Let’s All Be A Satanist Like Jay Z!

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I have tried religiously to avoid giving a serious opinion about Jay Z’s new video. At first I was like, what’s the big deal!? Get over it. It’s a video. A lot of shit is disturbing. Shit that is REAL and not a damn directed video with ideas from someone’s head. But then I realized people were being MAD serious about it and I’m like …ITS A GOTDAMN MUSIC VIDEO. This isn’t a documentary into his real life and what he does AWAY from the public eye. Anyone can take any idea, fashion, current event and apply it to a music video … it doesn’t necessarily mean the artist, director, producer, stylist and whomever else actually believe in the ideal. I agree it’s odd to do a video with satanic and masonic imagery and not believe in it, but its not unheard or uncommon. Let’s be real here. People can do videos about cheating and killing but aren’t necessarily philanderers or murderers. It’s ALL PART OF AN IMAGE.

Here is my take on all this bullshit about Jay Z being a satanic Freemason:

You can’t deny the images are there but even if he WAS a freemason would he be so blatant about it? I can go and do my research and make a video throwing up all kinds of symbols and imagery and would people call me a satanist or freemason too?

Conspiracy theories are always interesting to me but they are just that .. theories. Jay Z isn’t stupid. I wouldn’t be surprised if he’s done all this on purpose to get ppl talking and crying foul and he’s sitting behind the scenes having a field day cracking up at the laymen.

And whats more, the ppl putting Beyonce in there amongst all the talk, when she gives thanks to God ANY chance she gets and was raised in the church, is hogwash. Then you have people talking about Nas being taken in by Jay and Kanye as well because back in ’94 he threw up the Illuminati sign (albeit i think it was accidentally) in “Aint Hard To Tell“.

People are going off about this and need to relax. If he’s a Freemason WHO CARES!?

I had one dude tell me that my opinion was the work of the devil and that I’m brainwashed and because I feel how I do, the devil has won. I laughed all UP in his face. How u gonna tell me the devil’s got me and I still pray every night to and love God? Kiss my ass. I think the people believing all this hogwash are the ones that are brainwashed. Anyone can manipulate a mind by filling it over and over with scary words, images and phrases but if YOU are smart and think for yourself that’s next to impossible. It’s like people blaming death metal for the murders they commit or kids blaming rappers for the drugs they sell. THINK FOR YOURSELF. I can go and take any 5 celebrities and stalk their asses and connect them all to some crazy ring of insanity if I wanted to. If you LOOK for bs you will FIND bs. That’s what a conspiracy theory is. Taking small truths and finding connections, drawing conclusions, blowing it out of proportion – add a bit of fear and you are IN there!

Sure all theories have some basis in reality but that is exactly why I feel the way I do. You don’t think someone as smart as Shawn Carter isn’t aware of this and riding the wave to get tongues wagging?

BTW … I may be one of the few that thinks On To The Next One is a dope vid (save for a couple images I could have done without).

For those that have yet to watch the video:

Here’s a video that looks at EVERY damn scene to draw what they say isn’t just a coincidence. SMH!



  1. DJ SnowFlake said,

    I was just watching this Jay-Z Master Mason Documentary when I saw this on twitter. Here are my thoughts:

    -If Jay-Z was a freemason why would he flaunt it around like this through albums and videos, It’s a SECRET society.

    -If Jay-Z is a freemason what are we gonna do to stop it? How are we gonna stop it? We can’t. Plain and simple. If freemason’s are gonna do something it’s gonna go down, because the way people talk about them it seems like they are all powerful.

    -Jay-Z continues to fuel these thoughts and ideas that people have to sell records and make money. Bottom line Jay is a businessman and he knows this will only sell more albums.

  2. ari said,

    well said cori i saw the vid other day and i was like are yall serious?? i see nothin but art and creativeness now had the vid been in ‘color’ folks wouldve been like ‘oh that vid is dope as hell!” the world we live in smh

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      thank you for both of your comments.

      DJ Snowflake. Ur first point is EXACTLY my biggest problem with these ppl claiming Jay Z to be this and that. Most ppl saying hes a freemason have NO idea what it is. they have NO idea its a secret society and therefore when u tell them this they have nothing to reply with. education is key here ppl.

      Ari. do u really think if it was in colour ppl would be loving it? im not sure i agree. i think the blood would piss off and scare ppl more. but i DO agree on ur point about art and creativity. I’m not a fan of the cross and two bullets flash scene nor the Baphomet images but other than that I think the vid is hawt!!!

  3. KING_KG said,

    I think its a little extreme but the video is shot well.

    I also believe that there is nothing wrong with educating yourself to know the different meaning behind the images you expose yourself to.

    Everything w/ him & these satanic allegations are speculated, but wearing a hoody w/ a quote ( “do what thou wilt”) from a satanist as apart of a marketing scheme for your new album is wild…why play with that?

    Jay is money hungry though. Ford/Jaguar probably gave him a nice piece of change to have that car in the video…

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      “… but wearing a hoody w/ a quote ( “do what thou wilt”) from a satanist as apart of a marketing scheme for your new album is wild…why play with that?”

      ^^^ Very good and valid point. While I don’t think he’s a Satanist or Illuminati or Freemason (I believe this is all for talk and record sales) I definitely feel he’s gambling by entertaining these ideals. If he’s an atheist then of course he would see nothing wrong with what he’s doing but as a woman that believes in God I would never even do something like this as a joke for fear of retribution from the man above.

  4. ToddAwesome said,

    Man, I completely agree on that.

    There’s just way too many fools out there that can’t just get it.

    In fact, I was fightin with my sort of friend octavious yesterday about this, and
    they wouldn’t believe me that he was wrong. Now I can just show them your blog 🙂

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      thanks for your comment!

      and anytime i can help prove a point i’m bout it LOL

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