Weekly Throwback

Smilez & Southstar – Tell Me (What’s Going On)



  1. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    Milli Vanilli – Girl I’m Gonna Miss You

    -i look back NOW and i watch this video and i laugh .. at the time you didnt know they were faking and fraudulent because they were just simply the shit .. but NOW … u see how they couldnt even pronounce the words while LIP SYNCHING … ahahahaha .. regardless, this shit is a classic track. i cant lie. i love it.

  2. D Inspectah said,

    i am getting DOWN to: I’ll House You. this classic house music will never die, thankfully

    can’t help but do the infamous two step (with the downward punch) to Kriss Kross… LOVE the ’90’s for these fads

    and you KNOW im wuking it to Big Truck… love me some soca!

  3. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    Please check the archives (listed by month) for older video’s posted … the vids are located to the right of the blog in the category named “Throwback Tracks (Archived)”

  4. D Inspectah said,

    LOVE all the classic house tunes, the unforgettable r&b and the “soft rock”

    great taste my dear!!!

    *grooving to White Horse (especially the break downs)*

  5. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    =) thank u, darlin. Music really is a huge part of my life. I love it all!

    Did you notice White Horse was sampled in Monifah’s “Touch It”?

  6. Klein N said,

    Noel – Silent Morning
    needs to be posted

  7. D Inspectah said,

    the guy dancing in Pump Up The Jam is one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen in my LIFE

    BIG tune!

  8. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    LOL. i’ll be sure to check that out tonite. i didnt watch the vid in its entirety but i LOVE this joint! classic.

  9. tlntdtnth87 said,

    I heard this on the radio today. CLASSIC

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