We Need A Resolution

28 December 2009 at 12:46 pm (Life)

Do you have a New Year’s Resolution for 2010? Do you make them at New Year’s or all year round? Me, personally, I always feel like change begins and ends when you want it to .. not with the change of a full or half moon, the start of a new job, relationship or friendship, and surely not at the beginning of a new year HOWEVER, at one time or another in our lives we’ve all made that “New Year’s” resolution. I can bet not many of us actually KEEP them. I can tell you I haven’t kept not one in all my years of making them. They sound good and are made with the best of intentions but who are we kidding? After 3 months in a gym we start going back to our life pre-NYE. I’ve done the “get in shape and / or lose weight” … the “I’m gonna quit smoking” … the “be nice to strangers” …  the “stop gossiping” … the “no sex in the champagne room” (ahahahahahaha. ha. ha. *clears throat*) … yea, all those. I don’t keep them and I think it may have been because I felt like I had to make one for making sake.

So, despite all that being said, I made some for this year … LMFAO! I decided to stop being such an asshole and to cut back on the cussing. I also vowed to give commitment a FAIR shot. No bias, negativity and “psh’ing” a dudes advances and / or intentions. I MAY even resolve to open up my twitter full time – THAT last one is a big one, folk. The aforementioned ones are pretty attainable. I don’t HAVE to cuss but if someone pisses me off THAT is where the challenge is going to come into play. When someone disrespects me I tend to become an asshole AND cuss – they literally go hand in hand. I have to avoid certain people to avoid getting angry. If I can do this … then I’ll be alright.

Any of my readers have resolutions they want to reveal? I’d love to hear them. From the classic to the silly – let’s hear them.


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  1. Necole said,

    The only resolution I ever make is to make the New Year better than the last and I have succeeded in that every year since I started.

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