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8 November 2009 at 2:56 pm (Site Information/Updates, Thank You's) (, , , , , )

Hey loyal readers!

I just wanted to take a quick minute to say thank you for getting the blog to #22 on WordPress’s GROWING BLOG list as of September 26, 2009. We fell from #12 a month earlier but that’s OK. I know I fell off at the beginning of October so that affected my standings but regardless I know there would be no Corprah Lanfrey without y’all. I thank you for always coming back and checking for the latest music, movies, thoughts and opinions. The success of this blog is in the hands of you guys, so with that said, I owe you many, many thanks.

Also, with a heavy heart I wanted to state that there is another list the blog is a part of: We’re #38 on Top Posts. This is a huge feat but I can’t be “happy” about it because the post that garnered this feat was my write up on Victoria Stafford 😦 I promise to continue to follow her story and the legal case as it develops.

Again, thank you for making Corprah Lanfrey what it is. I appreciate ALL of you. I often check my stats to see who is coming from where and I’ve had readers as far away as Afghanistan, Iceland, The Netherlands and Italy. That is absolutely amazing.

As long as you keep coming back and reading, I’ll keep writing.

Corprah ♥


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