What I’m Not

I could sit online for hours throughout the day perusing the latest in pop culture, music, fashion trends and more but I’m not that kind of person nor is this that kind of blog. Sure, I may write or re-blog something of a controversial nature if the entire nation is talking about it but then again sometimes I won’t. I mean, you won’t see any Taylor Swift vs Kanye West posts on here 😉

I’m not knocking my peers that do this. I’m simply letting ppl know what I’m not. My blog is a reflection of me and my likes & dislikes.  Only when I support and feel a music artist will I post their music. Only when something in the news fascinates me (good or bad) will I post it. Only when I feel ppl are wanting my opinion on a current event will I post it. I don’t want to get bunched in with all the other blogs that have cropped up recently. Blogging is indeed a trend but writing is my passion. I’ve been writing all my life and blogging for four. If you need the latest Gucci Mane track you won’t find it here but if you’d like to relate to someone who’s been thru it you’ve reached the right place 🙂


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