Kanye West – Power (SNL Performance)

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JUST in case you missed it ūüėČ


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Environmental Group Saves Humpback Whale

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I frequent tumblr. I REALLY DO (lol) and I came across this post and loved it SO much I had to bring it here. The photograph and story behind it is easily one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen/read online recently.

If you read a recent front page story of the San Francisco Chronicle, you would have read about a female humpback whale who had become entangled in a spider web of crab traps and lines. She was weighted down by hundreds of pounds of traps that caused her to struggle to stay afloat. She also had hundreds of yards of line rope wrapped around her body, her tail, her torso, a line tugging in her mouth. A fisherman spotted her just east of the Farallon Islands  (outside the Golden Gate) and radioed an environmental group for help. Within a few hours, the rescue team arrived and determined that she was so bad off, the only way to save her was to dive in and untangle her. They worked for hours with curved knives and eventually freed her. When she was free, the divers say she swam in what seemed like joyous circles. She then came back to each and every diver, one at a time, and nudged them, pushed them gently around as she was thanking them. Some said it was the most incredibly beautiful experience of their lives. The guy who cut the rope out of her mouth said her eyes were following him the whole time, and he will never be the same. May you, and all those you love, be so blessed and fortunate to be surrounded by people who will help you get untangled from the things that are binding you. And, may you always know the joy of giving and receiving gratitude.
I pass this on to you, my friends, in the same spirit.

For more on this story please click :: here ::

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Where To Find Me On the Interwebs

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I don’t do this often but here is a list of all the places you will find me online:



http://www.facebook.com/cori.elle or search: Cori Elle (Toronto, ON)


(i really dont go on this often)

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Benny ELs – This Is It

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Benny ELs is back with his second teaser track from his mixtape, Industry Meltdown, dropping any day now. This time he goes in over one of the most respected beats in hip hop, Camp Lo‚Äės ‚ÄúLuchini‚ÄĚ. He‚Äôs got a crazy original flow which is the main thing that‚Äôs got me itching for more tracks off his mixtape, as he moves seamlessly from chopping up syllables with the beat, to going in double time with a tongue-twisting bar, but then slows it up for a catchy hook on the chorus. ¬†SOURCE

Download Available >> Here <<

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Submission – The Five One – Mandatory

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The homie, Reggie, submitted this. I like it. It’s different but good. My foot was tapping ūüėČ I like this. I love the colours, the people, the way it’s filmed. Great song.


Music Video: Directed and Produced by The Five One

The Five One’s influences range from legendary rock/pop artists to the most iconic figures in hip-hop culture. If you had to define their sound you would have to imagine The Beatles rapping over a punk song made by Bob Marley. Although their sound is refreshing, the most meaningful aspect behind The Five One is their concept. Revalulion [rev-uh-loo-lee-n], is the action of personifying oneself as a color, which is a philosophical term coined by the band. The members of The Five One Red, Blue, Green, and Gold, have simplified themselves from the complexities of societal identity by becoming colors.


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Deuces (Remix) – Chris Brown ft. Drake, Kanye West, T.I, Fabolous & Andre 3000

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Following disappointing sales of last year’s¬†Graffiti, which came on the heels of his guilty plea for assaulting Rihanna, Chris Brown is churning out new music in an attempted comeback. Not only has his mixtape-spawned cut¬†“Deuces,” featuring Tyga, topped the¬†Billboard R&B/Hip-Hop chart, but the track has also been remixed to include guest spots from five hip-hop heavyweights, including Drake and Kanye West.

During a chat with fans on Ustream on Monday night, Brown spoke about the upcoming remix and his next album, F.A.M.E.

“I’mma let ya’ll know a little secret,” Brown told fans. “We got the ‘Deuces’ remix coming. ‘Deuces’ remix features myself, Fabolous, T.I., Drake, Kanye West, and Andr√© 3000. There you have it. My people are probably about to call me and say, ‘You weren’t suppose to tell anybody,’ but so what? I love you guys.”

The singer revealed that the remix to the kiss-off track is set to be released as soon as he receives a verse from West. “I’m actually supposed to be getting Kanye’s verse any minute now,” he explained. “I got everybody else’s very ready, so we’re waiting right now. We’re gonna put it together and have it to y’all either by next week or this week, probably Friday. I ain’t making no promises.”

In addition to treating Team Breezy to the big-time collaboration, Brown said that he will shoot a video for the remix.

Brown has been steadily releasing plenty of new music, including his pop single¬†“Yeah 3x,” which Brown said he wrote in 15 minutes with Kevin McCall, Richgirl’s SeVen and DJ Frank E. “We actually got the beat and we did it in no time.” he said. “It was effortless. It was fun. It was sort of like when we wrote ‘Forever,’ so I hope you guys like that record. It’s more of a pop record, in the club record.”

The singer gave fans a taste of his other much talked about song “Calypso,” which may appear on the new LP.

“I wouldn’t say it’s my comeback album,” he said of¬†F.A.M.E. “I just say it’s my album. I wouldn’t say it’s a comeback because I don’t feel like I went anywhere. I didn’t disappear. I still was in your face. But I feel like it’s a great album. It’s going to show a lot more growth and a lot more fun in music. It isn’t going to be as depressing, so to speak.” He’s also considering putting the remix to “Deuces” on the album as a bonus for fans. ¬† SOURCE

Download HERE

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