How Many Times Must A Man Be Told!?

27 June 2010 at 5:46 pm (#Kanyeshrug, Life, Rants, WTF!?)

So this past weekend must’ve been the weekend that my exes or guys I’ve dated decided to band together and hit me up. I’m not trying to brag or boast because there’s nothing to brag about. Not on these guys, anyway. I’m simply trying to make sense of why certain guys keep coming back even though they’ve been told not to! I’m wondering if there is a common theme of regret and guilt over the way they acted or if it’s something else.

Three guys. Three different scenarios. Let’s start shall we?

Remember awhile back I blogged about a guy that thought it would be cute to think I’d be dumb enough to be the sidepiece he’d cheat on his girl with? Well he hit me up via text at random on Friday while I was at work. I was quite cold and callous with him. I mean, if you’re familiar with the story, don’t you think I should’ve been!? I asked him what he wanted and did he forget our last conversation? He admitted he did (what else is new?) and continued to ask me how I’ve been, how’s my day going, and etc. I’m like this fool really has NO idea what happened between us. Some of you men (and I use that term loosely) have such selective memories. I believe I again asked him what he wanted in a more blunt manner to which he replied: “Why are you being so mean. Dang! I was just trying to be nice. Forget it, enjoy the rest of your day.” I started to laugh. I’m thinking, are you serious right now? Is that supposed to make me feel bad? ME being mean to the likes of YOU? On to the next one. Apparently, his reasoning for hitting me up was that I “came across his mind and he wanted to see how I’ve been” then he proceeds to say “Kinda strange huh?” …. Um ….. Negro, fuck you. That is all. I can’t even type anymore about him because he just sets every last cell in my body ablaze with disgust. Go run your girl some more bubble baths or something you misguided-romantic fool.

Guy #2 is a little harder for me to be disgusted by, although he frustrates me to no end. I loved him very much and he was not the easiest person to love. He admittedly didn’t have anything going for him but we were friends first and I saw through all his problems and just loved him for him. In a time where I was not trusting of men and relationships I allowed him to get the best of me and we had quite the tumultuous yet passionate relationship. Needless to say we split up over some stupid shit and he REALLY made me look stupid in front of his friends and family and just treated me REALLY REALLY bad during the breakup. To that he says he was young, naive, stupid and just not a good person. I’m always telling him to let it go, leave it alone, move on but he won’t. He says he can’t. He knows what he did was wrong and never, ever fails to apologize to me for it. I put a snippet of last night’s MSN convo on my tumblr should you wish to view it. His regret and guilt runs VERY deep. He’s convinced I was “the one” for him and refuses to let me go. Apparently, there was a time in our relationship where he told me he let his wall down for me, let me in, and that I’m stuck with him because once that wall comes down, he can’t put it back up. My homeboy says I’m being too hard on him but between him and my LDR of 3 yrs – I just can’t give chances to people who have hurt me that badly. I love myself too much to put myself through all that again. I guess I don’t have to be such a bitch to him but I don’t even see the point of being friends. He says since he knows he’ll never get me back he’ll settle for me just being his friend but I know what his ultimate goal is and I know he’ll never achieve it. It would be unfair of me to give him false hope by agreeing to be his friend again. The thing is, at the end of the day I can always forgive but I’ll never forget and because of that, his treatment of me will ALWAYS  be in the back of my mind. Forgiveness aside, resentment is a bitch. And I VERY much resent him.

Third guy got shut down VERY quick. My bbm went off around 1am last night. He said “Yo”, I said “Hi” … He said “What’s up?” I said, “Nothing”. That was that. Don’t talk to me and make small talk. I know the only reason he wants to talk is because he wants coochie. I’m not the one. No THANK you.

I’m liable to believe guy #1 and guy #3 were both bored and that’s why they decided to hit me up. Maybe it was more … I believe it was less. In any event, they pissed me off. I’m not someone you can run back to. I’m too nice and accommodating. I MUST be for these idiots to think they can keep hitting me up every few weeks to “say hello”. I make it VERY clear I want nothing to do with them but what am I supposed to do short of changing my number? Lately, I’ve been exercising my right to bitch a fool out. Rather than ignore them like I usually do, I’ve been making my stance on how I feel about people VERY clear. Why can’t a guy get it though? I feel as if you men almost like when you hear no. Grow up. The challenge in getting a woman who doesn’t want you is stupid. When a woman says NO she MEANS NO! How many meanings can you give “leave me alone” or “go away” ??? I thought those two statements only meant one thing and one thing only. Am I missing something here?

In MY specific situation, I know all 3 guys have regrets and feel a way about how we ended or split up and so they always try to see if they can smooth things over and make things right. For what? Could be many things. It could be emotional, sexual or just the thrill of seeing if they still have it. No matter the reason, it’s annoying because I have never done anything to invite this unwelcome saying of hello.

If there is anyone that has suggestions of what I could or should be doing that I haven’t already tried then PLEASE let me know. Being nice didn’t work. Being an asshole isn’t working. What gives!?


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