Internet & Texting Made Me Anti-Social!

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The title of the blog says it all. I’ve been active on the internet for about 10 years now. Heavily so for about six. What I mean by heavily is that I frequent social networking sites and as you know, I blog. Aside from the ‘net, there’s the case of my phone (I own a Blackberry Bold 9700) and how IT has made me a slave to technology.

I rarely call people anymore. I’m more liable to use the computer or my phone to reach someone. It’s just quicker and almost all the people I know feel the same way. A lot of people won’t answer their phone but will answer fast as HELL to a text or BBM. I rarely make phone calls to my friends. Even my boyfriend and I rarely talk on the phone. We talk when we see each other, otherwise we text and BBM. Usually when I make an actual call, it’s to my mother.

For me, and maybe for others, talking on the phone requires me to give the person on the other end my undivided attention. To sit and have a conversation means to be an active listener with no distractions. In MY life there is ALWAYS some form of a distraction. If I text you or BBM or IM you I’m better able to multi-task. All I have to do is take a couple of seconds to reply/respond and then I can carry on doing what I was doing with little to no interruptions. I don’t think this is a bad thing necessarily but it DOES pose some problems. I’m no stranger to what I’m about to say. My words apply to myself as well. LOL.

When you start to rely on these forms of communication you almost become ignorant to how to interact with people in day-to-day life.  For those of us that work and are constantly around others from day-to-day we should consider ourselves lucky. Because we have that we will never become complete slaves to technology. For those of you that don’t get out (even just to a job) I feel for you. You probably are all kinds of messed up but anyway, I digress.

Even recently I’ve felt like I wasn’t as “quick” or “witty” on a phone call I was having as I am online. That’s not to say I take LONGER to type out a status or a tweet it just means that I seem to have more character online. WHY IS THAT? Anyone that knows me can attest to the fact that I’m the same online as I am off but there is definitely a distinct difference between the two when it comes to my wit. This is only an example, tho. I notice little things. Little things like the fact that I swear more online, that I use words that I shouldn’t more online, that I deliver a joke better online and more. It could very well be because I have always, long before the days of the internet, expressed myself better with words. I AM a writer, you know ;). I notice these things about myself because I know me best but I wonder if it translates onto others and their perception of me? I hope not.

Another problem technology creates is the hate of people. I generally dislike humans. Why? I don’t trust them. Too many times have I come across people who don’t really act the same online as they do off. You have people acting out-of-pocket and out of character because the internet enables anyone to be who they desire to be rather than who they actually are. This, along with other factors, have caused me to look at people different, be more mistrusting and skeptical.  It’s hard to believe in people when all you see is a fabrication. I hate that this is now a trait of mine but that’s just how it is I suppose.

I definitely would like to get out of this technological funk but I’m a child of the times. This is what I know. Maybe the older I get the less I’ll be technologically inclined. Or maybe my knowledge will only get better with time and I’ll eventually become a decrepit hermit.

Or maybe I just need to learn to pick up my phone and SAY hello every now and then rather than type it.

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Phone Calls. I’m Afraid Of the Phone.

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LOL. The title makes me laugh. Kind of. It’s a little sad, really.

It all started with email and instant messaging. Then texting and now Blackberry Messenger. If you hear my voice, chances are you’re my mom or my dad, or you’re listening to my voicemail.

I just don’t sit on the phone like that. I don’t even really talk to my best friends like that. I only talk to my mom because thats MY MOM. If she wasn’t my mom I’d be texting her non stop all day, too. And, as a matter of fact, I do that. LOL. We email and text each other throughout the day while we’re at work and then I almost don’t want to talk to her in the evening. I’m a bad daughter, I know.

I think I know where and when it started and how. I used to dread the phone because when I was younger and working 8-11 hour shifts in various call centers and arguing on the phone all day, the last thing I wanted to do was talk on one. Even my boyfriend at the time knew not to call me depending on the day I’d had. This came in handy though because he worked WITH me so it was a mutual understanding. Anyhow, I’m not REALLY afraid of the phone but I do hide from it. I often hit “ignore” or let it ring out and allow my voicemail to pick it up. I really only answer it if it’s a particular person and other than my brother and parents, that particular person(s) can vary and change DAILY. SMH.

