BET Awards ’09

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Crap awards. Crap crap crap.

BET is nothing more than celebrities getting together to act an ass. Truly. I’m so disappointed with the show. My write up will be short. The only reason I watched last night was because I ASSUMED BET would do a decent tribute to Michael Jackson. I went in with an open mind because I KNEW they only had a couple days to completely re-do the show but I also knew there would be a lot of “coonery” on there as well. I love to be right but in this case I would’ve LOVED to be wrong for a change. BET would’ve been better off doing a nice montage of MJ vids and clips and then PROPERLY preparing a seperate tribute show in a couple weeks. Year after year the BET Awards look more and more amateurish and disorganized. It’s sad. BET lost AGAIN last night and I was immediately reminded of why I stopped watching ages ago: I can’t participate in bullshit.

I just want to say that with all the cussing going on, I don’t even blame the “censor dude” … people need to understand that LIVE TO AIR MEANS JUST THAT. DUH! There is a damn delay when censoring shit. I believe its anywhere from 7-10 seconds. So how about we don’t blame the “censor dude”? How about we blame the artists that can’t choose better songs to perform or can’t find ways to omit the swear words and phrases from their lyrics? How about that? Yea.

I don’t want to get into the night’s hot messes because I’ll be here all day as there were MANY. But I DO want to speak briefly on MY favourite highlights of the show. The nights’ saviours were Jamie Foxx – who did tasteful yet funny jokes surrounding Michael’s legacy (lol @ the pants being tight) and closing the show with a beautiful duet with Neyo. The O’Jays (shout out to Eddie Levert – he had me laughin and shit!) were classy and still on point. The young bucks need to take a lesson. I just looooved Soulja Boy’s blank stare. Idiot. A strong (in an all things considered sense) Janet Jackson made my eyes FINALLY spill tears. I’ve been saddened and had a tight chest and throat all throughout this time of Michael’s passing but tears didn’t drop from my eyes until I saw and heard Janet speak. It makes you wonder if she’s Joe Jackson’s daughter. I mean, she looks more torn up about her brothers passing then he does about outliving his son. I can’t STAND Joe Jackson. Anyway, moving on: Jay Z, Alicia Keys, Gorgeous Keri Hilson, Monica and Keyshia Cole, Taraji & Tyrese (before Ving Rhames’ bitch ass), Maxwell (oooooh Maxwell) were all high points. And much love to Idris Elba, the first star to actually NOT “thank” Joe Jackson but rather acknowledge the matriarch of the Jackson clan, Katherine. WORD UP for Drake reppin’ Toronto!!! I didn’t know about his torn ACL until about half way through their set … I’m sad to know he’s injured but at the same time I’m happy for it because I would NOT have been ready to see him cavorting and galavanting around onstage with the likes of Lil Wayne and ’em.

All in all the awards did nothing for me and I feel like I was cheated in getting to see a “Michael Jackson Tribute”. Again, I DO understand the lack of time but still, think things through a little better, why don’t ya. And after so many years, the disorganization and lack of control is astounding.

I’ll wait for the Grammy’s or the AMA’s. I’m sure their tributes will be more classy. And it WON’T be because they had more time.


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