Greyhound Passenger Beheaded …. WHAT!?

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Thursday July 31, 2008

Police said Thursday they didn’t know what prompted a passenger on a Greyhound bus heading to Winnipeg to viciously attack the man sitting next to him.

Passengers said the man repeatedly stabbed his seat-mate before beheading him and carrying the victim’s head around the bus.

RCMP Staff Sgt. Steve Colwell wouldn’t confirm those details, but did say a 40-year-old suspect was in RCMP custody and police were planning to interview him.

No charges were immediately laid.

Colwell said the behaviour of the passengers and driver probably prevented anyone else from being hurt.

“It’s not something that happens regularly on a bus,” he said. “You’re sitting there enjoying your trip and then all of a sudden somebody gets stabbed. I imagine it would be pretty traumatic … the way they acted was extraordinary.”

Colwell said they “were very brave. They reacted swiftly, calmly in exiting the bus and as a result nobody else was injured.”

Shocked passengers described the horrific attack as something incomprehensible.

One moment, the quiet man near the back of the bus was minding his own business. The man hadn’t talked to anyone around him, and seemed to pay no attention to the younger fellow sitting next to him, who was listening to music on headphones.

The next moment, witnesses said, the older man stood up, still quiet, and repeatedly stabbed, then beheaded his younger victim.

“We heard this blood-curdling scream and turned around, and the guy was standing up, stabbing this guy repeatedly, like 40 or 50 times,” Garnet Caton said Thursday from a hotel in Brandon, Man., where he and other passengers had been taken to rest.

“There was no rage or anything. He was like a robot, stabbing the guy.”

Caton said the bus stopped and everyone scrambled to get out while the attacker started methodically carving up the victim’s body, not paying attention to anyone else.

Caton and the driver shut the bus door from the outside while they waited for police to arrive.

“We put our bodies up against the door, waiting for him to come out … and he went back and brought the head to the front and pretty much displayed it … and dropped it on the ground in front of us,” Caton said.

“All very calmly. He was wearing sunglasses. It was no big deal to him.”

Fellow passenger Cody Olmstead from Kentville, N.S., also recalled the chilling scene.

“The guy came to the front of the door with buddy’s head in his hands, decapitated. He dropped the head and went back and started cutting the body back up,” Olmstead said.

When police arrived, the victim and his attacker were the only ones left on the bus, Colwell said.

“When attempts were made to have him exit and surrender to police were unsuccessful, additional resources including the RCMP emergency response team and negotiator team were called in to assist.”

The man eventually tried to flee by breaking a bus window and jumping out, Colwell said.

“He was immediately subdued and arrested without incident and is currently in RCMP custody.”

Both Olmstead and Caton said the attacker and the victim appeared not to know each other.

They said the attacker boarded the bus in Brandon Wednesday night. The victim, who Caton said appeared to be about 19, had been on the bus since Edmonton.

Police would not confirm the victim’s age and said his name would not be released until his family had been notified. The suspect’s name wasn’t released either.

Federal Public Safety Minister Stockwell Day said the full weight of the law must be brought to bear on the perpetrator.

“We want to make sure the process is followed as aggressively as possible, the full legal process ….” Day said from Levis, Que., where Conservative MPs are gathered for a summer planning session.

“This particular incident, as horrific as it is, is obviously extremely rare. Certainly the horrific nature of it is probably one-of-a-kind in Canadian history.”

Greyhound called the event tragic but isolated.

A company spokeswoman said bus travel is the safest mode of transportation, despite the fact bus stations do not have metal detectors and other security measures used at airports.

“Due to the rural nature of our network, airport-type security is not practical. It’s a very different type of system,” Abby Wambaugh said from Greyhound’s corporate offices in Texas.

The bus was carrying 37 passengers and the driver to Winnipeg from Edmonton.

A portion of the east-bound Trans-Canada Highway was closed overnight as officers remained on the scene.

Passengers had not explanation either as to what might have prompted the attack. The suspect had been on the bus for only about an hour and didn’t even sit near his victim at first.

“He sat in the front at first, everything was normal,” Caton said.

“We went to the next stop and he got off and had a smoke with another young lady there. When he got on the bus again, he came to the back near where I was sitting.

