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This beautiful girl (who is also a friend of mine) needs your help and support.

Lola Plaku is in the running for the 2009 Much Music VJ search. She got her profile approved late in the game and she needs all the votes she can get since she has to play catch up to the rest of the submissions. And I believe she can do it – especially with YOUR help.

PLEASE take the time to go to the website: watch her posted video and vote for her!!! ALSO … if you are on Facebook, please join her group:

She deserves this.

Much appreciated and loads of love,
Corprah xo 


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Derrion Albert

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Video: Teen Attacked, Beaten to Death in Melee
Help Police Find Derrion Albert’s Killers

Updated: Sunday, 27 Sep 2009, 8:18 AM CDT
Published : Saturday, 26 Sep 2009, 9:00 PM CDT

By Darlene Hill, FOX Chicago News
This is the hard lesson some students at Fenger High School have to deal with after a day of learning. For them it’s a hard lesson of reality on the streets.

Thursday after school, two rival gangs got into a fight three blocks from the high school.

In all four students were beaten in that melee — one was released from the hospital Friday morning.

While police continue their investigation, some students say they don’t want to go back to Fenger next week.

Rival gang members have been fighting for a month — and each time one of their fellow classmates is injured.

No knives and no guns were used in Thursday’s fight. Just fists, feet and boards.

Derrion Albert, 16, was struck in the head by one of those boards.

Seconds later the honor student hit the pavement. That’s when witnesses, who are other high school students, say gangbangers began stomping on and punching Albert.

Derrion Albert’s mom said witnesses told her he was “trying to help another student and kind of got mixed in with the crowd of the fight and he was hit.”

A senior who witnessed the whole thing says the melee lasted less than five minutes.

The video shows students and workers from a nearby community center rescue the boy — but many out there knew it was too late.

Surveillance videos are mounted on businesses in the Roseland area, but Chicago Police say those don’t show faces.

Police have a copy of this footage and it may help identify Albert’s killers.

But while that investigation goes on, students say they will remember Derrion Albert as a good kid. A quiet, smart kid with no gang affiliation. But just a kid who may not have had enough street smarts to go another way.

If you can identify any of the people allegedly involved in the death of Derrion Albert, please call Area Two of the Chicago Police Dept. That number is 312-747-8272.


I just witnessed a murder. Thirty minutes ago I was going crazy with my friends on twitter laughing and carrying on, oblivious to the #1 Twitter trending topic. I went to a website and saw a thread made about a beating death. I realized the name on the trending topic was that of the victim named in the thread. I read all the posts and comments and my heart felt so heavy. I didnt want to watch it but I felt like I needed to. A lot of sick things have been shown to me over the internet but nothing so graphic, brutal and evil. These KIDS, these CHILDREN beat a child to death and for what? Because he tried to help another student? Really? I live in Canada, and have never been personally exposed to gang violence and for that I thank my mother and the good Lord above. I’m lucky. But I’m not so naive or sheltered to know that it exists – however, I didnt need nor want nor wish to see this. The brutality in which these blows and punches and kicks were delivered shakes me to core. To the point where my entire mood switched off immediately. I couldn’t smile anymore. I couldn’t laugh anymore. I feel sick. I just witnessed a 16 yr old child get killed. This is messing with me and I dont live anywhere near him, and I sure as heck didn’t know him but i feel so BAD. I urge anyone reading this blog right now to PLEASE contact the Chicago Police Department (the number is listed above) if you have ANY information. Bring these murderers to justice. They beat this kid to death. Don’t stand idly by. PLEASE. Kids killing each other! This has to STOP. When will people LEARN!?

My prayers are with Derrion Albert’s family tonight. I pray for your strength. I pray for God to protect you. I pray for those students that witnessed this. How I felt in the comfort of my home watching cant in ANY way compare to what they witnessed BEING there.

God bless you, Derrion Albert. May you rest in peace.

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He Wants All the Money In the World … And Then Some

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New York: Dalton Chiscolm has filed a $1,784 billion, trillion plus $200,1640,000 lawsuit against the Bank of America. US District Judge Denny Chin was unable to make sense of lawsuit and demanded clarification from Chiscolm by October 23.

