A Sexually Experienced Woman Is A Hoe?

21 November 2009 at 2:00 pm (Life) (, , , , , , , , )

So yesterday I literally hit up almost every guy I know with the intention of gaining information about a blog I wanted to write. MSN, Facebook, BBM … I asked them all the same question. I was pleased with the answers. The question was:

“How do you feel about a girl that sucks dick TOO good? Would you assume off the bat she’s a hoe?”

I hope all my friends were honest with me. With the exception of one, all of them said no. And even the one that said no was on the fence about the issue.

My reason for asking was because I’d heard the notion a few times that a woman who is TOO good at sex or certain aspects of it is suspect. Maybe she’s been around the block and a hoe. But *I* always took it as, maybe she is just good at what she does and she got that way through being with ONE  man (or even two) and learning over time how to please him. I mean if someone, for example, is in a long-term relationship they pretty much have LOTS of practice, no? I just feel that someone saying a sexually experienced woman could equate to being a slut, is unfair and infuriating.

I don’t want the next person I’m with to assume these things about me if we have an amazing experience together. I never even really thought of it in the way it was presented to me before the other day. I honestly thought a man would appreciate a woman who knows what she’s doing and is able to please him – call me naive but I never imagined he’d get it in his head she was a hoe because of how good she makes him feel. Odd! This was also a reason to ask. I guess the majority feel like myself and would think the woman just knows her stuff due to her previous relationship(s) .. keyword being RELATIONSHIPS and not encounters or sessions. Feel me?

One of my boys counteracted my question with: “If I know how to eat pussy really well, would I be a hoe?” Valid question, sure, but let’s not kid ourselves. We live in a world of double standards; right or wrong. I highly doubt the same logic would apply to a male.

The ONE person said he was torn between the two notions, said he would wonder a bit but wouldn’t assume shes an outright hoe. I guess that’s fair. Her sexual history VERY well could play a part but just like a woman could gain expertise with many men so could a woman with ONE man. I’ve always said having a lot of sex doesn’t mean a woman has had  lot of partners. You could have more sex in a committed relationship than with 20 men on 20 separate occasions, follow? Assumptions like these ones are dangerous. You draw conclusions about a person without asking and then its like … what do you even ask? Most people aren’t ready to hear the true numbers of their s/o’s previous sexual partners so most don’t ask. So how do you avoid wondering if your woman is a hoe while she’s down there curling your toes and making your eyes roll back in your head?

You just take her for who she is to YOU. You look at how she treats you and makes YOU feel and don’t worry about what is being said about her from other people. People DO lie … people DO like to destroy anothers’ happiness. Misery loves company. In a relationship you have to make it about the two of you. Trust is important, communication is important! Without these things what kind of relationship do you even have? Without those things you will allow outsiders to infiltrate a good thing. You surely don’t make such an assumption about someone you are with or care to be with. If she’s a jumpoff or buss it baby then that’s a completely different story altogether. Just be happy knowing you have a woman who is willing to do almost anything to please you and make you feel good – as you should for her. Right?



  1. Geesus said,

    Alright let me be the typical man here lol, there’s a lot of factors to consider here though. Personally, I don’t trust a woman that LOVES to felate AND does it good, i like it better when i feel like i’m tricking her into it lol. You do have to take into account her past relationships and how long they were for, but for the majority of people these days, everyone sleeps around (well atleast doesn’t wait for marriage) and it sucks that women still get the hoe rep but you also have to look at the dynamic of sex. Men for the most part play the dominant role, they’re slanging the dick to you, woman have to allow men entry and play the submissive, usually more emotinally connected, sex role. And despite all the advances we’ve made socially in civilization, we’re still motivated by those same hunter and gathering type of drives we’ve had from the beginning of time. Men hunt, woman gather. Men plow the feild, women raise the seeds. Today those lines get blurred cause the nuclear family isn’t as well rounded as it used to be, but the expected role men and woman have hasn’t really changed too much. and because of their typically submissive role in sex, when a woman acts dominatley it’s looked down upon. its not the fact that she sucks good dick that we’re concerned about, its how she came about to sucking that dick so good lol. and if the answer is from sleeping with multiple partners, society, especially men, find it unsettling. it upsets the balance we’ve become accustomed too. let me stop there so you can yell at me for what i said before i continue lol

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      I really respect and LIKE your POV, Gee. i cant and wont yell at you 😉
      I think you brought up some really relevant and valid points without being … an ass or pointing fingers. i like that ur reasoning was logical

      for arguments sake tho .. the latter part of your comment you stated that the answer could be she slept with multiple partners but would all ur logic still stand IF she was a virgin til say …. 24 and had 2 sexual partners over the course of 6 years and is now 30? i mean .. couldnt she have just been having a lot of kinky sex with the man in her life and she got really good at doing what it do? lol … because lets face it .. NO ONE is going to own up to the fact that the reason they are so good in bed is because they’ve slept with more ppl than society would deem acceptable … right?

      How would and could you ever know if her answer would indeed be multiple partners?

  2. Geesus said,

    well see thats why i said theres other factors to consider, and as hoe-ish as i seem I personally am not sleeping with someone i have no background info on, i’m not knockin a 1 night stand but its not my style, if she had a 6 year relationship with a dude of course i’m approaching the situation differently, just from personal experience though the number is usually around 10 in these latter years of my life lol, ideally though, and whoever says differently is lying, you want a girl that becomes good at suckin dick with your dick lol, god bless all the good dick suckers out there though that got it from a committed long term relationship, can’t hate on that, but to the hoes out there, you won’t be kissing my kids with that mouth, outta here lol

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      LMFAO. fair enough.

      so is 10 partners (at your age as you say) a fair # or a bad #?

      • Geesus said,

        its about the average, so i’d like the number to be closer to 5 and not 15 lol, but realistically, again, with the women i seem to deal with, 10 is a fair number, anything above that and i’m judging lol

      • Corprah Lanfrey said,

        ahahahaha. true. fair enough.

        someone could have 10 partners which in itself is a lot but i think 10 @ 30+ is better than 10 @ 16 … yucky.

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