“He put his bags in the overhead compartment. He didn’t say a word to anybody. He seemed totally normal. About a half an hour later, we heard this blood-curdling scream.”



Witness Account

Caton has given a terrifying account of what he witnessed to the Canadian Press. Here’s the text of that interview.

“He put his bags in the overhead compartment. He didn’t say a word to anybody. He seemed totally normal. He had sunglasses on. He sat down. And then, about a half an hour later, we heard this blood-curdling scream and turned around and the guy was standing up, stabbing this guy repeatedly, repeatedly, like, I dunno, must have been 40, 50 times in the neck and in the chest area. When he was attacking him, he was calm as like, it was like he was at the beach. He (was) totally calm, he didn’t say anything. There was no rage or, or anything. He was just like a robot stabbing the guy.

“We exited the bus. Everybody got off the bus. But a few of us, me and the trucker and one of the Greyhound drivers went back on the bus to go see what was going on and that’s when we saw … he had the guy on the ground, he was cutting his head off and pretty much gutting him.

“That trucker … he had a crowbar and we ran and got a hammer and stuff. Me and the other bus driver, there, tried to guard the door; put our bodies up against the door and, you know, waiting for him to come out and whatnot.

“And he went back and brought the head to the front and pretty much, you know, displayed it to us like that and then dropped it on the ground in front of us. Very calmly, all very calmly, he was wearing sunglasses and like, you know, it was no big deal to him.”


Honestly, I’ve really got to wonder how this guy could stab someone 40-50 times and NO ONE even attempted to TRY and help the victim!? He’s a young victim, believed to be about 19. He was just a kid (!!!) … and yet, no one tried to help him? There HAD to have been a couple men on the bus that could’ve tried to do something. Over power the guy, maybe? I know it’s easy to say things like this because I’m on the outside looking in and maybe I, as a small and petite woman, wouldn’t be brave enough to jump in to help but man … I just can’t believe there isn’t one report of someone trying to do something.

My thoughts and prayers are with the young man’s family. A senseless, random and brutal murder over nothing. This world is so fucked up.

How random this kid’s death is and I feel so bad for the family.


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Get Ready To Jump Up!

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Soca in the city!!!

For my local heads, we all know what this week brings.  CARIBANA!!!!!

It’s something I usually only get excited about every 2-3 years. It’s been a grip since I partook in the festivities but I have a couple reasons to be excited this year. I have a special someone coming to enjoy their first ever Caribana with me as well as a couple other people I plan to party with. I’m also excited because I know a BBQ I’ll be attending on the Sunday after the parade will be bangin! I’m talking great music, amazing food, gorgeous costumes and beautiful people. What ISN’T there to be excited about!?

Of course you can expect some pictures and a blog but I’ll be scarce over the weekend. You probably won’t see any activity on Corprah Lanfrey from Thurs til Tues of next week. In accordance with the happenings in my city right now, be sure to peep the Throwback Track Of the Day page … all old school soca and calypso classics. Well, the ones I’m able to cop off youtube, anyway.

If you haven’t been, you need to be! I can’t wait to whine and jump up!

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New Elzhi: The Leak

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I’m a fan. A huge fan. My readers will come to soon know who I check for musically. Elzhi (whom I affectionately call Elz) has me anticipating his upcoming album like you can’t imagine. Check this new single “The Leak” featuring local Toronto artist, Ayah (whom I also check for):

“The Leak” is Here

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The Blatant Disrespect Of …

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… someones relationship. Let’s talk about this for a second.

I don’t know about y’all but when I know someone is in a relationship I am VERY careful about what I say and do to the male involved. Reason being? I’ve had females KNOW about my relationship with my man and blatantly disrespect it. Time and time and time again. It’s not a good feeling, and therefore, I would never do that to someone else. There are different degrees to which this can be done, sure, but in my opinion, any disrespect no matter how big or small is just that – disrespect. Do you believe in karma? Do you believe in the old adage, ‘what goes around comes around’? I do. And I’m not trying to receive my just desserts.

