So This Week … (A Rant)

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I need to talk about a couple things that happened in the news this week. Entertainment and otherwise. I’ve been on forums, blogs and the like to see some disturbing fuckery that has brought me here to vent.

First up, the shootings in Fort Hood, Texas on November 5, came as a shock to many. My heart, thoughts and prayers go out to the families of the victims and wounded. It’s SO sad and tragic to know that these soldiers died at the Readiness Center. The last stop they go before being deployed to warzones in Iraq or Afghanistan. These men and women faced gunfire and a war (on a smaller scale, of course) on American soil. At home. Who would have thought, huh? Upon hearing about this at 10pm (and the story broke I believe after 1pm earlier that day) I went to the site I frequent most for forum discussion and realized not a ONE thread was made about this. That was interesting to me as the board is predominantly American. Anyhow, I brought it to the board’s attention and initially the comments were those of prayers to be sent and condolences to be left. Then the board’s resident “shock poster” tried to come in there with his usual ignorant antics and profess his distaste for Muslims and Islam. He basically said “Well, what do you know he was Muslim” … No. Actually, Maj. Nidal Malik Hasan was American. He (the shock poster) basically used Hasan’s background (of Jordanian descent) to try and say these ideals were that of a Muslim terrorist and further went on to say Islam is NOT a religion that preaches tolerance, love and peace but rather, preaches hate and the downfall of Americans. It’s just like a self centered American to think a religion is based on THEIR downfall. LMFAO. I was SO SO SO very offended by his comments. I’m not Muslim but to read the shit he said, you wouldn’t have to be to get angered at his idiocy! I’ve studied world religions and I know quite a few Muslim people and I was so upset to hear these views spewing forth from his fingertips. He truly believes the Islamic faith is about hate and violence and war. How ignorant he is. He said Muslims are lying to us and SAYING they are about peace and love but they aren’t. This fucking DOUCHEBAG has his head so far up his own ass that he doesn’t seem to GET that extremists are the reason Islam and Muslims have such a bad reputation. EXTREMISTS! They have taken the fundamentals of Islam and have twisted and manipulated them to justify their sick views and hatred of the western world. THESE EXTREMISTS ARE NOT INDICATIVE OF ALL MUSLIMS. Please know this. ARGH! But then I realized this is someone who heavily detests Barack Obama and supports George Bush and loves Rush Limbaugh. Once you realize who and what you are dealing with, an argument becomes moot and irrelevant. But for all the jackasses out there – educate yourself. Talk to the source and make your own mind up. Do not regurgitate the bullshit the media shoves in your face. Please! At a time when we should be banding together to pray for those lost in this tragedy, people want to show their true racist colours and point fingers. What a SHAME. You should be ashamed.

Another thing to be ashamed of: The entire Rihanna and Chris Brown situation. GET THE FUCK OVER IT, PEOPLE! This happened 9 months ago. Sure everyone wants to hear Rihanna’s side of things and speak about it but the most OBVIOUS thing was missed. Her timing. Everyone I’ve talked to is aware of this but they don’t seem to care! WHY!? You are reacting the way her PR team wants you to. How dare she, after 9 months, finally break her silence and speak about such a serious topic JUST to bring attention to her new album. No one is denying that what happened to you at the hands of Chris Brown wasnt terrible, Ri Ri. You most definitely suffered and I wouldn’t wish what you went through on my worst enemy BUT at the same time, as you said in the interview, you realized how much of an influence you had on these young girls. If you were SO concerned about being such a positive role model why did you wait SO long to speak? And, when you DID speak why did you sound so coached? Speak from your heart. Not from a script. You are helping NO ONE – least of all yourself. At first, I saw only ONE clip and I still believe you were being sincere, albeit careful about the words you chose, but sincere nonetheless …. then I hear from literally everyone that you should’ve kept your silence because you sounded extremely coached. I have yet to watch the interview in its entirety so I can’t really speak on whether or not I found you were coached but if EVERYONE is saying so, then there must be some truth to the accusation. I don’t even really CARE to watch it, to be honest. I just feel I should so that I don’t sound so biased and believe heresy. My problem though is that Chris Brown did his time – some will argue he didn’t get the proper punishment, and that may be so but regardless, he was sentenced to do those hours and he did them. Rihanna didn’t die. She healed physically and SEEMS to be healing emotionally. BOTH HAVE MOVED ON AND ARE MOVING ON. So why can’t y’all? I understand these are celebs and their lives becomes ours in a way but the older you get the more you should realize that these people literally have NOTHING to do with you. Don’t give me that shit about being a fan and you put money in their pocket so you have the right to be in their business. I’ve long maintained, celebs are just rich and famous humans like you and I. And with the age of the mp3 and downloading, most of you don’t put no damn money in their pocket. Be real. You are NOSY. That’s it. That’s all. GET OVER IT. The bigger issue one should be arguing is not that of Rihanna vs Chris but of domestic violence as a WHOLE and how women and men need to keep their hands to themselves. Not saying Rihanna deserved it (I would never say that) but we don’t know the entire story and the media has spun it this way for a REASON. Ri Ri all but admitted how bad she and Chris were FOR EACH OTHER. Not to say that if she hit him first or provoked him, he had a right to go off on her THAT bad but for men and women out there … I was raised like this: If a man puts his hands on you, you fight back and you defend yourself tooth and nail but if YOU hit a man first, expect him to hit you back – period. A good man probably won’t. He’ll probably walk away before it gets to that but NOT EVERY MAN WILL WALK AWAY and you HAVE to know this. You have to know that if you push a man, he just may push you back and KNOWING this, KEEP YOUR HANDS TO YOURSELF. No one has the right to hit anyone. There is no justification. Period. Just live YOUR life (no pn intended – holla Rihanna lol) and stop worrying about everyone elses. You look media illiterate and groupie-ish.



  1. justdc said,

    nice 🙂

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      thank you!!

  2. Bonnie said,

    Standing ovation.

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      thank you, Keish 🙂

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