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For those not familiar with who I am, we’ll keep it as such. This is not a blog written by who I REALLY am. Yes, they are my thoughts, ideas, rants and raves but they come through in form of my alter ego, Corprah Lanfrey. A name given to me by a dear friend that has known me relatively well going on over ten years now.

Corprah Lanfrey is me but with a much cooler name. Clearly, the name is a play on the talk show Queen herself blended in with my own, which shall remain private. Corprah Lanfrey is less glamorous than you-know-who … definitely not as rich as you-know-who … is a lot more in your face and opinionated than you-know-who … and she doesn’t have a Stedmond because she doesn’t want a man that she can run *chuckle*

She tells it like it is no matter who likes it. She’ll discuss anything under the sun, though her favourite topics are relationships and friendships. She will be getting more controversial with time and delve into the world of current events and entertainment. But where it takes her only she will know.

Please be warned, Corprah swears a LOT. If you are easily offended. DO NOT come to this blog.

Also, Coprah will be looking for writers, authors and contributors to join this blog. People that are opinionated like herself will be briefly interviewed and welcomed aboard. It’s time to take the blogging world by storm.

Here we go!


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