This has nothing to do with someone being insecure or jealous. Matter of fact, it has nothing to do with the person being disrespected at all. This is about someone who doesn’t give a damn about someone ELSE’S relationship and wants to go on acting like the person they are dealing with is unattached, single, free, UNTAKEN … well, you get my drift.

I hate those kinds of people. They USUALLY come in the form of females. Females are the WORST for this shit. I mean, I’m a go-getter. I go after what I want and I usually get it. But I don’t go after a taken man. Especially when I KNOW he’s taken and there is no room for doubt of the opposite. Some females need to practice what I call the “get a fucking clue, bitch” game. It’s a game where bitches end up getting beat down. It’s REALLY fun.

No, seriously though, I have encountered too many of my female friends that have had this happen to them.  It’s truly annoying and extremely rude. You don’t have to like me or my relationship but you WILL respect it. And if you CLAIM to be a friend of MY significant other, then the least you can do is respect HIM. I mean, have some couth and class. Please.

I hate the females that are sneaky about it. I am a VERY observant woman. I admit, I can be jealous at times, but that doesn’t mean I am stupid.  And it NEVER interferes with my judgement. Every female I’ve been suspicious of, I’ve been dead-on right about. Every. Single. One. You can’t always put your man onto this though, ladies. He will quickly tell you that you are wrong and delusional. Men don’t see the obvious as us women do. We are women, shit. We know the tricks of the trade. If I wanted a taken man, I know how to be sneaky to get him. I know the games to play. I know the things to say. Have I done it? I won’t lie. In my younger days I did once. And I’m SO not proud of it. But all the same, I know what I’m talking about when I see a snake. I recognize the traits. Call me a hypocrite if you want to but that was over 10 years ago. I really don’t care for the judgements on my character NOW. We all do stupid things. And I would actually EXPECT a female to pull that shit around that age. We’re kids, we do stupid things. We learn from them. But when you get to be my age, you don’t do that shit anymore. Grow up. Have respect for other people.  Or am I asking for too much?

I had a guy the other day tell me “…this isn’t a come on. I know you have a boyfriend ….” and I told him, “thank you for respecting my relationship, a lot of guys don’t these days. And that’s refreshing.” Now, that line could have been just that. I’m no dummy. But he’s done nothing to show me otherwise, so I took him at his genuine word and kept it moving. And on the flip side, I know too, that some men lead females on to believe there is a chance. Or they like to have girls around as “last resorts” or “back burners” should anything go awry with their current relationship. I get that, but that’s another post for another day. You gotta address that foul ish directly. Ha! But when a guy is not interested in a chick and she still pursues him? That’s what I’m talking about. Random females are one thing, but females friends of your s/o are another and harder to deal with. A random bitch you can cuss off and move on, but an established friendship with the opposite sex (especially, if she was “there before you”)? Ill intent is harder to prove in that situation.

I have a friend going through that right now. She’s in a relationship with her man. They’re solid. She told me last week of how HIS female friend is trash talking her to people and causing friction in her relationship. She has no reason to be arguing and bickering with her man … I mean, they’re happy and together and strong. This heffa is clearly jealous of that. Why can’t she leave them be? Why do bitches do that? Yes, shes a bitch and I will refer to her as such. I don’t understand the reasoning behind it. Unless she’s trying to get her claws in him, she shouldn’t be doing that. My girl loves her man, is good to him, and his friend should be happy he’s happy. IF she’s JUST a friend. If she wants to be more than that and come out of her position, well then, that explains all doesn’t it? My girl has every right to be pissed. I told her to not beat the girls’ ass and have her man handle it because HE is the one that’s friends with HER. But, I also said, should he talk to her and the heffa still doesn’t know her place, call me and we’ll proceed to bust ass. Well, ok, I didn’t involve myself in it, but I wanted to.

Violence isn’t the answer, people. But sometimes a bitch just needs to get beat down. Drill some sense in, because diplomatic words don’t work, you know?

At the end of the day, you just need to know your place. if he/she isn’t yours and doesn’t belong to you,  then look .. but don’t touch. You reap what you sew and if you can’t respect that a person is off limits then you deserve everything that you get if there’s a fall out. If that means you deserve a punch in the throat or future cock blocks in the form of karma, or you’re forever alone and depressed because you can’t find a good man/woman, then it looks good on you. You have no one to blame but yourself.

