else actually believe in the ideal. I agree it’s odd to do a video with satanic and masonic imagery and not believe in it, but its not unheard or uncommon. Let’s be real here. People can do videos about cheating and killing but aren’t necessarily philanderers or murderers. It’s ALL PART OF AN IMAGE.

Here is my take on all this bullshit about Jay Z being a satanic Freemason:

You can’t deny the images are there but even if he WAS a freemason would he be so blatant about it? I can go and do my research and make a video throwing up all kinds of symbols and imagery and would people call me a satanist or freemason too?

Conspiracy theories are always interesting to me but they are just that .. theories. Jay Z isn’t stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s done all this on purpose to get ppl talking and crying foul and he’s sitting behind the scenes having a field day cracking up at the laymen.

And whats more, the ppl putting Beyonce in there amongst all the talk, when she gives thanks to God ANY chance she gets and was raised in the church, is hogwash. Then you have people talking about Nas being taken in by Jay and Kanye as well because back in ’94 he threw up the Illuminati sign (albeit i think it was accidentally) in “Aint Hard To Tell“.

People are going off about this and need to relax. If he’s a Freemason WHO CARES!?

I had one dude tell me that my opinion was the work of the devil and that I’m brainwashed and because I feel how I do, the devil has won. I laughed all UP in his face. How u gonna tell me the devil’s got me and I still pray every night to and love God? Kiss my ass. I think the people believing all this hogwash are the ones that are brainwashed. Anyone can manipulate a mind by filling it over and over with scary words, images and phrases but if YOU are smart and think for yourself that’s next to impossible. It’s like people blaming death metal for the murders they commit or kids blaming rappers for the drugs they sell. THINK FOR YOURSELF. I can go and take any 5 celebrities and stalk their asses and connect them all to some crazy ring of insanity if I wanted to. If you LOOK for bs you will FIND bs. That’s what a conspiracy theory is. Taking small truths and finding connections, drawing conclusions, blowing it out of proportion – add a bit of fear and you are IN there!

Sure all theories have some basis in reality but that is exactly why I feel the way I do. You don’t think someone as smart as Shawn Carter isn’t aware of this and riding the wave to get tongues wagging?

BTW … I may be one of the few that thinks On To The Next One is a dope vid (save for a couple images I could have done without).

For those that have yet to watch the video:

Here’s a video that looks at EVERY damn scene to draw what they say isn’t just a coincidence. SMH!

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Kat Williams & The Smile

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This mugshot is pure hilarity 😀

SMH! The story is ==> here <==

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He Wants All the Money In the World … And Then Some

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New York: Dalton Chiscolm has filed a $1,784 billion, trillion plus $200,1640,000 lawsuit against the Bank of America. US District Judge Denny Chin was unable to make sense of lawsuit and demanded clarification from Chiscolm by October 23.

Even if the unlikely lawsuit were to succeed Chiscolm won’t collect what he demands. The sum he is asking for is billions of times larger than the entire world’s GDP for last year which stood at a mere $60 trillion.

“These are the kind of numbers you deal with only on a cosmic scale. If he thinks Bank of America has branches on every planet in the cosmos, then it might start to make some sense,” said Professor Sylvain Cappell from New York University.


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Kia Isn’t Lying. But Neither Is Drake

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You know … I didn’t want to get mixed up in this foolishness. I mean, this is so dumb but after being to OVO I feel like a LOT of people need some education here. On a forum board I gave my two cents and asked if it was really that big of a deal and while I think not, for some it really seems to be. For the people unaware of what I’m referring to here goes:

Kia Shine did a track for Lil Wayne called Do It For the Boy:

Upon first listen you can RIGHT away hear the melodies (and some lyrics) are identical with regards to those from Drake‘s Best I Ever Had:

This is nothing new. Artists borrow, sample and whatever else from other artists all the time. But herein lies the main issue: BMI recently honoured Kia Shine with 3 awards that show him as a writer for Best I Ever Had. Stating he has 25% shares of this song, Kia says there is no error here. But, in the kerfuffle (yes, thats a word – lol) Drake released this statement on OVO:

There have been questions posed to me the last few days about the writing of Best I Ever Had and I figured I’d take the time to clear the air directly. I have never met Kia Shine or worked with him. I wrote the entire composition in Toronto and I borrowed one line from a Lil Wayne song that he produced the BEAT for. The claims of 25% ownership are false and for a artist to brag about splits on a song is distasteful to begin with.

So, now, with this statement comes people saying Kia is a liar (which is impossible – BMI can’t make that shit up) and Drake is a fake (which is bullshit because what is he being fake about exactly?) People then want to say that because of this all of a sudden Drake doesn’t write his own stuff and that is making me laugh because from this SMALL situation people are reading way too much into it. I’m not a fan of Kia Shine but I AM a fan of Drake (which is why I took it upon myself to find out what’s good BEFORE putting in my uneducated two cents like most of y’all did). With all that said, my love for Toronto’s Very Own isn’t going to blind myself to the facts.

