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28 June 2010 at 10:56 am (Celebrity, Entertainment, Music, Videos) (, , , , , , , , , , )

The internet was ablaze last night with talk of Chris Brown’s performance and tribute to the late legend Michael Jackson. There is NO ONE in entertainment today more fitting to do this tribute (and do it RIGHT) than Chris Brown. In all honesty, it should’ve been done last year but ….well … we all know what happened. This year, Chris had a chance to tribute HIS idol. And man, he did an AMAZING job. It was on point, it was heartfelt and while there’s NO doubt in my MIND his PR team and BET set it up that way, I believe in my HEART that the emotion that came during the end was real. The heavy symbolism last night would make anyone emotional. I truly feel CB is sorry for what he did and he’s worked hard to try and move on. He deserves another chance. The media killed Michael Jackson and they did a hell of a job trying to kill Chris. The lyrics for Man In the Mirror would break any man down given what Chris has gone through to redeem himself and his name. He never said he was innocent of what he did but he definitely said he wanted to be rid of the past and move on. BET was giving him that chance to move on and you add all that onto having the HONOUR to tribute the King of Pop? Let that man have his moment. I don’t think for a second he was crying for show. He was crying as much for his situation as he was for a legend gone too soon. And I could care less if anyone agrees with me. This is just my take on it. Chris Brown won back the hearts of many last night. And for fans like myself who never left, we love you even more, boo.

If you missed the performance, here is a youtube of it. Many are being taken down quickly so once it’s gone, it’s gone. But enjoy if you get to see it:



  1. elle said,

    My sentiments exactly. He tore that stage up. MJ would have been proud.

    Chris effin’ Breezy.

  2. mscamy said,


    trynna find it..but I have ALWAYS been a fan of Chris Brown…regardless of what went down with Rhianna…I wasn’t going to let his PERSONAL life interfere with his PROFESSIONAL life. He has good music, he makes good music, and I ain’t going to throw rocks and judge him…especially if he is TRULY sorry for what he did…

    Im trynna find the damn vid…but it is going quickly…*sigh*


  3. babytyche08 said,

    I don’t really like Chris’s performance at the BET AWARD but i really appreciated his effort.

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