I’ll Be Damned

25 May 2009 at 11:48 pm (Entertainment, Funny Things, Love & Relationships) (, , , )

I mean, for the age I am, and for the age of the guy involved, I really didn’t think I would still be getting messages like this on Facebook. I mean, come ON!

and wow

Now, this guy is an old co-worker of mine. We definitely don’t talk regularly and never have even hung out outside of work. I have him on my gchat and msn. I would like to believe she messaged ALL females on his friendslist and not just  me for whatever reason because I have NO dealings with him whatsoever. But you have GOT to go about your shit a lot better than this. I never messaged her back (I know better. If I do, the chick has access to my page for 30 days. Damn all that!) but I did tell HIM about the message. This was yesterday. Now her page has been either deleted or deactivated. I could care less if she was being cheated on. That’s your issue … why am I a part of it? I could see if I hung out with him or talked to him but I don’t. He would tell her that himself, though I’m sure his word is as good as nothing to her right now. But again, you don’t just go messaging any and everyone to “get back” at your dude. That’s immature. Get your shit together. Ladies, we gotta do much better. Chicks like this are droppin’ the ball big time. Ugh.


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