Even if the unlikely lawsuit were to succeed Chiscolm won’t collect what he demands. The sum he is asking for is billions of times larger than the entire world’s GDP for last year which stood at a mere $60 trillion.

“These are the kind of numbers you deal with only on a cosmic scale. If he thinks Bank of America has branches on every planet in the cosmos, then it might start to make some sense,” said Professor Sylvain Cappell from New York University.


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TV: Flash Forward

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I was just put onto this amazing new show being aired on ABC. I decided to check it out and when I heard it was being produced by one of the producers of 24 I was like:  “oh HELL yes!” I’m not sure why I didn’t hear about this before it aired but all I can say is WOW. This is GREAT TV! The cast is extremely promising as well. I’ll definitely be watching every week to see what happens next. Check the concept for the show:

What if you saw your future 6 months from now? A glimpse of where you will be and who you will be with. Would you look forward to what was coming…or would you try to stop it? A mysterious global event causes everyone to black out simultaneously for two minutes and seventeen seconds, and each person sees a glimpse of their lives six months from now. When they wake up, everyone is left wondering if what they saw will actually happen. Los Angeles FBI Agent Mark Benford (Joseph Fiennes) is desperate to uncover why this happened and who or what is behind it. And he’s not the only one. Before long, everyone starts asking, “What did you see?” As Mark and his team struggle to figure out what caused this bizarre event, they begin to piece together the future by creating a huge database of people’s flash forwards from all over the world – The Mosaic Collective. No one knows what these flash forwards mean or exactly what the future really holds. But it is clear that across the globe people who’ve never met will somehow be intimately connected and will have an impact on each other’s lives in the next six months. Some will fear what’s coming, others excited; but not a single person will be unaffected. Adapting award-winning author Robert J. Sawyer’s revolutionary novel, executive producers David S. Goyer (“The Dark Knight”) and Brannon Braga (24, Star Trek: Enterprise) invite you to embark on a journey to answer the question, “if you knew what your future held, what would you do?”

Please check your local listings for air times.

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This Made My Morning

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It’s Men Like Him ….

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… that make me not trust the male species.

I’m not one to male bash and say all men are dogs because I KNOW that’s not the case. But I can’t lie or front and say that HE isn’t the reason why I always have my guard up and why I’m super cautious when trusting the words and actions of a man.

Some background: I casually dated a guy for about a year roughly 3-4 years ago. I had known him for even longer before that but we met online and never met despite living in the same city. We got together one night and we instantly clicked. We hung out often and I thought he was different because HE was the one that stated he didn’t want to move too fast or have sex right away because it complicated matters. I thought he was awesome. About 3 months later we slept together for the first time and it was good. I really liked him a lot but I was still not done dealing with the break up of my daughter’s father and I so I just quite enjoyed his company. Whatever it was he and I had, I liked it as it was. I didn’t chase him, I didn’t harass him and I sure didn’t nag him for a relationship. He is a party promoter and good at what he does, he was also really busy … I didn’t beg and plead for his time – he saw me when he could and I was OK with that. Then almost a year in, I started noticing things to make me believe maybe he wasn’t who I thought he was. Those details are pertinent but not necessarily ones I want to share. In any case I soon found out he had a girlfriend. I wasn’t sure how long they had been together but it didn’t matter. All that mattered was I was officially his “side piece” and he had lied to me, deceived me and lead me on. I was really angry and hurt by it and he never really admitted it or apologized. I cut him off and didn’t speak to him for MONTHS. Eventually I forgave him but for MY benefit, not his own. I soon realized that all that “let’s not have sex right away” talks were probably ony because he had a girl. I’d been duped.

I started a new relationship with my (male) best friend at this time and that “other guy” became nothing more than a distant memory. I seen him around the way from time to time and we even hung out a few times (at this point he had apologized for his previous actions, but who knows how sincere it was) but I never fully trusted him again so it was pointless for us to be anything other than friends, but even as my “friend” I held back from him. He always eluded to our past relationship and always hinted at sex and wanting it and how good it was. I was often left to believe that was the only thing he remembered about me. It hurt but all the same I used his love for my sex to my advantage. I never gave in despite all his attempts.

