[Video]: Repeat – KJ

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I’m late. But that’s alright. Shouts to Sajae for putting me on. Toronto, stand up!

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Deuces (Remix) – Chris Brown ft. Drake, Kanye West, T.I, Fabolous & Andre 3000

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Following disappointing sales of last year’s Graffiti, which came on the heels of his guilty plea for assaulting Rihanna, Chris Brown is churning out new music in an attempted comeback. Not only has his mixtape-spawned cut “Deuces,” featuring Tyga, topped the Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart, but the track has also been remixed to include guest spots from five hip-hop heavyweights, including Drake and Kanye West.

During a chat with fans on Ustream on Monday night, Brown spoke about the upcoming remix and his next album, F.A.M.E.

“I’mma let ya’ll know a little secret,” Brown told fans. “We got the ‘Deuces’ remix coming. ‘Deuces’ remix features myself, Fabolous, T.I., Drake, Kanye West, and André 3000. There you have it. My people are probably about to call me and say, ‘You weren’t suppose to tell anybody,’ but so what? I love you guys.”

The singer revealed that the remix to the kiss-off track is set to be released as soon as he receives a verse from West. “I’m actually supposed to be getting Kanye’s verse any minute now,” he explained. “I got everybody else’s very ready, so we’re waiting right now. We’re gonna put it together and have it to y’all either by next week or this week, probably Friday. I ain’t making no promises.”

In addition to treating Team Breezy to the big-time collaboration, Brown said that he will shoot a video for the remix.

Brown has been steadily releasing plenty of new music, including his pop single “Yeah 3x,” which Brown said he wrote in 15 minutes with Kevin McCall, Richgirl’s SeVen and DJ Frank E. “We actually got the beat and we did it in no time.” he said. “It was effortless. It was fun. It was sort of like when we wrote ‘Forever,’ so I hope you guys like that record. It’s more of a pop record, in the club record.”

The singer gave fans a taste of his other much talked about song “Calypso,” which may appear on the new LP.

“I wouldn’t say it’s my comeback album,” he said of F.A.M.E. “I just say it’s my album. I wouldn’t say it’s a comeback because I don’t feel like I went anywhere. I didn’t disappear. I still was in your face. But I feel like it’s a great album. It’s going to show a lot more growth and a lot more fun in music. It isn’t going to be as depressing, so to speak.” He’s also considering putting the remix to “Deuces” on the album as a bonus for fans.   SOURCE

Download HERE

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Production: SOUL.

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UPDATE (Oct 2, 2010): EP is NOW here. Download Soul’s 10 track instrumental EP >> HERE <<

Download the mp3 >> here <<


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Introducing: Jay “IDOL” Braaks

22 September 2010 at 9:14 pm (Downloads, Entertainment, Heavy Rotation, Mixtapes, Music, Toronto Life) (, , , , , , , , )

Jay “IDOL” Braaks is a Westland Michigan born, Windsor Ontario raised hip hop artist. He Began rapping at the young age of 12, being highly influenced by artists like Jay-Z, Nas, Tupac, and Biggie. At this time, Braaks only freestyled and used rap as an alternate to writing journals, explaining his everyday life through writing short verses. In his highschool years, Jay found himself  writing full songs, performing at small venues and battle rapping on a regular basis.

In 2007, at the age of 21, he released his first mixtape entitled “Braak N Entry” which received rave reviews from the streets alone. Off the success from the mixtape, Jay performed at countless events in Windsor, ranging from parties to clubs and high schools. Building his resume, he spent the next couple of years concentrating on releasing an endless amount of songs to the internet, performing and ghostwriting for R&B and hip hop artists, dedicated to keep a solid buzz growing.

In April 2010, with a well crafted and deep arsenal of music, Braaks released his second mixtape titled “Tha Addiction” available for free download at http://www.datpiff.com/Jay_Braaks_Tha_Addiction.m116511.html which has been now glorified as being a certified “classic mixtape” from many listeners and blog sites.

Now, at 25, Jay Braaks continues to work hard and has just released his latest video “On My Own” available to view on Youtube, and is off his next mixtape titled “A Proud Outcast” which is scheduled for a late October release.

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Regular Robb ft. O’Sound – Social Tailor

22 September 2010 at 12:12 pm (Downloads, Heavy Rotation, Music, Raves, Toronto Life) (, , , , )

So the highlight of my morning was getting an email from the homegirl, Sajae, putting me onto a track featuring our mutual friend O’Sound. This joint was released last month but it’s only reaching my ears now – and give that I’ve been M.I.A. on the blog front, I missed it via other channels. I had to post it, though, because I love O’Sound‘s voice and regular visitors to my blog will remember my post on his amazing song “Words To Speak“. This track was produced by O’Sound and Regular Robb, who is a dope rapper in his own right.

There’s a version that will be released soon featuring Wolf J and O’Sound himself rapping … this man is just a biscuit soaking up the talent on life’s musical plate (words of Sajae’s crazy ass). He’s truly a well-rounded artist and a force to be reckoned with. Once that track is released, I’ll be sure to post it, so keep checking back for the update.

When I hear joints like this I get excited for the talent in my city. It’s a lot of people not getting their due shine, so if I can do anything to bring such talent to the ears of others, I’m gonna do it. ENJOY! Listen & Love.

