Stir Crazy …

29 October 2009 at 5:56 pm (Life)

What’s that condition when you’re stuck in the house for too long and you start to feel like you are going to turn bat shit crazy? I say stir crazy but I’m thinking of something else. It’s right on the tip of my tongue but …. I can’t figure it out for the life of me.

What did I do today? Absolutely nothing …

The lil one is sick with the flu so we’re stuck in the house ((( OH MY GOSH .. IT JUST HIT ME .. THE TERM IM LOOKING FOR IS CABIN FEVER ))) and between Family Channel, Disney movies, naps and countless snacks and the internet nothing has helped to cure this boredom. I just feel so …. sluggish. I’ve done laundry and cleaned my bathroom. I don’t want to cook more dinner when I still have enough curry chicken left over … if I cook more food something will go to waste and I’m not big on wasting meals.

I went to bed just after 2am this morning because I got it in my head that music auto-playing on the blog would be a good look. With WordPress not supporting flash I had to get creative on how I did it. The coding was all fucked up but eventually I got it working. WOO SAH!

I spoke to my boy briefly today. I told him he’s the worst because we start a thousand and one conversations but never actually finish them, so he called me up and we were on our way … then, about 20 minutes later, his line beeped and he had to call me back. BAH! He did it again! He’s the worst, I promise you.

An MSN smiley JUST appeared in the damn window where I’m typing. How fucked up is that?

I went IN on the trending topics on twitter a couple hours ago. #ShesNotThatIntoYou and I were friends for about an hour or so. Some were situations I experienced personally and others were from my twisted mind and some were just common sense. My personal favourite that garnered the most responses:


Technically if a chick does that its not so much that shes not into you but that shes a dirty whore that is out to COMPLETELY disrespect you.

What else?

OH! I have an interview tomorrow morning and it sounds promising. I’m glad I didn’t take the other offer. I mean, yes I need a job but the cons to taking it were outweighing the pros and I know more opportunities will come my way; I just need to remain positive and patient. I interview extremely well and I’m strong. I nail every one I get and very rarely am I NOT offered the position. I just need to keep my wits about me and choose the best fit. It’s a career I’m looking for now. I didn’t work my ass off in school to graduate and then settle.  Wish me luck.

Random closing: Do you look behind you and / or around you before you pick out your wedgie? I ALWAYS do. And I do that bow-legged walk to get it out if I’m walking down a heavily trafficked street. I kinda care what motorists think about me digging underwear out of my ass. Is that bad? Should I give a damn at all? Oh well.


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