We don’t talk often but from time to time we do. I eventually took him off my Facebook, all my IM’s and even my BBM list. I left him on my Twitter for reasons I don’t even know. I even took his number out of my address book. One day a few months ago I got a text from him. I knew it was him right away (sadly, his number, although erased, was still etched in my brain) … I played dumb and asked who it was. His reply: “Clearly, you deleted my number so nevermind.” Haha. Then a couple weeks after that I got a message from him on Twitter. We slowly began talking again but it was really innocent and brief conversations. But, like clockwork, he AGAIN  eventually started hinting at sex and I bluntly asked him if he was still attached. He said he was. I just shook my head. I pretty much leave him alone. He did ask if he could re-add me to BBM. I said fine. But he won’t re-add me to Facebook. Probably too much at risk to do that *rolls eyes*. This was about 3 months ago.

I awoke yesterday morning to a text from him: “…” <== wth? I didn’t know what that meant so I texted back “?” and he replied: “Sorry, I was having dirty thoughts” … OH MY WORD. That entire day he and I went back and forth on BBM. I didn’t encourage any of his fuckery though I definitely put forth a lot of set ups to find out what I needed to find out. He took the bait everytime.

He went into details about why he still thinks of me, how I pleased him and how much he thinks about it. I asked him if he was getting taken care of at home and he told me he is but that “You are you, you know that”. Now, I’m not one to brag but I know what I’m capable of. I’m good at making a man feel good. BUT, I didn’t think it was possible to have a man feeling this open after 3 years. I won’t lie. I felt flattered and wanted but I knew the dangers. (I should mention I found out he was with a new girl … not the same one from 3 years ago) If I was a different kind of female I would take his shit, sleep with him and pity his girlfriend but I respect other people’s relationships (the same can’t be said for other people and MY OWN) and I fear karma. I DO however, pity his girl.

I asked him if he believed what he was doing with me was cheating and he said he didn’t know but assumed I did given that I asked the question.

Later on in the conversation I asked him what he wanted and he told me he wanted me to come over that same night. I said that he knew that couldn’t happen and then he asked me flat out “Do you want to fuck?” and to that I replied: “Do you want to cheat on your girlfriend?” He answered no and that’s when I went in on him and said, it doesn’t matter what I want. I’m single and owe no one anything but he is in a relationship and should he not want to cheat then don’t. Should he want to fuck me, then come with it and cheat. You can’t have it both ways. He never responded to that outburst and the message was definitely read on BBM.

I can bet you if his girl read that conversation she would FREAK OUT. I know I would. He is trying to play me dark … Like I’m some regular lame broad with no respect or morals or SENSE. I hate him for that and it makes me angry that he feels I would crumble to his “charm” … Does he think that little of me? I feel bad for his girlfriend who is unsuspecting and probably thinks he’s the greatest guy in the world. If she only knew …

He is the reason I get so suspicious with regards to men and their intentions. It’s so easy for him to come at me how he does and feel no two ways about it. I don’t understand it at all. Does he think I’m OK with being a sideline hoe? How can he think that when he knows where I stood and what I did when he put me in that position before? He just lacks respect for me and it pisses me off. But the real victim here is his girlfriend. It’s not my place to say anything to her but I do hope she wises to his ways. He may have been unsuccessful at fucking me but I’m sure there is a line up of willing chicks to take my place.

I talked to a mutual friend of ours about this situation and left out all identifying details and without he or I admitting it, we both knew who each other meant. He told me that they (this guy and his gf) are actually pretty close and lovey dovey with each other – sometimes to the point its almost sickening (his words, not mine) and this made me feel even worse for her.

I sometimes want to say something and other times I don’t but in the end I know he will get his. He needs to grow up. I can tell you this much .. he will NEVER have this again. He’s gone SO far beyond the line … When I see how easy it is for a man to be unfaithful and deceitful it makes me want to stay single and how I am forever.


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Drake – Forever (feat. Kanye West, Lil Wayne & Eminem)

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Vodpod videos no longer available.

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Marcia & Tony Dooley Seek New Trial; I Cry Bullshit!

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Lawyers for the couple convicted in the infamous beating death of Randal Dooley argued today they deserve a new trial because the jury reached its verdict based on emotion rather than the evidence.

