So Wait .. I’m A Hater?

17 July 2008 at 1:51 pm (Random, Rants) (, , , , , )

I hate this term. With a passion. To the point where I literally close my eyes and cringe when I hear it. Why do I hate it so much? Because its an overused term that has no clear definition. Therefore, it gets used inappropriately and more often than not its hugely unwarranted. These days, if I disagree with someone, I don’t just have a differing opinion … I’m actually a “hater”. I mean, I’m a blunt person. I ALWAYS call it like I see it. Even if I’m at fault or if I’m the one out of line. I don’t point my finger but avoid the mirror. That would make me a hypocrite. One thing no one can ever call me is a hypocrite. I’m also very truthful. If I tell you something, and it offends you, don’t call me a hater because I’ve hurt your feelings. Call me a brutally honest person, take your shit and keep it moving. I understand this isn’t easy for some people. No one likes to hear the truth.

I suppose maybe the delivery of a statement is what one can use to accurately call someone a hater. I mean, if I say, “Gotdamn, you’re a fat bitch!”, and you really are, does that make me a hater? No. It may make me rude as hell because I added in the word bitch but had I said “Oh my! Arent you pleasantly plump?” would that make me NOT a hater? I mean, out of both statements, I think I sound more like an asshole in the latter. But that’s just my opinion. I prefer to be blunt and upfront with it. And calling someone “pleasantly plump” really isn’t something I’d say anyway. Quite out of character.

Why do “haters” have to always be jealous of you or your life? I mean, my life isn’t the super duper greatest but in no way am I complaining. I’m happy with mine. If I make a comment about yours PLEASE don’t respond with “don’t hate” .. And if you do it with the rolling of your eyes AND neck, I will slap the eyes out yo’ head. It’s NOT hate to tell the truth, gosh darn it! It’s not hate. Trust me. It’s only hate because you don’t see the truth and you’re in denial.

I don’t sugarcoat things, OK? I tell it like it is. I do this because I want the same thing in return. I don’t think this makes me a bad person.  I don’t always use my truthful nature to say BAD things, I also use it to be positive and give advice when and if I’m asked. I just think the term hater has become redundant. It no longer serves a purpose. (Did it ever?) I mean, if I don’t like your kind of music I’m a hater. If I don’t like Kobe I’m a hater. If I prefer Venus over Serena I’m a hater.  Come on. What happened to just having a clear difference of opinion? I don’t understand why a label has to be put on any and everything. But I suppose this is the way of the world, no?

I removed “hater” from my vocabulary a good while ago. Completely. And you should, too. Especially once you graduate highschool. Gosh.



  1. Darcel said,

    This word has been over used and THEN misunderstood… you hit the nail on the head with:

    I mean, if I say, “Gotdamn, you’re a fat bitch!”, and you really are, does that make me a hater? No. It may make me rude as hell because I added in the word bitch but had I said “Oh my! Arent you pleasantly plump?” would that make me NOT a hater?

    As soon as someone hears something negative, they assume they’re being “hated on”… these are probably the same idiots that complain about not having enough money but don’t want to have a part time job…

  2. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    Darcel. LOL.

    I agree with the latter part of ur post. ROTFL.

  3. Moose said,

    That term is so 90’s I guess lol…..
    But the word “overkill” would prolly describe it the best. People with their insecurities will always say “I’m being hated on” or just like you said it Cori, if people have a difference of opinion, they must be hating on you lol…. I’m not gonna lie still. I done murked that word non stop and prolly still use once in a blue moon, but I don’t kill it as some other individuals who do.

  4. LOL said,

    hi hater

  5. Tisha said,

    Let me start by saying i feel exactly the same way.

    Now, i know this article is from a few years ago but Im so glad i found it. Im so psyched to know that im not the only one who thinks being blunt and honest is not being a “Hater”. All im going to add to this article is in order to truly appreciate an honest person one needs to grow some.

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