2/14: How Do You Feel About Valentine’s Day?

2 February 2010 at 8:34 pm (Funny Things, Love & Relationships) (, , , , , , , , , )

February 14 can strike into the hearts of many, thoughts of lust, romance, love, anger, bitterness or sheer HATE ;). If you’re like me though, you’ll just be completely indifferent to the day. After so many Valentine’s Days alone, one builds up quite the tolerance. LOL. If anything, take advantage of the candy sales on the 15th. Do you know how much V-Day chocolate you can get after the 14th for 50% off and MORE!?

It’s just a DAY people but already I’m seeing reactions (good and bad) to Valentine’s Day. Take a minute to vote in my poll and leave some words, if you’d like,  explaining your choice.


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  1. Cheyenne Baptiste said,

    Thankfully this year Valentines day falls right before Carnival
    So in Trinidad V-Day will be long lost in the midst of Carnival madness!
    ….Cause I hate that effin day
    Never had a Valentine so it’s just another day

    This year it will be a day of drinks, soca, and half naked people partying!

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