The Twilight Saga

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I know I know. I’m late. And very much so. I didn’t understand the hype – shoot me.

Just under 2 years ago, while at work, my female boss was telling me about some book her daughter was reading. She and I used to trade paperbacks often. I wasn’t 100% listening as I was doing something at the same time but I remember her telling me that the books, while focusing on teens, were so well-written an adult could enjoy them – namely her. I asked her the title but by the time I left work later on that day, I had forgotten it. Fast forward a few months and there was this HUGE phenonmenon sweeping the nation. Some movie named Twilight had just opened to rave reviews and people everywhere were talking. I was like .. wth!? I didn’t get it. I knew very little.

Slowly, the buzz got back to me, personally, and I was quite curious. When I realized the movie was based on a quartet of books, I asked my female boss the name again, and she told me, Twilight. The same name of the movie I was told I should see.

So, now, I was at home one night, and I decided to watch the movie online. This had a  lot to do with the fact that, three days before I had taken the little one to see Madagascar 2 and Twilight had played in the theatre beforehand. All the people (and they were of various ages) coming out were exuberant in their love of the film. This movie HAD to be good, I thought. I figured, if I watch it in the privacy of my own home no one will know I watched it. A mangy teen flick … oooooo what would people think! lol

I watched and needless to say, I LOVED IT! I was taken in almost immediately by the good looking cast, storyline and script. It was just something about the story that had me enchanted. And dont even get me started on the characters. They were amazing, only heightened by the intense and passionate chemistry of the two lead actors, Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson (who, if you don’t already know, I’m madly in love with and will have MANY babies by – lol). I was hooked. But not obsessed. I mean, a previous post of mine about an oddly obsessed Twilight fan wasn’t how I felt but I guess I could see her enthusiasm.

Afterwards, I realized I had to read the books. I’d been told repeatedly that while the movie was great, the books were even better. I borrowed the first book from a girl in my class and finished it in just a couple days. The more I read, the more I fell in love with this story. I WANT ME AN EDWARD, dammit! Vampire or Human, I don’t care!!! LOL. I couldn’t wait for my classmate to give me the 2nd book (New Moon) so I stepped into Walmart before class and bought it *serious blank face goes here* .

I am only a few chapters into New Moon and am ONCE again engrossed. I don’t use the term magical often but these books have me under a spell, so help me God. They are magical. I am eagerly awaiting the movie as well. I honestly, have to say, Stephenie Meyer has an amazing ability to make you just not READ her books but want to actually be a PART of them. She engages you to the point where you TRULY cannot put the book down. Her writing is captivating and flows with amazing detail.  The romantic angle of tortured lovebirds Bella and Edward is sweet and not cheesy and for an adult reading this book you get a chance to relive your first love through them.

I echo what my female boss told me and it seems like ages ago: don’t let your age deter you from reading these books. You’re missing out! Trust me!



  1. Lingo said,

    I loved reading this, lol. 🙂

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      Hey thanks! Did you mean my post or the books? 😉

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