What it comes down to is that Kia DOES have 25% share of Best I Ever Had because it was indeed SAMPLED from Do It For the Boy. This does NOT mean that Kia ghostwrites for Drake or is trying to damage Drake’s career or credibility or start beef. It simply means that he wants his due and he’s legally allowed to HAVE his due – period. Some people are claiming, “I dont see why Drake has to be paying him” or “He’s sitting on his ass, getting paid off Drake now” … well, put yourself in Kia’s position … if you CLEARLY have shares for a track and you werent credited, you fuckers KNOW you are gonna want your money, too. Don’t front and act like you wouldn’t want to get paid as well. If you say “nah, you’d just let Drake have that 25%” you are lying to yourself. Kia DID THE TRACK – lmao. It’s not like he is saying he did it and it was never released or something. Do It For the Boy has BEEN out there. He’s not suing Drake – the proof is in the pudding, people. Furthermore, how much is 25% really?

As for Drake, I feel somewhat bad for him because when he released the aforementioned statement, he BELIEVED what he was saying, at least that’s my hope. He truly felt that was the case and the truth – therefore you cannot call the man fake for saying what he believes to be the truth. I, DO, however think Drake got caught up in something without being able to research the facts – not that he even HAS to. People in his camp, management and whomever else need to sit him down and explain to him WHY Kia is right and NOT in the wrong. People in his camp need to not misinform him before he puts out statements such as the one above, wrongfully labelling someone as a liar or an opportunist. It makes for a crummy situation and gets ppl’s fanbases looking completely stupid and uneducated – lol.

All in all, I dont think anyone needs to apologize or back track any statements but I DO think if the fans and media are going to blame anyone, blame the ppl behind artists that fail to educate their artists on the business side of the game … without that education comes situations like these.

Now that the situation has been put to rest, can we all just calm the hell down and keep it moving?

Stans, haters? What say you?

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Race Baiting 101

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I got this in an email this morning and I wanted to pass it along:


Lou Dobbs is using his platform on CNN to revive paranoid conspiracy theories about whether President Obama was born in the U.S.1 While the question was put to rest long ago, Dobbs is pretending that this extremist nonsense is a legitimate national conversation.

Intentionally or not, he is stoking the fires of racial fear and paranoia in the same way that the McCain/Palin campaign did when they cast Obama as “not one of us.”2 Even after being called on this, Dobbs refuses to stop.

CNN, which is held in high regard by many Americans and describes itself as the “the most trusted name in news,” is allowing one of its hosts to give legitimacy to debunked, racist conspiracy theories.

Please join us in calling on CNN to dump Dobbs, and ask your friends and family to do the same:


For more than a year, folks on the far right have been claiming that President Obama is not a U.S. citizen; that he was born in Kenya, and as a result can’t be president3. This theory has been repeatedly debunked. Not only has the state of Hawaii provided a birth certificate to media organizations several times, there were also birth announcements in two separate Hawaii papers when Obama was born in 1961–for most reasonable people, that would remove any doubt.

Members of Dobbs’ own staff have said they’re uncomfortable with his insistence on pursuing this story4, but Dobbs insists on claiming there must be something to it because, “Obama refuses to produce the long-form of his birth certificate.” Other news outlets have refused to give the idea any credence. The head of MSNBC, Phil Griffin, had this to say about the claim: “It’s racist. It’s racist. Just call it for what it is.”5

Dobbs and race

Lou Dobbs has a history of attacking immigrants by spouting hateful rhetoric and lies. He once claimed that “the invasion of illegal aliens is threatening the health of many Americans” through “deadly imports” of diseases like leprosy and malaria.6 This kind of rhetoric feeds anti-immigrant hate, the kind of hate that leads to horrors like the beating death of Luis Ramirez in Pennsylvania and the shooting death of nine-year old Brisenia Flores in Arizona earlier this year. Dobbs’ rhetoric has led organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) to call on CNN to reign in Dobbs in the past.7

Now, Dobbs is going after President Obama by giving voice to the same kind of xenophobic rhetoric, stoking the deep-seated fears of angry right-wing extremists who, as CNN analyst Roland Martin has said, can’t accept the fact that their president is Black8.

Dobbs may not like Obama, but it’s a real problem for him to use his powerful position as a moderator of discussion about the news to validate a dangerous falsehood that’s rooted in racism.

Several watchdog groups have demanded action on the part of CNN. The head of the SPLC wrote CNN last week asking that they fire Dobbs based on his recent actions9. Media Matters and others have launched efforts to hold CNN accountable as well.10

CNN has the opportunity to live up to its description of itself as the most trusted cable news network. Or it can ignore the problem of Lou Dobbs and communicate something very different: that delivering real news and analysis is not its top priority, and that legitimizing extremist propaganda is an acceptable part of doing business.

