Movie Review (and then some): The Ugly Truth

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Romantic comedies are not hard to make. They’re easy to like and pretty enjoyable. I’m not talking about a chick flick as much as a love story with humour. The Ugly Truth is one of these.

Katherine Heigl is adorable as Abby Richter, and this is a good thing; she’s not easy to like as Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy. Off the bat, I’m thinking of the scene of her at dinner with the bosses and how amazingly hilarious it is … she did a great job. Gerard Butler plays, Mike Chadway,  her unlikely “love interest”. It was shown to viewers early on that he wasn’t as brash as he appeared but I quite enjoyed watching him fall in love with his protegée over time. It was sweet. I love the point at which Abby realizes she is in love with Mike: a simple moment at a latin bar when he orders some water. It’s moments like this that I can relate to on a personal level. There doesn’t have to be some huge moment when you know but rather something simple, sweet and meaningful. While I wouldn’t say this is a movie to see in theatres I definitely think it’s one to see only because I got a deeper meaning out of it: Men aren’t complicated beings; it’s us women that complicate things.

I was talking to (OK, complaining to) a (male) friend of mine, a couple weeks ago about the absence of a phone call I was waiting on and while he was telling me a few things, my phone rang – it was the person I was expecting to call. In that time of our conversation I was overanalyzing a situation that really wasn’t that important and completely giving the pros and cons of it. He told me to relax and calm down and to not read so much into it: men are pretty straight forward and face value type beings. There is no complication to their actions and often what you see is what you get. I thought for a moment and realized he was right. And, the minute I relaxed, my phone rang.

For me, in life there are no coincidences. And, funny enough, the reason I watched this movie today is because a friend of mine, who’s female, basically reiterated the same information to me, that he did, after she viewed it. Again, coincidence? I think not.

I understand this is just a movie but every idea for a movie, TV show, book etc.,  comes from the mind of someone who has “been there” so you kind of have to realize that when messages are laid for you – and rather obviously, too, to PAY ATTENTION to them. The aforementioned information my boy gave me was made clear to me in the movie when Mike finally admitted his love for Abby and rather than Abby hear this and fly over the moon she continues to berate him for earlier actions. LOL. It was a cute and real moment but also a clarifying one: Never miss out on what’s good because you are too busy focusing on what’s bad.

Another great message the movie sent out was to never allow yourself to change in order to gain love or acceptance. Be yourself and no one BUT yourself otherwise the person who cares for and loves you will be loving a lesser (and maybe fake) version of yourself and is that what you want? I’d imagine not. We all want to be loved for who we are but if we aren’t presenting our true selves then who’s to blame? Them or us? Then there is the issue of being shallow and falling for the person with style over substance … and we all know how I feel about that.

If you take the time to sit and think about the different layers within a romantic comedy, it’s really not as simple as some may think. There really are messages and lessons to be learned. Maybe its the woman in me overanalyzing again (lol) but I think this time, in this situation, it’s ok 😉 Take this movie for what it is and enjoy it.


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  1. said, tracking back – Movie Review (and then some): The Ugly Truth… tracking back – Movie Review (and then some): The Ugly Truth…

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