Movie To Check For: “Precious” (Trailer)

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Oprah Winfrey and Tyler Perry present a Lee Daniels film. Claireece “Precious” Jones is abused by her mother, raped by her father, she grows up poor, angry, illiterate, fat, unloved and generally unnoticed.

With sheer audacity and utter authenticity, director Lee Daniels tackles “Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire” and creates an unforgettable film that sets a new standard for cinema of its kind. Precious Jones (Gabourey “Gabby” Sidibe) is a high-school girl with nothing working in her favor. She is pregnant with her father’s child – for the second time. She can’t read or write, and her schoolmates tease her for being fat. Her home life is a horror, ruled by a mother (Mo’Nique) who keeps her imprisoned both emotionally and physically. Precious’s instincts tell her one thing: if she’s ever going to break from the chains of ignorance, she will have to dig deeply into her own resources. Don’t be misled – “Push: Based on the Novel by Sapphire” is not a film wallowing in the stillness of depression; instead, it vibrates with the kind of energy derived only from anger and hope. The entire cast are amazing; they carry out a firestorm of raw emotion. Daniels has drawn from them inimitable performances that will rivet you to your seat and leave you too shocked to breathe. If you passed Precious on the street, you probably wouldn’t notice her. But when her story is revealed, as Daniels does in this courageous film, you are left with an indelible image of a young woman who – with creativity, humor, and ferocity – finds the strength to turn her life around.


My eyes completely welled up watching this and its only the damn trailer. I WILL be checking this out when it drops in theatres on November 6, 2009 tissue box at the ready! This movie is going to be tremendous and will showcase the power of the human spirit and overcoming adversity against all odds. I know it’s only a role but Mo’Nique is gonna make me hate her on this one, yo! Especially after Charm School! lol how ironic! And from what I see here, Mrs. Nick Cannon has come a LONG way from her “Glitter” days. Go girl!



  1. Mz. Fenyx said,

    This movie looks HEAVY!!!!! I can relate in A LOT of aspects! Bumba! For a second I didn’t think that was Mariah. Dang! Tyler P is going HARD!

  2. Shanette E. said,

    Yeah, I don’t give singers NO play if they’re playing singers or end up singing somewhere in a movie. Fuck that. That’s your world outside the movie, push yourself to do some other shit where you can show another aspect of whatever talents you have.

    Mariah Carey is looking like she’s actually doing something here. I’m looking forward to seeing it.

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