SYTYCD Voters: A Message

30 July 2009 at 12:49 pm (Entertainment, Televison) (, , , , , , )

I dont even know why this is bothering me enough to make a post. I havent really watched this season nor do I have any emotions or cares truly invested in the show but I do enjoy watching past performances on youtube in my downtime. I’m noticing a trend in reading the comments. I’m sure they’ve been the same every season that has come and gone but I never see them because I tend to discuss shows such as these with a small group of people. Anyway, the point I’m trying to get to is that … people are always talking about so and so shouldnt have went home over so and so because so and so is better than so and so.

Dont you people understand that once the voting is solely in America’s hands it becomes America’s FAVOURITE dancer and not necessarily the BEST dancer? The best dancer doesn’t always win; this has been proven countless times. Why? Because not every American voting is an expert on the subject of dance AND there are so many different genres that one couldn’t possibly pinpoint the technique of EVERY single dance. SO, these voters will vote based on who has left an impression. Like Debbie Allen said on a recent show: people are going to vote for who is still on their mind when the show is over and they’ve got to pick up that phone. What’s so hard to understand?

Sure, we all have a right to voice our displeasure and opinions but …. if you UNDERSTAND this concept then you are less likely to “be upset” or “cry” over people going home. And yes, people have admitted to actually CRYING over dancers being sent home. LOL.

Anyway, these dancers are there for THEMSELVES. To get ahead in this business and further their career and also beacuse they LOVE to dance. THEY are the only ones that should be sad and crying. Us viewers, they are there for OUR entertainment. It’s reality TV for crying out loud. Some dancers take their leaving the show better than y’all. That’s crazy 😛

Just remember that its ONLY TV people. And while it may be THEIR reality, it’s not your own.


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