Now THIS Is Journalism: Was MJ Framed?

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In light of the recent recanting of his statement, the boy that accused Michael Jackson of molesting him said he lied.

With that being said, had the media and the lawyers involved in this case done their job correctly we wouldn’t be talking about this right now. But, then again, in the court of public opinion would anyone have listened to this? Jackson was immediately crucified the minute the allegations broke. It’s like no one wanted to hear he might’ve actually been innocent. I mean, I always thought, in addition to being a HUGE talent and icon, Michael was also odd and eccentric but I never really believed he molested those kids. No matter how many jokes I laughed at, I just never thought he did it.

I got this from Phonte (of Little Brother fame) who in turn got this from OKP.

At first I was like … maaaaan, I can’t read all this but when I realized what it was about I knew I HAD to.

Furthermore, once I started reading I couldn’t stop. The author of this piece, Mary A. Fisher,  did an EXCEPTIONAL job with words and research and FACTS back in 1994 when this case broke. After reading it, I’m CONVINCED Michael didn’t molest that boy or ANY child for that matter. I’m 1000% convinced.

It is a long read; I won’t lie to you. But, its on point and detailed and if you are in search of TRUTH it’s here. I believe that with all my heart. If you are a TRUE MJ fan, you need to read this.

This is EASILY the best piece of journalism I have ever read.

Story is HERE



  1. Cynthia said,

    i knew the day would come where he would be cleared and the little fucker would be outed as a fucking liar but i didnt think id take THIS happening for home boy to find his heart and take back the allegations that ruined Michael Jacksons life. It ruined his reputation. It took 16yrs for this fool to realize what hes done. whats worse is that people are STILL talking shit. SMH

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      did you read the entire article tho? i don’t really blame this kid NOW as much as I did THEN .. i DO agree he could’ve come forward a LONG time ago but he was 13 at the time. It’s alleged his father arranged for him to be DRUGGED and FED information while sedated. Who knows? Maybe this poor kid really believed all the shit himself … all I know is … I’m disgusted at what I’ve read and I’m SO angry he went to his grave with everyone thinking he was a pedophile

  2. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    i ALSO wish I had read this back in ’94 but i was only 13 myself then … so who knows how I would’ve reacted to this.

  3. tara said,

    Though I don’t agree with you on the side of this piece being all that well-written…it was thorough and informative. I didn’t know most of these things…I’m glad I read it…I never believed that he ever committed the crime in the first place, seeing as him being a multi-millionaire and forever in the limelight, it was easy to see that family … Read Morewas out for easy cash. I’m certainly glad that someone took the time to lay it all out, step by step. It’s ridiculously unfortunate that he had to take this abuse and negative public opinion to his grave. I can’t necessarily blame the child, for obvious reasons, but I can blame him for not coming forth sooner…it disgusts me…it really does. Anyhow, that obviously doesn’t change things…but that’s just my two cents.

    RIP to MJ…a genius in his own right, and completely undeserving of the public ridicule that is continuously being thrown his way…even after his death. I just hope that his soul rests in peace.

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      thank you for your post, Tara. I, too, hope he can now RIP but I don’t think people want to let him =(

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