Artist: Regular Robb
Feature: O’Sound
Title: Social Tailor

Produced By: Regular Robb & O’Sound
Length: 4:11
Mixed By: Lord Quest
Artwork By: Wolf j McFarlane

Download Also Available

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A-Game – Whatchu Saying

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Here’s the latest single from Toronto’s twin rap duo A-Game entitled “Whatchu Sayin‘”. The track comes after seeing great success off their debut single “Go Head Shawty“, which has almost half a million views to date on Youtube. A-Game’s sophomore single “Airplanes” (which was also produced by platinum producer T-Minus) was no stranger to the air waves and stereo systems throughout the city. This now being their third single, they have decided to go for something different yet something fans can still relate to. “Whatchu saying” is a popular way to greet someone and spark conversation in the city of Toronto. Using this concept, A-Game has linked up with mega-producer Bass Line to create a very laid back, fun-filled record. The twin rappers are set to release their highly anticipated “PilotmodeMUZIK” EP dating late 2010.

Download “Whatchu Sayin'” Here

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Yelawolf In Toronto!!!

21 September 2010 at 8:48 am (Celebrity, Entertainment, Local Events, Music, Toronto Life) (, , , , , , , , , )

On Sunday, Sept 26, Interscope rapper Yelawolf will be in town in Toronto performing at Sound Academy with Wiz Khalifa for the Waken Baken tour. Lola of www.iluvlola.net partnered up with Contra MagazineFormat MagUniversal Records and Dunkees Skateboards to put together a brief meet and greet with Wolf at the New Era Flagship store where he will be doing interviews, taking photos and signing autographs for fans. There will also be give-a-ways including 3 Yelawolf x Dunkees Skateboard decks!! It will all be going down from 2pm-4pm. BE THERE!

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[Artist To Watch]: “L”

18 July 2010 at 6:25 pm (Downloads, Heavy Rotation, Music, Toronto Life) (, , )

You guys know I always bring you the freshest new unsigned talent in the city. I met L in the oddest of places (holla Hong Shing’s) and didn’t know he was an artist at the time. We got to talking and he sent me some of his work. I was intrigued. L’s humble yet confident nature, passion, genuine hunger for his craft and determination leaves me knowing that, without a shadow of a doubt, he will do more than well in the game. I support good music. And in a city that’s over saturated with every random dude trying to rap I believe L isn’t one of those “random dudes” and that he indeed makes good music. Last Friday he dropped “Respect” (Click the song title to gain insight into the making of this joint) to much praise and …. respect ;). Check it out for yourself, though.
Listen & Love”.

Respect by 12thlettermusicL

Download Here

I’ve been writing and making music since the age of 14. I realized I wanted do this in like, ’97. I was watching the MTV Video Music Awards and I saw Puff and Mase come down from the ceiling and they did all the hits from that year. I was like, ‘Wow,’ that is what I want to do.

I’ve done my thing here and there. Was in a group, did some shows. Left that, took some time and thought. “If this is my one opportunity to do something in my life that means anything, I’m gonna make it count”.

I’ve always felt something telling me that I could do great things in music if had the opportunity! Well I’ve been waiting for that to arrive and its been past late, so at this point I’m making my own opportunity on my own terms!

Source: L’s Blog

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Vote For Landlord & Juice On MTV

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MTV CANADA LINK: http://casting.mtv.ca/promote.php?p=577

FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: @Kamakacci_Juice <== I have NO idea why it says “us” but only Juice’s twitter is listed. Let me go get Landlord’s … poor ting ==> @landlordd


watch the youtube videos:

(offical video)

(landlord & juice fat boys)

and join the fanpage :



::: all info provided by Juice’s Facebook  (except Landlord’s twitter – smh) :::

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G20 Brief Thoughts (Non-Political)

27 June 2010 at 1:30 pm (#Kanyeshrug, Campaigns, Local Events, News, Politics, Rants, Toronto Life, World Issues, WTF!?) (, , , , , , , , , , , , )

I’m not going to sit here and go into what the actual G20 summit is about … I’m gonna say something extremely brief, short, sweet and to the point about what’s been happening in my city of Toronto these past couple of days.

First and foremost: all you idiots that came from far to come and mash up my city need to go back to wherever you came from and mind your own. This shit has gotten out of control. What are you really protesting about? When the first car was set ablaze I said on twitter: “If this unrest continues over the rest of the weekend, how much of it will really be about the G20?” This weekend is just an excuse for SOME people to wreck havoc and cause chaos. GTFO of my city with all that there bullshit. This is embarrassing Toronto. Canadians don’t get down like this. For the ones that do, I’m appalled at the behaviours of the city’s citizens. But at the same time, I’m not surprised either (if that makes any sense).

I’m just happy that so far there have been no major injuries or human casualties because that would just set me over the edge.

In conclusion: here’s a word to the masses that wanna damage Toronto: if you fuck up a Tim Horton’s people will burn you at the stake. Timmy’s is a national treasure. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT IT, SON!

Photo Credits: Tosha Dash (1&2), Jay Jones (3&4), Zoi the Femcee (5)

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