What Michael Jackson Means To Me

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I said to myself when Aaliyah died (and later when Luther Vandross passed) that I would be no good to anyone when someone (of celebrity status) I grew up with died. Someone who’s music I couldn’t get enough of … and that day has come. That “someone” I used as an example is gone.

By now the world knows that the Greatest to ever grace a stage, record music and dance has left us. Michael Jackson was only 50 years old. His death, like a few others over the past 10 or so years, is one where I’ll remember exactly where I was and what I was doing. It’s inevitable. Sure, I made MJ jokes over the years, sure I grappled with the thought he may indeed be guilty of child molestation but at the end of the day, I loved the man for what he did for my childhood. When I think about growing up in the 80’s (a REAL 80’s baby I was) I think about how much I was influenced by him. I even got my mom to make my hair like his. I dressed like him, I sang all his songs and my first record (actual vinyl) that I bought with my own money …. was Thriller.

I remember as a child being so in love with Michael Jackson. I had the biggest crush on him. When he took shorty on a date and he smiled at her in the theatre, that HUGE mega watt smile, I was like, damn I love him. I also remember being scared to DEATH of Thriller and that same smile once he started to howl at the moon – lol. I had a poster on my bedroom wall at the foot of my bed and after watching the video thoroughly for the first time, I used to imagine seeing Michael actually turning into a zombie. I convinced myself that if I looked at the poster at the wrong angle, he’d change. To this day, I swear the poster changed – lol. It wasn’t my imagination. It was magic. Michael is magic. This post is peppered with present and past tense. I find myself struggling to speak of him in the past tense. This is all still surreal to me.

There is a picture I NEED to find now. A picture that depicts me and my cousin when we were about 6 years-old. We were at the park and we each had on a white sparkled glove and I had on my red leather MJ jacket and a pin of Michael’s face. I have to find it because that picture would completely explain my love for this man and how he affected my childhood. I’ve always been a lover of music. Michael Jackson MADE me love music.

I remember when Remember the Time “world premiered” and staring at the TV in complete and utter AWE. He spun around and turned into gold DUST, yo! I remember learning the choreography and still knowing a lot of the moves today and just revelling in the synchronization. I did this for Smooth Criminal as well. So many times he amazed me. He never failed to impress.

In the last few years, especially once the allegations of child molestation started, Michael had become a joke. People made fun of his lifestyle, appearance and more. He was always quiet and shy and kept to himself but he was now a recluse. You have to remember this is a man that’s been in the spotlight since FIVE. He can’t remember what it’s like to be normal or live a normal life because he never HAD one. He died at 50. That’s 45 years of scrutiny, pressure, fame and God only knows what else. Michael always had my sympathies. Even as I laughed at the jokes I’d hear, a part of me always felt so sorry for him.  I used to look at pics of the “old” Michael and tsk and say, “damn, Mike … look at what you did to yourself“. But then I always always remembered that he didn’t know what it was like to be anything other than entertainment. He didn’t know how to NOT be a show and I realized how SAD that was.

It kills me to see all the people talking shit about him. He’s dead. You don’t sully the dead. If you have ill feelings towards him because of things he’s done (proven or not) you have every right to feel that way but ALWAYS remember to be respectful because no matter what he’s a human being and he is someone’s son. He’s a father, and a brother, an uncle. People are hurting because their loved one is gone. If you can’t be human and show compassion then keep your negativity to yourself!

Did anyone ever really love Michael? Man, I hope so. I hope he knows that he left this world loved. I hope he knows he wasn’t a joke to those closest around him. I hope he can now rest in peace.

Michael was MUSIC to me. Michael was my CHILDHOOD to me. Michael will be missed. I can name so many songs off his immaculately impressive catalogue and know, without a shadow of a doubt there will never be another like him.

NO ONE will ever sell as many records, units, singles and whatever as much as Michael Joseph Jackson. Not with the days of the world wide web. NO ONE will ever be as big as him. NO ONE is as big as him. NO ONE ever WAS as big as him.  Not even The Beatles or Elvis. NO ONE had his universal fame. It’ll be hard pressed to find anyone that will argue me on this but take a look at this MAN that became a LEGEND. An ICON:

We will NEVER see a star like this again. Music lost a KING today. There isn’t even a PRINCE of Pop. Michael, you will be sorely missed. My heart is so heavy right now. I feel like a part of ME died because I feel like I’m mourning a HUGE chunk of my childhood. This isn’t RIGHT to me. This is too soon. Not yet. We all know you were gonna go sometime. We all know we all gotta go but not you. You aren’t supposed to leave us. Not this way. Not yet. But God has called you home. My thoughts and prayers are with your children and your family. May you now RIP, outside of the spotlight and prying eyes. May you TRULY truly truly REST IN PEACE, King.

Michael Joseph Jackson
(August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009)

My Favourite Video Of All Time:

My Favourite Song Of All Time:

*** as you know, a lot of video’s URL’s arent allowed for embedding so I had to use this fan-made vid ***

My Favourite Album Of All Time:



  1. Mz. Fenyx said,

    Only MJ could have done the things he did. And yes, while many people are guilty of making a one-two MJ joke, at this time, it couldn’t be put aside out of respect for his family? You know what, a wise person told me that the last sense that leaves when a person dies is their hearing. God forbid He allows us to hear what people have to say about us when they think we aren’t listening. Condolences to the Jackson family and may his legend remain with us always.

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      that wise person was quite on point. i’ve never heard that before but boy, do i ever love that. thank you for your comment, Keish ❤

  2. Baby name meaning and origin for Aaliyah said,

    […] What Michael Jackson Means To Me […]

  3. Alisha said,

    Summed it up quite well. Well written my dear. Haven’t had a chance to read lately but decided to update myself.. and this was a sweet touching thing to read 🙂

    ALSO i LOVED that long ass article in defense of MJ. I never believed he did any of that nonsense either and honestly believed it to be the depravity of his accusers. Great read!

  4. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    thank you so much! on both accounts 🙂

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