Today I Was Stalked …

21 September 2009 at 3:22 pm (Life, Random, Toronto Life, WTF!?) (, , , , )

… by a Rakim look-a-like.

I got on public transit around noon to head to class. At the very back of the bus I saw two guys – no big deal. I sat down, pulled out my mp3 and my book and settled in.

About 10 short minutes later my stop was coming up and one of the guys in the back came and sat RIGHT next to me. I could see him out of the corner of my eye trying to subtly get my attention but I didn’t look up. I knew I was getting off soon and I was REALLY into my book, why engage in conversation, right? I gathered up my stuff as we approached the stop and made my way to the door. I smiled politely at him so he would move out of my way – his legs were blocking the aisle.

Come to find out … he’s getting off the bus, too. SMH!

So, I walked to the lights to cross the intersection to transfer to my 2nd bus that would take me to my school and noticed that he had stayed on the same side of the street. This would tell me he was heading east toward Toronto via the subway and I was heading west, further into Mississauga. I guess I was wrong. After he realized I was going to cross the street he came up behind me and crossed, too.

At this point I still felt like maybe I was feeling myself too much to think he’d be following me. After all, maybe he isn’t from the area and has been turned around. At the same time though, if he WAS following me, I got a GOOD look at him and commited every damn part of him to my memory. 

So, now we are at the 2nd bus stop and I’m standing there reading my book, all the while watching for the bus and keeping an eye on Rakim. He’s pacing, walking circles around me and I’m doing ALL I can to avoid eye contact. The bus comes and he decides he wants to be first so he gets right up to the curb. Then he looks back at me and decides to let me on first. Oh boy.

I get on and go to the very back and once again settle in. Rakim sits down in a double seater half way down the bus. After about 2 minutes he gets up from there and comes to sit next to me. At this point I’ve had enough. I finally make eye contact and look at him annoyed as if to say, “If you want to talk to me than talk to me, otherwise stop creeping me out.” I don’t have the guts to say this but my eyes are shooting venom. He sits down and says nothing. I go back to my book and see him watching me intensely out of the  corner of my eye.


So, I decided to test him. I was going to get off a stop early before the mall. A completely random stop he would have no reason to get off at (unless he was a stalker). Sure enough, I press the button for my stop and Rakim gets up with me to go to the door. At this point my aggravation hasn’t yet turned into worry or fear but it’s up there. I’m just super annoyed and wanna ask Rakim what his deal is; I wanna know if he’s thinking of a master plan (get it? haha!). I walk into Walmart, Rakim walks into Walmart. I go to the bathroom, Rakim goes to the bathroom. After waiting in there for 10 minutes, I emerged. Rakim didn’t. I breath a sigh of relief but was cautious the entire time I was walking towards my school because I’m thinking he was going to jump out of a shadow on some “Gotcha bitch!” type shit.

As I sit here in class typing this I’m laughing but also kinda tripping out on the fact that Rakim could’ve been a wack job. Ladies, all jokes aside, keep track of your surroundings and shady characters. With the way the world is so messed up, you can never be too sure or careful.

I can only hope hes not around when I get out of here at 5.



  1. Necole said,

    This is the reason why I carry a knife with me when I ride the train.

  2. Necole said,

    That’s exactly y I carry a knife when I ride the train.

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      LMFAO. oh wow. i gotta get me some kind of weapon tho

  3. elle said,

    Bear repellent from the spy shop. Bawwwd!

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      LMFAO …. wtf? bear repellent? spy shop? ROFL.

  4. elle said,

    In the event that some waste cyatty ever tried to attack you…spray ’em with that. Done type!

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