Most people who know me know that I am easily and readily reachable by text msg or BBM (or email since all my emails go straight through to my blackberry). PDA’s are awesome but I feel like I’ve become completely disconnected. I don’t TALK to people, anymore. Not in the sense that really matters, you know? I don’t converse. I just … type. And unless you know me well … a lot of my sarcasm and jokes get lost in translation. I’ve come to realize I’m quicker and wittiest via words and text than in person. I’m not altogether sure how that works, given that all ideas and words still come from my head but come to my fingers quicker than out of my mouth. Odd.

I find that when  I start dating someone or liking someone, I’m likely to forgo the texting and actually TALK to them on the phone. Part of getting to know someone is to TALK to them, right? LOL .. obviously. However, interestingly enough, the last guy I dated actually found fault in the fact that I barely called him. I can count on one hand how many times I called him (and not because I was returning his call either). We dated quite casually for about 3 months. I called less than five times. Boo. He was like, “you never call me. do you even like me? you can call me too, you know” … I felt bad. I felt bad because I DID like him; I was interested but it never occurred to me to pick up the phone and call. Maybe I was being daft or …. just dumb? Who knows. The fact that we spoke mostly through BBM and this was our preferred method of communication, I believe, had something to do with that but now I’ve become so … wrapped up in technology that I don’t know how to go about speaking with someone I’ve just met. Or would like to get to know on a more intimate level. Hmm.

We’ve all become so busy with our lives this day in age and its like, shooting a text or email to someone is more convenient – because, after all, if you are calling someone like me who loves to ignore calls, they could actually be busy and there goes the conversation. I feel almost like I’m bothering people sometimes. And this is a funny way to feel because I don’t call people, really. Ever. I just hate interrupting others, because I hate being interrupted myself. And of course it’s no one’s fault or anything … Ms Cleo doesn’t live here. I dont know the future, I can’t read minds and sure as hell dont want to call no one now(ah).

Basically, there is someone right now that I’d like to get to know and wouldnt mind talking to … on the phone (ahh, i know, I know) but for the LIFE of me, I just can’t (or wont, or dont) pick up the phone. I’ve told him I dont want to bother him and he assured me I wouldn’t be but then I’m like … if he wasn’t so busy and had time to call me – why doesn’t HE call? So then I think, yea he doesnt call which means he has no time which in TURN means he’s too busy to take MY calls when I finally get up the nerve to ring him.

Oh what a tangled web I weave for myself. WTF!?

I don’t know why I’ve let technology get the best of me. I think I need to get back to the world. TO THE WORLD. But I would be lying to myself and to you if I said I could live without my phone. I’ve been cut off, I tried cutting myself off and I’ve had my phone taken away (BAD GIRL – dont ask) but I always come back … ALWAYS. I can’t NOT have a cell phone/PDA/love device. I love it too much.

Coping with this phone call thing is crazy. Intervention? Do we need one? I can’t be the only guilty party here! HELP ME!

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BBM Was Calling Me

5 June 2009 at 5:48 pm (Entertainment, Just For Fun!, Raves, technology) (, , , , , , , , , , , , , )

So, I was talking to my girl Amanda last night and she’s like: “You need to put your data plan back on the berry, woman, damn!” She was right but truthfully, I had/have NO discipline. My monthly bill was just MUCH TOO MUCH and even though I knew the ramifications of “browsing” on my phone, I just couldn’t bring myself to stop. (I wouldn’t be offended by the usage of “fiend” or “addict” or “crackhead” right now) So, I cut it off – cold turkey. I lost my BBM, my email, EVERYTHING. I felt like it was pointless having a Berry and no data plan but all the same it was also an added expense AND distraction I just couldn’t afford going back to school and all. But, I have since calmed the beast. Manders made me aware of a data plan through Rogers Wireless, where I get unlimited bbm usage, emails and texts, in addition to voicemail and call display (basically the same talk plan I had to begin with) for $25/mo. Should I choose to browse, I’m charged by usage. A pay as you browse deal, if you will. I rode the poor salesguy’s ass reiterating this over and over and over LMAO. I wanted to make sure the only “surprises” I’ll see on my bill are charges I incur IF I’m sitting on Facebook or Twitter (which I don’t need to go right now). He informed me that was correct so I told him to GO AHEAD! lol. If anyone is interested in adding my PIN please email me at: and I will send it to you.

I’m so happy to be back because I’ve missed it. Giving up BBM was harder than when I quit smoking. Seriously. LOL.

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