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I wrote this back on Feb 10, 2008 and posted it on my myspace. I don’t believe I ever posted it here. A quick search turned up nothing. My mindstate at the time was …. a strange one to say the least and even though my thought process on love is completely different now from what it was then, I must admit, my sentiment regarding the content of what I wrote still remains the same. Enjoy.

This Word “Perfect”

per·fect –adjective 1. conforming absolutely to the description or definition of an ideal type: a perfect sphere; a perfect gentleman.

Everyone is striving for this ideal. The perfect husband, wife. The perfect body, life. It’s tiring if you ask me. I’m tired of striving for something that NO ONE can achieve. NO ONE is perfect. What we ARE is human.

I’d rather be IMperfect. Thank you very much. I’d rather be FLAWED … and beautifully so. I’d rather be simple and loved for it. Rather than perfect and hated. Perfection isnt who I am. And I’m tired of trying to please everyone.

The perfect woman isnt a woman with big breasts, a great ass and money in the bank. A perfect woman is one that accepts her flaws. Embraces them and learns from them. A perfect woman is an IMperfect woman. A woman that can admit her wrong doings and make moves to change her ways. A woman that will look forward rather than backwards in hopes of becoming a better person with each day. A woman that will accept her man’s past, present and future. She may not like what he does because it worries her but she will stand by his side no matter how hard it is. A perfect woman will talk to her man and not close up and it wont always be about her. A woman knows her fears but yet isnt afraid of them. A perfect woman will let her past go. She wont let her past dictate her future. Wont let her fears run her life. She wont allow something so right to go so wrong. And if by chance she does, she knows better for the next time around.

The perfect man isnt a man with a fast car, many women on his arm or cash flowing all around him. A perfect man is one that isnt afraid to say, I’m afraid. Isnt afraid to “man up” and say he is sorry. Or that he is wrong. A perfect man is an IMperfect man. A man that enjoys being catered to. A man that can forgive and maybe even forget. A man that will protect his family, his woman, his friends because thats what a man should do. A perfect man will never up and leave at the drop of a hat. He will hold and comfort his woman when she is scared. He will dry his woman’s tears and tell her no more sad eyes, for she has no reason to fear because HE is here now. A perfect man will take care of a perfect woman’s heart. A perfect man also has fears, however. And a perfect man will share them with those he deems worthy. He will confide his truest self into someone who will listen and not judge and he will recognize and acknowledge that.

Their perfect love will never be anything more than a constant work in progress. A love where two people will learn to grow together, through the good and through the bad. A perfect love is NOT a marriage. A perfect love is a commitment between two people who want the same things. Who want respect, loyalty, communication, trust and even great sex. A perfect love is scary and frightening. Especially for those that have experienced it and lost it and hope to one day gain it again. A perfect love is an IMperfect love. A love where you fall but get up again. Where if its something that can be fixed IS fixed. A perfect love is one where there is never a suspicion of hurt, cheating or abuse. A love where you know you can 100% trust in the person you kiss goodnight and wake up to in the morning. A perfect love is not so. I’ll take an IMperfect love anyday.

I am human. I wasnt born perfect. I will not die perfect. I will make mistakes and I will learn from some and not others. I will not say sorry when I KNOW I’m wrong but then I will realize that in itself is the worst way to be. I will beg for forgiveness more than once in my life. I will fall and be at my weakest. I will be alone more often than with someone who truly loves and cares for me. But in my darkest hour I will know one thing: I am NOT perfect. I dont HAVE to be perfect and its OK to be flawed. Because, if I was indeed a perfect being, I’d be God. And last I checked. I’m Cori. I’m me. And the person that loves me for me, with all my faults and flaws will be the person who is just like ….. me. A person that is OK with flaws and imperfection.

Give this imperfect woman an imperfect man …. and give these imperfect people an imperfect love.

It’s what they deserve.



  1. Mz. Fenyx said,

    This is incredibly beautiful, Ms. Lanfrey. I don’t think any famous writer could have penned this anymore beautifully. Permission to share this please?

  2. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    thank you so much, Keish ❤

    You have my permission of course 😛

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