1 July 2009 at 1:44 am (Life) ()

I had a dilemma today and wasn’t quite sure what to do about it. I conferred with friends and came to the conclusion that it had nothing to do with spite nor did it have to do with revenge. We are all accountable for our own actions. We are all responsible for creating our own karma. Your actions were your karma.

Never feel you can’t do something for fear of someones reaction. The outcome would be different if certain actions were never made in the first place. Sure, one could argue that two wrongs don’t make a right but in the end, is it really wrong if no guilt is felt?

Live your life the way you intend to live it. Until you are in a solid and concrete state of mind, make no apologies for your actions. The onus is always on you but let’s not pretend the situation can be helped along with the stupidity of another’s actions and words.

Remember that.


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