Tony Dooley, now 43, and Marcia Dooley, now 39, asserted their 2002 trial was unfair, resulting in second-degree murder convictions and blamed trial judge Justice Eugene Ewaschuk for several legal errors, some of which incited and confused the jurors.

“This may well be the worst case of child abuse in Canadian penal history,” said Ewaschuk, who sentenced Marcia in April 2002 to life imprisonment with no chance of parole for at least 18 years. Tony received life imprisonment with no parole for at least 13 years.

“Ewaschuk repeatedly referred to the deceased as “poor, pitiful Randal” and displayed his acceptance of the Crown position that Tony Dooley mistreated Randal,” Clayton Ruby, Tony’s lawyer, told the court.

“Please do not give in to your natural human emotion of dislike for the Dooleys and the way they mistreated poor pitiful Randal,” said Ruby, quoting Ewaschuk’s instructions to the jury.

The judge used “poor, pitiful Randal” so often the jury might have mistaken it for his proper name, he asserted.

While the judge reminded the jury to assess the evidence in an objective, dispassionate way to render verdicts based solely on the evidence, Ruby said his inflammatory language – including calling Randal’s body “recked, ravaged” – was a call to punish the parents.

When Ruby said his client didn’t mistreat his son, Justice David Doherty interjected, saying, “Tony Dooley conceded he belted the child” at the end of August and Randal never attended school in September because of the father’s fear of detection by the authorities.

Ruby said those injuries aren’t related to the child’s tragic death on Sept. 25.

“Tony was frequently absent from home (from late November 1997 to mid-May 1998, he was in the U.S.) and he didn’t participate in the assault or assaults,” said Ruby.

Ruby argued that for Tony to be convicted as an aider or abettor to the murder his conduct must have had the effect of aiding or encouraging Marcia to kill Randal.

“By failing to do his duty to protect his child, it effectively created open season on the victim,” shot back Doherty.

“I don’t like the phrase open season,” countered Ruby.

“Well, it opened the door to continued abuse or facilitated it,” added Doherty.

An autopsy found that Randal suffered 13 fractured ribs, a lacerated liver, four brain injuries and bruising and welts from head to toe. The 42-pound, seven-year-old died Sept. 25, 1998 after having endured prolonged, horrific abuse.

Evidence of prior incidents of abuse by the accused couldn’t be used to prove that the accused were the type of people likely to deliver the fatal blows against Randal.

“He failed to warn the jury that it could not engage in general propensity reasoning to conclude from Marcia’s past conduct that she was a bad person and therefore likely to have committed the offence charged,” wrote defence lawyer Marie Henein, who represents Marcia.

“The trial judge also failed to warn the jury that it could not punish Marcia for her past misconduct by finding her guilty of (murder) when, in fact, the jury was not instructed that it must first be satisfied the prior abusive conduct actually occurred before any use could made of it,” wrote Henein in her filings with the court.

The jury also had to decide whether Marcia or Tony “actually committed the prior abuse,” and especially the prior head injuries, noted Henein.

Marcia’s longer sentence showed the judge concluded that she “was signficantly more blameworthy and deserving of a harsher punishment.”

Tony Dooley admitted he inflicted a vicious beating – which shredded an imitation-leather belt – on his son on Aug. 30, 1998, which kept him out of school as the father feared detection by the police or CAS, added Henein.

The tiny boy, who emigrated as a healthy but small boy fromJamaica in November 1997, suffered a facial injury from Marcia for losing his mittens in January, a broken arm in February and had 25 criss-crossing whip marks on his back in April, all months before the homicide, the trial heard.

The appeal is expected to last through Thursday but may conclude earlier.


FUCK them … seriously. Treated unfairly? Verdicts rendered on emotion rather than evidence!? Tony Dooley ADMITTED he beat this child. But because it can’t be PROVEN the prior abuse was done in a timely manner and it contributed to his death, at the hands of these two people, they want a new trial? WHO ELSE could have beaten this child so badly!? How else do you suppose jury’s render a verdict when the guilty ADMITS his guilt of abusive conduct!? What more evidence do you NEED?