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The Dark Knight

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 As a child, most of us would agree that the movie watching experience was just that… an experience. As we age into adults who are ever-growing cynics, I believe we begin to appreciate film and storytelling less. This is not necessarily intentional, as the amount of entertainment we subject ourselves to increases, we obviously begin to realize how derivative of each other the majority of movies are.

However, every once in a while – a film comes along that challenges the conventions of a genre, as well as your own expectations. It is this challenge that renews that childhood excitement we all once had in movies, and forces us to appreciate the exorbitant level of creative depth necessary to produce a truly masterful work.

The Dark Knight is that film.

An hour into the movie, as the second act begins to pick up – I was in awe. I was no longer watching the movie as a fan, but utilizing it’s craftsmanship as a learning tool. I could visualize the words on the page for each scene as they were spoken – and it resonated thoughts of inspiration, as well of defeat.

I could never write something this good.

This was the thought echoing in my mind for the majority of the film, as well during the 4am drive home while trying to recollect and piece together the story I had just experienced. Now, Im not trying to tell you this is a brand new story that you haven’t seen before – it is. From Point A, to Point Z – this movie does not break any conventions in terms of plot devices and overall flow, it is the hero’s journey through and through.

What makes this movie incredible is the way the characters are developed and defined within that framework. The way their actions and words are scripted out and intertwined to ultimately produce a novel and unique approach. The level of depth achieved by the actors and The Nolans with directing/writing is unparalleled in the “summer movie” genre, and should serve as a blueprint for movies that attempt to fall in a similar vein.

I can admit, at first I did not buy into the Heath Ledger hype for this role. Honestly, I didn’t see the direction they were attempting to take the character in until actually watching the film. After watching this movie, I can say that all the fanfare surrounding his performance (Oscar talks, etc), is truly, truly deserved – and honestly probably still does not do it justice. Ledger is definitive in his performance, he eclipses the Nicholson performance of Burton’s Joker, if not in style – certainly in the impact his character creates in the overall story.

He is haunting, both entertaining and unsettling at the same time. The laughs generated from his character’s lines are nervous in nature, there are no overtly comedic moments. I have read comments in reviews labeling his performance as being the greatest villain of all time, and I can certainly appreciate that opinion. Ledger’s Joker is not a character you cheer for, it is a character that captivates you with its mystique and pure unpredictability. With Bale, you can hear notes of Patrick Bateman in his inflection, a reminder that you are watching a movie – this same familiarity cannot be found with Ledger. He is the Joker. His voice, mannerisms, etc are altered to an unrecognizable point, and never once does he venture into familiar territory to remind you that this is in fact, the guy from 10 Things I Hate About You.

Overall, this is one of few movies I have seen as an adult that I could categorize as an “Experience”. Though Marvel struck first with an excellent visualization of the Iron Man character, and a much improved rebirth for the Incredible Hulk, DC has trumped their rival with a film that transcends them both, as well as the superhero/comic book genre. The Nolan’s, and the cast of this film took a fantastical subject, and created a gritty, realistic world for the characters to exist in – one that will certainly have movie fans nervously looking over their shoulders when leaving the theater.


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Stride Gum

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This gum is a damn lie.

It’s a good, flavourful gum, don’t get me wrong. But it’s NOT as long lasting as it’s advertised to be. I had higher expectations, in all honesty. The marketing for this gum … the commercials and whatnot, are genius in my opinion. So to chew this gum and not even 20 minutes later, experience significant flavour loss? Needless to say, I was disappointed. But, to their credit, the flavour didn’t dissipate completely. It did fade, though. I kept chewing. I was determined to see how long it would indeed last.

About an hour afterwards, I had almost reached my destination, where regardless, I’d have to throw the gum out. You can’t eat brunch and chew gum so I took notice of the fact that my tongue felt thicker, and my teeth had that “coating” on them that happens when you’ve chewed a fruity gum too long. But there was still that underlying flavour. So, I suppose after 90 minutes you can say the gum carried a “stride” (hahahahaha – smh) but it comes with a price.

