Men and Women Cannot Be Friends – Do You (Dis)Agree?

26 December 2010 at 2:58 pm (Love & Relationships) (, )

OK. So I’m re-visiting this topic.

I’ve always gone back and forth with this but I’ve made up my mind. For once and for all I do NOT believe men and women can be friends. You’ll remember back in 2009 I said they could with an exception and laid out an EXACT reason as to why (given my relationship with a guy friend at THAT time) – smh … This is a testament to never writing about something in the heat of the moment, because when you look back, you’ll  realize your opinion is jaded and biased. LOL.

NO, he and I didn’t mess around and yes, we’re still friends BUT at this point we’re closer to being good acquaintances more than actual friends. He went and got into a relationship and pretty much forgot about the “friendship” I was so quick to revere. Clearly, we weighed it differently. I don’t know if he did it out of respect for his new girlfriend (whether she asked him to or not) or I just wasn’t as important a friend to him as I thought. Who knows. But in any event, THAT in and of itself is a topic I’ll be talking about VERY soon (“friends” disappearing once they get into a relationship).

ANYWAY, here is the stance I now take on male/female platonic friendships and will stand by until the day I die. And the ONLY exceptions to this rule are if your male or female friend of the opposite sex is gay, your friend is stupid Flava Flav level ugly OR you’ve already “WENT THERE” (wink, wink) with them.

Ladies, I don’t care WHAT you say, if you have male friends in your life right now, chances are they will fuck you if given the chance. They don’t even have to be drunk. Though, if they look at you like a little sister, a little vodka may be needed (especially, the morning after when they feel like they’ve committed an incestual act.) Men are DRIVEN by their hormones and if pussy if thrown at them (maybe not the first time but after a while) they WILL act on it. Why wouldn’t they? Men, if you have a female friend and she’s been your little sister forever, chances are she may not want to fuck you, she’ll probably want to marry you or have hopes that ONE day you’ll see what’s in front of your face and realize that she’s MORE than just a homegirl.

A lot of these situations will not happen over night. If there is a TRUE friendship that’s been developing over years then both parties are probably worried about damaging that and all the what ifs that will come along with acting on their desires BUT they will inevitably happen. Trust me. Two heterosexual, attractive people who share life experiences with each other and hang out all the time are BOUND to have thoughts about the other.

I believe if men and women just have sex (even once) and never re-visit that area again, they could be friends. The curiosity is out-of-the-way and they don’t have to wonder what if because they already know. BUT that proves my point that men and women can’t be friends (until AFTER the fact). I suppose if the sex came before a friendship this could be the case but that’s really rare. A lot of women, in all our emotional grandeur, cannot handle being with a man sexually (as most of us can’t separate love and sex) and then not being with him romantically. Nevermind seeing him with someone else and knowing this new chick has what you COULD’VE had with him had you not slept with him so soon. Yea …. that’s REALLY rare.

What are your thoughts, though. This topic ALWAYS gets great responses. Most people don’t think of certain things until someone else puts it out there for them to think about so offer up something for me to counteract my thoughts 😉 I dare you lol.


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