Katrina’s Hidden Race War

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In the two weeks after Hurricane Katrina made landfall, the media created a climate of fear with trumped-up stories of Black lawlessness. Meanwhile, an armed group of White vigilantes took over the Algiers Point neighborhood in New Orleans and mercilessly hunted down Black people. “It was great!” said one vigilante. “It was like pheasant season in South Dakota. If it moved, you shot it.”

The Nation’s article tells the story of Donnell Herrington, Marcel Alexander, and Chris Collins — a group of friends who were attacked by shotgun-wielding White men as they entered Algiers Point on September 1, 2005. As they tried to escape, Herrington recalls, their attackers shouted, “Get him! Get that nigger!” He managed to get away. Alexander and Collins were told that they would be allowed to live on the condition that they told other Black folks not to come to Algiers Point. Herrington, shot in the neck, barely survived.

And there’s the story of Henry Glover, who didn’t survive after being shot by an unknown assailant. 2 Glover’s brother flagged down a stranger for help, and the two men brought Glover to a police station. But instead of receiving aid, they were beaten by officers while Henry Glover bled to death in the back seat of the stranger’s car. A police officer drove off in the car soon afterward. Both Glover’s body and the car were found burnt to cinders a week later. It took DNA analysis to identify the body.

Then there’s the story of White militiamen who tried to drive their Black neighbors from their homes. Reggie Bell, who lived just two blocks down the street from the vigilantes’ ringleader, was told at gunpoint, “We don’t want you around here. You loot, we shoot.” Later, another group of armed White men confronted him at his home, asking, “Whatcha still doing around here? We don’t want you around here. You gotta go.”

SOURCE: http://www.thenation.com/doc/20090105/thompson

I am not naive in that I think racism doesn’t exist. I know it does. But I had no idea about this until today. I received an email detailing the aforementioned account and more.  I was intrigued at the fact that it took me three years to hear of this. And even more intrigued that there aren’t open investigations into the deaths.

I am not surprised. I am disappointed though. In all the excitement of the election and Barack Obama bringing about change, it’s heartbreaking to read such an article in this day in age. In only a couple weeks before the world welcomes 2009.

I can only hope that with this article, written wonderfully by A.C Thompson, comes education and some kind of controlled outrage in that the NOPD are FORCED to now investigate. Sadly, one of the most important quotes in the article comes from one of the vigilantes themselves:  Even Pervel is surprised the shootings have generated so little scrutiny. “Aside from you, no one’s come around asking questions about this,” he says. “I’m surprised. If that was my son, I’d want to know who shot him.”

Sadly, the people killed may have been estranged themselves. Maybe they were alone and HAD no family to come looking for them. Maybe their family members just assumed they drowned. It’s sad. No one should have to die alone.  But it seems a lot of people lost their lives in Algiers Point in the months after Katrina and no one seems to care.

If anyone is interested in adding their voice to this situation please visit this link:



Related Link: http://www.thenation.com/doc/20090105/thompson2


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On Hiatus Til Further Notice

11 December 2008 at 11:00 am (Uncategorized)

Dear Readers,

Due to some unfortunate circumstances regarding my laptop (it BROKE! *tear*) I’ll be blogging VERY infrequently. As well, my pages probably wont be updated as often.  If I’m able to do entries while at work, I will. But more than likely the blog will be on hiatus for a couple months. I’m hoping to get back at it sooner rather than later but I’ve got priorities I must adhere to.

I’ll still be checking my mail and approving comments, so keep them coming. It’s just the updating that’s being put on the back burner.

Thanks everyone,
Talk Soon.

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