I assume the makers of Stride would figure people wouldn’t REALLY chew their gum for that long. They’d be forced to spit it out or their jaw would tire of chewing. But not me. I chewed for as long as I could before I became disgusted with it.

Damn lie, Stride gum is.

But the initial flavour for the first 20 minutes or so? SO GOOD. lol.

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July Spotlight: Gay Pride 2008

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Toronto’s 28th Annual Pride Parade was held on Sunday, June 29th 2008 @ 2pm.  More than 4,000 people participated in the parade, while roughly one million others took in the colourful action. The weather was sketchy as it rained, albeit lightly, and then the sun came out in full force along with energtic people and music. If you haven’t been, you must come and see for yourself.
-Corprah Lanfrey

The Officaial Gay Pride Flag

The Official Gay Pride Flag

OK, so, we all know that parades are fun. They’re usually REALLY fun. You’ve got loud music, lots of energy, good good, and often interesting costumes. So it’s no wonder that a group of single, straight females decided to go the Gay Pride Parade, held in Toronto this year to see what all the hoopla was about. We went without the fear of being hit on left, right and center and having our wallets stolen, or being whispered or talked about “just because”.  And lo and behold, needless to say, it ended up being ……………… (wait for it) ………… a gay ol’ time.

Whether you believe in gay rights or not, this interview is not about that. Really, it’s not. We interviewed a fellow participant of the parade and here’s what he had to say regarding the parade, gay people and … other shenanigans.

What does gay pride mean to you?
I appreciate it for it being a day that people can show that they are bound together and not going to be discriminated, at least for the day, for who they are and anything goes.  It is also the one day I can walk around naked in the streets and not get arrested. 

Gay Pride 2008

Gay Pride 2008

How many parades have you been to?
Three in toronto and none anywhere else yet. 

Are you a nudist? We couldn’t help but notice your, er, lack of attire, lol. =). 
Wait…I wasn’t wearing clothes?  Shit what happened to them, i’m still looking.  I love being naked and love the freedom.  I don’t partake in it all the time but when I can I do.

Gay Pride 2008

Gay Pride 2008

Why do you think there is so much nudity at Gay Pride?
I didn’t think there was that much this year.  Sure, the “TNT” (Editors Note: see men every year but the amount of women was lacking compared to the past.  But people will do what they feel is best.  I wish more people were comfortable being naked, believing that if there was everyone naked, there would be less rape in the world as it would then be less taboo. 

Gay Pride 2008

Gay Pride 2008

Have you noticed any changes towards gays, lesbians and transgenered people in recent years? If no, how can we get better as a society? If yes, what has changed?
This will go in don’t know if yes or no.  I personally don’t agree with the term gay pride because it isn’t something to be proud of but just confident in being themselves and being simply happy that they can be themselves without worrying what someone else may think.  I don’t know if things have changed much in recent years but this is because I simply am just a person that can appreciate everyone for what they have to offer, no matter what sex, race and personality. 

What did you think of this past year’s parade? Compared to others? It was our first time. What did you think of it? 
I just love being in the atmosphere.  This year surprised me as I had a couple people try to threaten me which I was confused to see just because if they aren’t comfortable then they shouldn’t be there to try and start things.  So each year has been great for me. 

Can you suggest what we, straight females, should do for next year’s Pride parade? 
Walk around naked with me, haha.  I am straight as well but just being there shows my support for people being who they are along with you and everyone else.  So just simply being there is a great thing for the community.  Bring more friends that are open minded and loving. 

Gay Pride 2008

Gay Pride 2008

Are straights really welcomes in the gay community? ie. clubs, parades, functions, etc. 
I have always been accepted so I see no reason why not.
If you could shout something, anything, to the world regarding sexuality, what would it be?
Don’t worry about those you don’t agree with, you are just wasting your time and breath because it will get nowhere so just try to enjoy your own life on your own terms.  I absolutely love that naked people walk in that parade equally to the churches that are in the parade that support gay marriages. 

