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I have a damn rant. It’s about celebrities and how much they affect our lives. You’d think with the way some people carry on, that Hollywood is THEIR life. That the celebrities are THEIR mothers, fathers, sisters and brothers. That a celeb is their BABY. Don’t get me wrong. I love my share of Hollywood gossip and I buy and read In Touch and UsWeekly but I don’t snap and carry on for hours and hours about a subject. I get my juicy fill and I move on. NO celebrity affects me like that. (OK, well maybe TI, Luda and AI *ahem*) It’s not my situation. If its a crazy topic, I will offer my two cents and again, move on but … this is ridiculous. What’s funny is people are going to think (or say) that clearly I’m being hypocritical about my topic because I chose to write a blog about it and you’d be right save for one crucial fact. I’m not writing about the celebrities so much as I’m writing about the people OBSESSED with the celebrities. There is a difference.

Let’s speak on the RiRi & Chris Brown situation, since that’s what fueled my rant. I’m on Facebook and I follow a now pretty well-known celebrity blogger. Their statuses from like 1pm to about now were ALL about Chris Brown and Rihanna. We are all familiar with what happened there so need to rehash but this person was pretty much leading a mob of angry people to slander and bash and HATE Chris Brown to bits. Were they within their right to do so? Of course. Are they justified to hate him? Sure. Do they have the right to voice their opinions? HELL YEA. BUT … why why why are we still going on and on about something that seemingly the two people at the heart of the matter don’t even care about?

Rihanna seems to care more about her career and building back her reputation with cute little outfits, Drake makeout sessions and creepy Kanye videos than she does with putting her abuser behind bars. SO WHY DO YOU CARE SO MUCH!? The situation itself (domestic violence) is one that should never go ignored or should be hushed but there are a million and one faceless “Rihanna’s” out there. Let it go. Get over it! If it bothers you that much go put a name to a faceless Rihanna. Stop lobbying for her like she is YOUR child or sister. She will be fine. You don’t know her and she sure as HELL doesn’t know you so why are you even snapping and losing your mind for 3 hours over this?

Lets switch over to Chris Brown. He did it. We all know he did it and that’s that. Are we now going to resurrect some more angry feelings towards a stranger who seems to be trying to move on as well? He releases a clip, says 4 words: “I’m not a monster” and then all Hell has got to break loose again? WHY? Shit, he’s right! He’s not a monster. He’s a kid. He’s stupid. He’s a human being that made a HORRIBLE and STUPID mistake and hopefully will get the right help in dealing with his fuckery. Why can’t it be left at that? Why does it have to all of a sudden be about “oh well he’s showing no remorse and blah blah blah” Do we know what remorse he shows behind closed doors, or if he showed Rihanna any remorse? Because really, she’s the only one he owes anything to. Sure, he has fans but he didn’t beat his fans. He owes them nothing in regards to THIS PARTICULAR situation. And if his fans are true fans they’ll stick by him and support him in getting the help he so clearly needs. Right or wrong, they will. So GET OVER IT.

Celebrities are NOT Gods and Goddesses. They are human beings JUST like you and me, only richer – lol. They make mistakes, again, just like you and me, only they just go through it with a camera in their face 24/7. They can’t conduct themselves properly every day of their life. Look at Sexy Spec. That fucker went and turned on his cam and burned my corneas and scarred me for life. All celebrities make mistakes and we are right there to catch them all but does it mean we have to let it consume 3 hours of our life!? You can take a bubble bath and listen to Esperanza Spalding for three hours and feel FREE! Three hours of arguing and bitching and yelling at others for thinking differently? What part of the game is that!? Part of a bloggers job (especially celebrity ones) is to be impartial and provide a forum for discussion. When you have THAT many people following you, you can’t go around shouting that your opinion is right and valid and no one elses’ matters. Whether or not that’s how you feel doesn’t mean thats how it should be. Take a damn step back from your own hype and think about the voice you have and responsibility you have. And then wonder if you are doing right by what you’ve created!

Ugh. Let me stop here because I got some other shit to take care of. Thanks for the time if you read all of this. LOL.


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