Just Cut the Bullshit, Spec!

26 May 2009 at 1:30 am (Uncategorized) (, , , , , , , )

SO. I’m minding my business, studying. You know. And my msn pops up and my girl Portia decides to hit me with a youtube. OK COOL. BUT WHY IS IT SEXY SPEC – let me stop yelling (of Pretty Ricky fame) all up in the cameras (and mine for that matter) face talking about he wants to hold a grind off? He is much too close with all that metal in his mouth … btw, does ANYONE find that attractive? Yuck. Anyway, he ends his little introductory by saying, “This ain’t no beef man *insert wannabe sexy chuckle here* It’s just me wanting to show you who’s #1. So if you want it … *sneer* come GET it.” THEN he proceeds to back away from the camera and has on … wait for it ….. PINK PANTY-LIKE briefs. They look satin-y! He highly favours Mowgli from The Jungle Book (Portia’s words not mine, LOL) or like a malnourished child in a 3rd world country. WHY IS THIS EVEN ON THE ‘NET!?

So anyway, moving on, Spec opens the “number” with the gayest twirl I’ve ever seen. Even a gay boy would say “that was gay”. WTF is in his hand? His matching camisole? Ugh. Then you see him focus on some kind of …. object because he starts absentmindedly grinding air while staring off into space then decides he’s going to tongue flick the atmosphere as if he’s Linda Blair. WHY am I still watching this?

Moving ON yet again, Mowgli Spec starts to gyrate about the area and air fuck his camisole and starts rubbing his face as if hes just stepped out of the pool and there is chlorine all in his eyes. WHAT!? In between all this is way too many nipple flexes, “sexy stares” deep into the camera, and lip biting. He looks possessed. He then “finishes” and walks to the camera in what I think is supposed to be a seductive manner and basically mumbles some incoherent bullshit in which I believe he thinks he’s just too hot for words, then he winks at the camera while a still pic of the group comes on and the rest of the song plays out.

As fun as this was to write, I really want 5 minutes of my life back. But before I request that, I plan to take 5 more of yours. But I warn you. I don’t think this is safe for work, mind you, I don’t think this is safe for anywhere.



  1. tlntdtnth87 said,

    So he’s gay right? I mean this must have been his coming-out video/declaration. LOL smh…FAIL I’d be pissed if I was any of the male artists he mentioned.

  2. D Inspectah said,

    those “grinds” ALWAYS make me feel uncomfortable because the dudes are trying SO hard to be sexy.

    ’bout wearing pink, LA Senza underwear.

    and people really need to stand back from the camera. close-ups are usually not flattering, especially with a mouth full of tinfoil.

    ugh, what else?

    oh! guys girating, or whinning like that is never sexy to ME. i automatically think they bat for the other team, which is fine, but it doesn’t attract me at all, and the intention for most of these videos (or so they’d like us to think) is to seduce women. and any guy that dances with one arm up in the air, while looking back at his own ass while he dances… no ma’am.

  3. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    It’s definitely his coming out video. This guy is on some other shit and I’m honestly shocked that anyone could or would find this sexy. I think its even an insult to a gay man to say HE would think its sexy. LMAO. I mean, DAMN. Maybe a “just came into puberty” 13 yr old may think this is just dandy but I’m disgusted.

    “and any guy that dances with one arm up in the air, while looking back at his own ass while he dances… no ma’am.”
    ^^ this comment has me cracking the hell up cuz when I read it I immediately thought of the booty popper dancing with his shirt tied up and looking back and grinning and then falling off the chair. AHAHAHA … now THAT is a classic YouTube!

  4. illNot : pretty ricky « millist said,

    […] NOW, in efforts to promote their new single, “Tipsy (In the Club), PR’s sexy spice Spectacular posted a challenge to various teen R&B artists: who’s the #1 grinder. SMH A grown man (really how old is he?) challenges Chris Brown, Bow Wow, and the like to who can twist the best. The video has of now been removed from the web’s circuit, but get an unfortunate play by play @ my friend’s Corprah Lanfrey’s. […]

  5. tlntdtnth87 said,

    http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CgaY1nhhyZM Here is the video again. Its back up!

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      lol thank you. i noticed it was down when i got home but i had already acquired another link. one shuts down and 5 more crop up in its place 😉

  6. Mz. Fenyx said,

    Whyyyyyyyyyyyy? Why oh why? They should ban certain individuals from accessing the World Wide Web. Ms. Lanfrey, I would like restitution for the attack on my visual senses and the murder of 349 brain cells that perished during the playing of the 2 minutes of this video I watched. Shame on him for even turning on the camera….
    …but I must admit, the beat of that song has me in a way right now.

  7. D Inspectah said,

    that intro twirl.
    enough said.

  8. Sajae said,

    World’s biggest PAUSE

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