Movie Review: District 9

18 August 2009 at 3:54 pm (Entertainment, Movies, Raves) (, , , )

I told y’all I couldn’t wait for this flick, and well, I saw District 9 Saturday night and I’m STILL talking about it. And to think I almost didn’t. My date ran in to get the tickets and he called me out in the car saying “Are you sure you want to see this? This guy in line just told me its complete garbage.”  How ANYONE could think this movie is garbage is beyond me. If you didn’t like the ending or happen to be biased against sci-fi flicks then state that  – I can respect that, but in my opinion, this is a GREAT movie.

I usually don’t force movies on people but I’m imploring people to go and see this. If you are adamantly against sci-fi flicks then fine, don’t, but if you love sci-fi or are just curious about the buzz and hype, BELIEVE IT and let Corprah show you the light! haha.

So, the movie started out a bit slow but you have to understand that for a story such as this, the groundwork and background had to be laid. I didn’t mind the slow start. Once the movie DID get poppin’ though, I got SO into this movie.

I found myself quickly on the side of the aliens after seeing the inhumane treatment only humans could bestow on another race species. So many parts had me questioning things and I relish in a movie that makes me think.

I was unaware that this movie was only made with a budget of $30 million. I would never have guessed. The special effects looked amazing. It really makes me appreciate the creativity of the filmmakers. And, like someone pointed out on a msg board:

The effects seem more realistic because they had to use more props and stuff rather than rely on CGI which causes an element of unrealism, which luckily this movie avoided!

I much enjoyed not just the story but the blatant and unsubtle message of how inhumane we humans are – and not just to the 1.2 million aliens we BROUGHT onto our planet but to Wikus  himself (more on him shortly). I think I enjoyed the originality of the movie more than anything. I’ve not seen anything like this and it captured my imagination and thought. This movie really has everything:  humour, heart, action, gore and an important message.

Wikus Van De Merwe, the lead character, killed me throughout the entire flick. First, in the beginning, I loved how he was always so goofy and cheerful and even a little toooo happy all the time. I found myself cussing along with him “FOOK MAN!” at many times during the movie. Even after the transformation forces cheery Wikus to become a BOD MON, he still had me cracking up with his subtle wisecracks. It’s after this transformation that Wikus forms an unlikely bond with Christoper, an alien, he berated only a day earlier. I just have to say that I absolutely adored Christopher’s little alien son. I found him just too cute for words: “Look, I fix it!” Aww man. The grown aliens were ugly as shit though.

The two embark on a journey to help Wikus and Christopher’s alien counterparts and they have to battle politics, government, conspiracies, injustice and a crimelord and his gang along the way. What transpires is two hours of sheer movie excitement.

I loved the ending and will eagerly await a sequel. I’m wary because sequels usually aren’t as good as the originals but I’d pay just to see Christopher live up to his promise – which I refuse to talk about here simply because I don’t want to spoil it for those who have yet to watch this movie.

This summer really hasn’t delivered any amazing movies until now. I mean, I really enjoyed some titles but nothing had me excited as District 9. I’m also really happy that I anticipated a movie and it lived up to my expectations. I’m glad I didn’t leave the theatre disappointed. I really respect writer and director Neill Blomkamp, who had a vision, and saw it all the way through. He delivered a truly fresh and well done movie and I hope it’s appreciated nationwide. Here, here!



  1. elle said,

    Like I said to on Saturday night after I finished taking in the movie: Bawwwd! It takes a truly open minded individual to comprehend a film as such.

    Wikus is a G. Likkle alien gets a one hand clap also. FOOOK!

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      LOL!!! I agree. I found myself having to explain some parts to ppl after the fact. A lot of the ppl that said they didn’t see the hype or didn’t like it missed a lot of the imperative parts needed to understand the message of this movie.

  2. Cello said,

    the guy who ran in to get the tickets and heard that remark probably came from me, I thought this movie was trash.

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,


      why didn’t you like it?

  3. D Inspectah said,

    I loved this movie. My ONLY issue was: I would have preferred if the aliens were less human like… but given the fact that they were here for 20 years… yea the culture probably wore off of on them.

    I loved the ground work in the movie. The relationships between characters, and even the gross stuff I had to watch between my fingers made this movie.

    LOVED it. I’ve been waiting for a movie with a great story, and good acting. Another great thing about this movie: NO BIG NAME ACTORS. Gosh.

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      I quite liked the human-like qualities of the aliens. I think its why I was able to empathize and root for them so easily and quickly.

      As for your last point about no big name actors I FEEL YOU … the movie worked SO well without having a big name behind it … thats rare but SO awesome to see.

  4. Sean Weatherby said,

    That new lead actor they found for District 9 did an amazing job i thought – huge character transition through the course of the movie; sometimes it’s nice to see some new faces and that was definitely the case with this movie

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