What would you say is the most misunderstood/misconstrued thing about homosexuals? 
I have met guys that automatically think if they are around other gay males that they will get hit on and then should get offended.  For one, who really should worry about that? A lot of girls feel that about a lot of men and get upset about it sometimes.  So guys being straight or gay are just bad. haha.  So some of these guys think they would have to fight a gay male and I just tell them they should look at it as a compliment and just politely turn the person down. 

And there you have it folks! I know I’ll be back for SURE next year.  There were too many good vibes to stay away and too much fun to miss out on.

Hope to see everyone next year at the Gay Pride Parade 2009!!!!XOOX
-D Inspectah

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Let’s Talk About Cheating

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The latest celebrity relationship bust up is the basis for this post. Alex Rodriguez and his wife, Cynthia have separated with Mrs. Rodriguez screaming “adultery”. But not in the physical sense, mind you. In the ……. i-don’t-even-know-what-you’d-call-it-sense. Emotional sense?

She’s stating Mr. Baseball had an affair. With Madonna. Not of a sexual nature. But an “affair of the heart”. Yes, that’s right. He cheated on her without “cheating” on her.

I don’t think she’s wrong for categorizing it as such, though. Now, if she’s falsely accusing him then that’s a different story altogether but if he is trying to get with Madonna and he’s a married man, then hell yes, he’s cheated. Point, blank, period.

People are telling me, “Oh but he didn’t put his ball in her glove” …. oh, bloody hell. FOHWTS. You don’t have to steal third base (or home plate?) to be a cheater, but here is the problem. EVERYONE’S definition of cheating is different. Some people don’t consider flirting cheating. Some people don’t think kissing is cheating. Some people don’t think having an ON-LINE AFFAIR is cheating. My definition is: “Anything you cannot do in the presence of your significant other is betrayal and cheating.”If you can’t flirt in front of your partner – you’re cheating. If you can’t kiss the opposite sex in front of your partner – you’re cheating. If you can’t/won’t/don’t let your partner see explicit convos, emails or notes that you’ve sent to a member of the opposite sex – you’re a cheater. Makes sense to me. I’d love to hear other people’s definitions, especially if they greatly differ.

Of course you then get into the whole notion of what’s flirting vs. what isn’t and I suppose that’s where communication in your relationship comes in. You need to speak up and discuss these things before you get your heart too involved in someone else. A lot of dramas and arguments can be avoided this way. It’s basically the easiest way to not having problems. Communication in a relationship is key. At least in my opinion.

Today I asked “him”, “if I was to sleep with another woman, would that be considered cheating?” For the record, I’m not gay (I’m with him) or bi-sexual (though, I find women and their bodies incredibly sexy) but I just wanted to see what his answer would be. He replied: “It’d be cheating no more than if i was to sleep with another man *barf*”.(lol) I got my answer loud and clear. I teased him and said: “Got it. So long as you aren’t there or involved, sleeping with a woman is cheating.”

Believe it or not, I’ve had some people disagree. They say a roll in the hay with a member of the same sex isn’t cheating. Can you believe that one!? Apparently, because there is no penile to vagile penetration, it’s not cheating. Word? If you give yourself physically, emotionally or spiritually (with the exception of God) to anyone but your spouse you are low down and dirty. A snake, even. Don’t kid yourself.

Being faithful is really hard for some people. I don’t understand the need to be unfaithful. Especially if you say you love who you’re with. I’d have more respect for someone if they told me they had lost interest and broke up with me before they cheated. I then have the CHANCE to try and make it right or better somehow. If I can’t salvage it, then sure, I’m hurt but at least I’m not played, you feel me?
This whole idea of “there is no pussy/dick like new pussy/dick” is nothing more than a sad and sorry excuse. If you are putting it down PROPER on your partner … then no amount of new dick or pussy is going to make them stray. This is why I say, ladies, don’t be a hoe in the streets but be your MAN’S hoe. Keep him satisfied. Release your inner freak. If he cheats, don’t let it be because you have a ‘lax pussy. Gentleman …. the same goes for you. (But exchange the word pussy for dick, of course. Ha!)

Cheating this day in age is just much too dangerous. There are too many diseases and infections blowing around in the wind. I’m quite paranoid about them and refuse to put myself in that position. Then of course is the problem of an unwanted pregnancy. You just have to be RESPONSIBLE. If you don’t want a relationship, don’t be in one. Simple, right? Yea, I think so, too. No one forces you to settle down. Just have respect – that is all. Respect for someone else … besides yourself.