Join us in calling on Jon Klein, the president of CNN, to take Dobbs off the air:


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I have a damn rant. It’s about celebrities and how much they affect our lives. You’d think with the way some people carry on, that Hollywood is THEIR life. That the celebrities are THEIR mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. That a celeb is their BABY. Don’t get me wrong. I love my share of Hollywood gossip and I buy and read In Touch and UsWeekly but I don’t snap and carry on for hours and hours about a subject. I get my juicy fill and I move on. NO celebrity affects me like that. (OK, well maybe TI, Luda and AI *ahem*) It’s not my situation. If its a crazy topic, I will offer my two cents and again, move on but … this is ridiculous. What’s funny is people are going to think (or say) that clearly I’m being hypocritical about my topic because I chose to write a blog about it and you’d be right save for one crucial fact. I’m not writing about the celebrities so much as I’m writing about the people OBSESSED with the celebrities. There is a difference.

Let’s speak on the RiRi & Chris Brown situation, since that’s what fueled my rant. I’m on Facebook and I follow a now pretty well-known celebrity blogger. Their statuses from like 1pm to about now were ALL about Chris Brown and Rihanna. We are all familiar with what happened there so need to rehash but this person was pretty much leading a mob of angry people to slander and bash and HATE Chris Brown to bits. Were they within their right to do so? Of course. Are they justified to hate him? Sure. Do they have the right to voice their opinions? HELL YEA. BUT … why why why are we still going on and on about something that seemingly the two people at the heart of the matter don’t even care about?

Rihanna seems to care more about her career and building back her reputation with cute little outfits, Drake makeout sessions and creepy Kanye videos than she does with putting her abuser behind bars. SO WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH!? The situation itself (domestic violence) is one that should never go ignored or should be hushed but there are a million and one faceless “Rihanna’s” out there. Let it go. Get over it! If it bothers you that much go put a name to a faceless Rihanna. Stop lobbying for her like she is YOUR child or sister. She will be fine. You don’t know her and she sure as HELL doesn’t know you so why are you even snapping and losing your mind for 3 hours over this?

Lets switch over to Chris Brown. He did it. We all know he did it and that’s that. Are we now going to resurrect some more angry feelings towards a stranger who seems to be trying to move on as well? He releases a clip, says 4 words: “I’m not a monster” and then all Hell has got to break loose again? WHY? Shit, he’s right! He’s not a monster. He’s a kid. He’s stupid. He’s a human being that made a HORRIBLE and STUPID mistake and hopefully will get the right help in dealing with his fuckery. Why can’t it be left at that? Why does it have to all of a sudden be about “oh well he’s showing no remorse and blah blah blah” Do we know what remorse he shows behind closed doors, or if he showed Rihanna any remorse? Because really, she’s the only one he owes anything to. Sure, he has fans but he didn’t beat his fans. He owes them nothing in regards to THIS PARTICULAR situation. And if his fans are true fans they’ll stick by him and support him in getting the help he so clearly needs. Right or wrong, they will. So GET OVER IT.

Celebrities are NOT Gods and Goddesses. They are human beings JUST like you and me, only richer – lol. They make mistakes, again, just like you and me, only they just go through it with a camera in their face 24/7. They can’t conduct themselves properly every day of their life. Look at Sexy Spec. That fucker went and turned on his cam and burned my corneas and scarred me for life. All celebrities make mistakes and we are right there to catch them all but does it mean we have to let it consume 3 hours of our life!? You can take a bubble bath and listen to Esperanza Spalding for three hours and feel FREE! Three hours of arguing and bitching and yelling at others for thinking differently? What part of the game is that!? Part of a bloggers job (especially celebrity ones) is to be impartial and provide a forum for discussion. When you have THAT many people following you, you can’t go around shouting that your opinion is right and valid and no one elses’ matters. Whether or not that’s how you feel doesn’t mean thats how it should be. Take a damn step back from your own hype and think about the voice you have and responsibility you have. And then wonder if you are doing right by what you’ve created!

Ugh. Let me stop here because I got some other shit to take care of. Thanks for the time if you read all of this. LOL.

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The Pearson Creeper?

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Woman asked to leave Pearson airport after sleeping over for a month

The Canadian Press

TORONTO — She wasn’t enduring the flight delay from hell and had no intentions of leaving on a jet plane, so police said she had to leave.

 An unidentified woman believed to be in her 40s was given bus fare and asked to vacate Toronto’s Pearson International Airport on Wednesday morning after staff told police she had been sleeping there for about a month.

 “They alerted us to the fact there was a person that they realized they had noticed way back, even at Easter, as being around the terminal a lot and thought she might be living there,” said Peel Regional Police Const. Marlene Murphy.

 The woman, who was lugging around a suitcase, didn’t appear to have any mental issues and left the airport without incident.

 “I don’t know if she was happy there — I mean, it is a lovely place — but certainly she didn’t cause a fuss or any trouble. It’s just that people can’t stay there unless they’re travelling through,” Murphy said.

 It’s not unheard of to get reports of people sleeping in the airport for extended periods of time, said Trish Krale, a spokeswoman for the Greater Toronto Airports Authority.

 “It’s a rare occurrence but it does happen from time to time,” she said.

 And because the airport never closes, it’s not unusual for people to be seen walking around — or catching a quick nap — overnight.

 “It wouldn’t be unusual to see people here through the night.”


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