You don’t suppose poor little Randal didn’t feel he was treated unfairly – when he was brutally murdered at the hands of the very people that were supposed to do everything in their power to protect him? Fuck you Marcia and Tony. You both should burn in hell. How dare you even THINK of asking for a new trial. Bastards.

This case has ALWAYS haunted me. I’m not sure why, but I think about Randal Dooley often from time to time and I cry when I think of the abuse this child endured. The extent of his injuries, not just at the time of his death but in the few years he was here after emigrating from Jamaica, are horrific. It makes me sick to my stomach to know people out there can do this to a child. 42 pounds he was when he died. I lifted my 35lb 5 yr old daughter from the couch and carried her to bed tonight and realized I could never harm her.  And I imagined her tiny body suffering from the same injuries Randal had and my heart broke a million times over.  I have ZERO sympathy for Marcia and Tony. I truly hope they rot in hell.

Gone but never forgotten, Randal.

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I watched this last night and fell in love with it all over again. As a child this movie, along with The Neverending Story, was one of my absolute favourites. I had the biggest crush on Madmartigan – lol. What’s more is that my daughter thoroughly enjoyed it also:

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Today I Was Stalked …

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… by a Rakim look-a-like.

I got on public transit around noon to head to class. At the very back of the bus I saw two guys – no big deal. I sat down, pulled out my mp3 and my book and settled in.

About 10 short minutes later my stop was coming up and one of the guys in the back came and sat RIGHT next to me. I could see him out of the corner of my eye trying to subtly get my attention but I didn’t look up. I knew I was getting off soon and I was REALLY into my book, why engage in conversation, right? I gathered up my stuff as we approached the stop and made my way to the door. I smiled politely at him so he would move out of my way – his legs were blocking the aisle.

Come to find out … he’s getting off the bus, too. SMH!

So, I walked to the lights to cross the intersection to transfer to my 2nd bus that would take me to my school and noticed that he had stayed on the same side of the street. This would tell me he was heading east toward Toronto via the subway and I was heading west, further into Mississauga. I guess I was wrong. After he realized I was going to cross the street he came up behind me and crossed, too.

At this point I still felt like maybe I was feeling myself too much to think he’d be following me. After all, maybe he isn’t from the area and has been turned around. At the same time though, if he WAS following me, I got a GOOD look at him and commited every damn part of him to my memory. 

So, now we are at the 2nd bus stop and I’m standing there reading my book, all the while watching for the bus and keeping an eye on Rakim. He’s pacing, walking circles around me and I’m doing ALL I can to avoid eye contact. The bus comes and he decides he wants to be first so he gets right up to the curb. Then he looks back at me and decides to let me on first. Oh boy.

I get on and go to the very back and once again settle in. Rakim sits down in a double seater half way down the bus. After about 2 minutes he gets up from there and comes to sit next to me. At this point I’ve had enough. I finally make eye contact and look at him annoyed as if to say, “If you want to talk to me than talk to me, otherwise stop creeping me out.” I don’t have the guts to say this but my eyes are shooting venom. He sits down and says nothing. I go back to my book and see him watching me intensely out of the  corner of my eye.


So, I decided to test him. I was going to get off a stop early before the mall. A completely random stop he would have no reason to get off at (unless he was a stalker). Sure enough, I press the button for my stop and Rakim gets up with me to go to the door. At this point my aggravation hasn’t yet turned into worry or fear but it’s up there. I’m just super annoyed and wanna ask Rakim what his deal is; I wanna know if he’s thinking of a master plan (get it? haha!). I walk into Walmart, Rakim walks into Walmart. I go to the bathroom, Rakim goes to the bathroom. After waiting in there for 10 minutes, I emerged. Rakim didn’t. I breath a sigh of relief but was cautious the entire time I was walking towards my school because I’m thinking he was going to jump out of a shadow on some “Gotcha bitch!” type shit.

As I sit here in class typing this I’m laughing but also kinda tripping out on the fact that Rakim could’ve been a wack job. Ladies, all jokes aside, keep track of your surroundings and shady characters. With the way the world is so messed up, you can never be too sure or careful.

I can only hope hes not around when I get out of here at 5.

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