I learned this in kindergarten: “Treat others the way you would like to be treated.”Some people need to go back to kindergarten to re-learn some things.

Man, all you need to do is TALK about what cheating is to you. Talk about what the different levels are, if applicable. Avoid the problems and say no to temptation. That hottie with the phat ass .. or that cutie with the solid pecs …… they could be burnin’. Know this. Don’t bring that crap home to the person you say you love.

Otherwise, I can be your first grade school teacher all over again.

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I’m a nice person. I promise you. But I’ll be damned if I dont watch this show JUST to laugh (hard) at people. I remember I used to watch that japanese game show on Spike … or whatever that channel was. And I would sit there and literally cry tears of laughter for the entire hour. God help me if the show was on back to back or they were doing a marathon. Now, the same idea has come to American television in the form of a new gameshow called “Wipeout”. And ……. it’s just what I need.

My favourite part of the obstacle course is “The Big Balls” .. it has been completed; I saw the youtube. But most participants dont ever make it across. I literally have ran to the bathroom because I almost pissed my pants. Here is a taste of the show I’m speaking of for those that have yet to see it.

No matter how “cool” you try to be in the course of this game, you will always end up lookin’ a mess. And that’s ok. Because there are people like me at home, cracking up at your every blunder.

Wipeout airs Tuesday’s at 8/7c on ABC or check your local listings.
Click here for the website.

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So Wait .. I’m A Hater?

17 July 2008 at 1:51 pm (Random, Rants) (, , , , , )

I hate this term. With a passion. To the point where I literally close my eyes and cringe when I hear it. Why do I hate it so much? Because its an overused term that has no clear definition. Therefore, it gets used inappropriately and more often than not its hugely unwarranted. These days, if I disagree with someone, I don’t just have a differing opinion … I’m actually a “hater”. I mean, I’m a blunt person. I ALWAYS call it like I see it. Even if I’m at fault or if I’m the one out of line. I don’t point my finger but avoid the mirror. That would make me a hypocrite. One thing no one can ever call me is a hypocrite. I’m also very truthful. If I tell you something, and it offends you, don’t call me a hater because I’ve hurt your feelings. Call me a brutally honest person, take your shit and keep it moving. I understand this isn’t easy for some people. No one likes to hear the truth.

I suppose maybe the delivery of a statement is what one can use to accurately call someone a hater. I mean, if I say, “Gotdamn, you’re a fat bitch!”, and you really are, does that make me a hater? No. It may make me rude as hell because I added in the word bitch but had I said “Oh my! Arent you pleasantly plump?” would that make me NOT a hater? I mean, out of both statements, I think I sound more like an asshole in the latter. But that’s just my opinion. I prefer to be blunt and upfront with it. And calling someone “pleasantly plump” really isn’t something I’d say anyway. Quite out of character.

Why do “haters” have to always be jealous of you or your life? I mean, my life isn’t the super duper greatest but in no way am I complaining. I’m happy with mine. If I make a comment about yours PLEASE don’t respond with “don’t hate” .. And if you do it with the rolling of your eyes AND neck, I will slap the eyes out yo’ head. It’s NOT hate to tell the truth, gosh darn it! It’s not hate. Trust me. It’s only hate because you don’t see the truth and you’re in denial.

I don’t sugarcoat things, OK? I tell it like it is. I do this because I want the same thing in return. I don’t think this makes me a bad person.  I don’t always use my truthful nature to say BAD things, I also use it to be positive and give advice when and if I’m asked. I just think the term hater has become redundant. It no longer serves a purpose. (Did it ever?) I mean, if I don’t like your kind of music I’m a hater. If I don’t like Kobe I’m a hater. If I prefer Venus over Serena I’m a hater.  Come on. What happened to just having a clear difference of opinion? I don’t understand why a label has to be put on any and everything. But I suppose this is the way of the world, no?

I removed “hater” from my vocabulary a good while ago. Completely. And you should, too. Especially once you graduate highschool. Gosh.

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