I’m Happy With What I’ve Got

15 February 2010 at 7:50 pm (Life)

Sometimes I see the pics of the “socialites” in Toronto and I say, “Man … I wish I was out partying and having that much fun.” It’s not that I can’t or that I don’t. It’s often that I WON’T. I look at the pictures and I could be there. I could put myself out there and be apart of my cities ‘scene’ but that’s just not ME. When you look even closer at the pictures do you ever see anything genuine? I never see true friendship and good times. I see nothing but liquored up party people trying to climb the social ladder to gain status. And I know that there is no way these people DON’T talk behind each others’ backs. I’m not speculating either. One of the good things about being behind the scenes and out of the spotlight is that you hear a lot of foul shit that goes down. And its usually inner circle / clique beef. It’s sad. I then go and look at the pictures of my friends and I in more low key situations and I KNOW without a shadow of a doubt that’s what true friendship is about. That is where I need to be and should be. I know for a fact I’m happy with what I’ve got. What do I have you ask?  Good and true, like-minded friends. And it gets no better than that.



  1. shash said,


  2. Alicia said,

    I couldnt agree more.

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