Please Let Go Of Your Youth

7 July 2009 at 2:06 pm (Life, Random, Rants, WTF!?) (, , , , , , , , )

There is a time and place for everything. Of course.

But … sometimes you gotta just let shit go. When you reach a certain age you have to learn to leave things alone. As a grown woman (and if you have a child – as a mother), there are things you just don’t do.

I mean, in my previous post I stated that my taste in what kind of man I prefer has changed. I’ve never really had a set physical type or anything (though, I do have a personality type) but if you asked my girlfriends they would tell you my exes or guys I’ve dated all seemed to have some sort of physical similarity. I promise you though, it was never intentional.  Anyhow, I remember when I was younger and in high school, the “thug” was “in” … at the very least the “thug look” was in. I had a boyfriend in grade 9 that fit the description and he hit me. ONCE. My cousin promptly took a bat to both his knees and that was the end of my “thug fixation”. I learned early … at 15. Some bitches are my age and still haven’t learned. I don’t think you need to be beaten or bullied to know a thug isn’t a good man. It should just take common sense. Fuck all that “gangstas need love to”. No they don’t. They need a jail sentence and a punching bag. Unless you are volunteering for that position, leave ’em alone. It’s like bitches think that look or that lifestyle is appealing. And “hot”. In grade 10 I met my first “real” boyfriend and while he wasn’t no punk, he was far from a thug. He was a gentleman, knew how to treat a woman and still had that ‘edge’ to him. I’ve pretty much dated the same type of guy since. That’s what I like … that’s what I deal with best.  I don’t understand the desire to like a man that looks like a roughian. One that beats you, does or deals drugs or hangs with people that do. I mean, no one is perfect and no one is saying to be as such but … after a certain age, isn’t a woman supposed to want more for herself and her future then to be dragged down by someone that has death or jail as theirs? I mean, I figured that out a LONG time ago, so why can’t some of these other bitches? Simple minds I suppose? Or lack of self respect? Don’t even get me started on females that feel this way and have kids.

Then you have the chick’s that sit online and talk about other people or make people feel shitty about themselves because they have nothing better to do. if you are that bored in your life: THATS SAYING SOMETHING! WAKE UP! MOST grown adults can see that its really YOURSELF whom you hate. You sit there and talk shit like you are the best thing since sliced bread but you have weave in your head, bumps all over your face, you are about 20lbs over weight and think because you wear name brand clothes you can put down others. GROW UP and leave that high school, juvenile shit in the past. A lot of females in general gossip with their friends and whatnot but you don’t have to be malicious about it and it says something when you feel you have to do it in front of an audience. It’s like you want people to know who you are and think you are so funny and / or cool or fearless to “speak your mind” but the only people that feel that way are simple minded, lacking self love bitches like yourself. A real woman would shake her head and take pity on you. At least that’s what I do.

Then you have lazy females. Bitches that aren’t about shit. I don’t want to even start on this because I will honestly snap. Just get off your ass and do something with your life. That’s all I’m going to say.

Moving onto the bragging heffas. Oh I can’t STAND y’all. Brag about shit and it’s not even worth bragging about. I got this or I did that. I went here and I went there. Bitch NO ONE cares. Seriously. Don’t think I care. The only reason I’m even mentioning it is because your shit is in my face almost 24/7. It’s OK to be proud and brag about positive things, and life changes but it’s another to brag about simple shit that don’t mean nothing to anyone but yourself.

Oh and you selfish bitches? You bitches that think the world revolves around you and thinks the world owes you shit. Two words: fuck you. That is all.

I don’t know. I don’t get it. I just feel like a lot of people these days are acting WAY below their actual age. I don’t know if its lack of motivation or that they are truly thinking they’re still 19 but when do you become a WOMAN? When can you let GO of your youth and GROW UP and make your life matter and be about something other than other people’s entertainment? Like, damn. Are you REALLY OK with that? I won’t ask if it bothers y’all because if it did, I would LIKE to believe you’d do something about it. I won’t ask if you are happy because I already know you can’t be because if you were you wouldn’t need so much attention for other people or things to fill whats an obvious void in your life. I won’t ask you to stop because I’m sure you’d rather slice your wrists than give up your throne.

Stop getting so caught up in the attention and praise showered upon you. It’s not real. It’s not respect. It’s fake. The same people showing you love are thesame ones talking about you behind your back. Fake smiles and compliments – I’ve seen them. I’ve heard them. Furthermore, if people ARE going to shower praise and attention onto you, be courteous enough to THANK them; they hang on your every word like a fucking clitoris piercing, so the least you can do, is use the manners I hope your parents taught you, and say “thank you”. Shit. Stop being so vain and self-centered. But then again, these fuckers have you so high on yourself and on a pedestal that you think you are a queen and your subjects don’t deserve such politeness.



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