Latest News On the Stafford Investigation

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GUELPH, Ont. — Accused of abducting Tori Stafford and helping her alleged killer evade police, Terri-Lynne McClintic wants the eight-year-old girl’s family to know she is trying hard to find her body, her lawyer said Friday.

McClintic, 18, was charged this week along with Michael Rafferty, 28, who is facing charges of abduction and first-degree murder. Despite the murder charge, Tori’s body has not yet been found.

A judicial order has allowed McClintic to remain in the custody of the Oxford Community Police Service to assist in the search for Tori’s remains, which is taking place about an hour outside Woodstock, in Fergus, Ont.

McClintic’s lawyer Jeanine LeRoy said Friday that her client has a message for Tori’s family.

“She wants them to know that she is doing everything in her power to assist the police in bringing Tori home,” LeRoy said outside court in Guelph, Ont., where she was appearing on unrelated matters.

“It’s important to her that they know that.”

A judicial order that allows McClintic to aid in the search for her body has been extended through the weekend to Sunday, LeRoy said.

The search for the Grade 3 student’s remains was in its third day Friday, despite McClintic’s help. LeRoy noted six weeks have passed since Tori disappeared.

“She is doing her best to try to remember what she can and to provide that info to the police,” LeRoy said. “She did indicate that the weather changes and the foliage changes (since April 8) are making that tougher.”

LeRoy said neither she nor her client have discussed a deal with the Crown attorney in exchange for her co-operation.

“It was her idea (to help), not counsel’s,” LeRoy said of her client. “She was involved with police in assisting them in the search well before she even talked to a lawyer.”

Tori’s mother, Tara McDonald, was set to speak at 3 p.m. Friday outside her home in Woodstock.

In the days following Tori’s disappearance the community rallied behind the family, plastering the town with hundreds of flyers, holding candlelight vigils and balloon releases and participating in massive volunteer searches for the little girl.

But court documents suggest police Tori died the same day she was taken.

McDonald began holding daily news conferences to keep the story in the media spotlight and, on a number of occasions, vigorously denied rumours that began swirling in the community, including one that her daughter was kidnapped over a drug debt.

At one point McDonald was confronted with the allegation that she looked like the woman in a composite sketch released by police — a suggestion she called laughable.

Police remained tight-lipped about the investigation, but McDonald’s daily briefings revealed a number of strange twists in the case: McDonald accepted a ride in a limousine to meet a mysterious benefactor in a Toronto hotel who offered to pay any ransom demand, and the family also sought the help of a psychic.

Family members, including McDonald and Stafford, also spoke openly about having taken lie-detector tests.

The media spotlight also put McDonald’s personal struggles on full display, including her addiction to the narcotic OxyContin, which she said she’s receiving treatment for.


Ok. Fine. It’s a good thing McClintic is helping and co-operating with the police. Tori’s family deserves to have her home and give her a proper funeral and burial. Maybe its just me being over-sensitive but NOW you have regret? Really? If Tori was killed on the same day she was taken and you were only arrested a few days ago, you dont have the right to try and look “regretful” and “saintly” or “praised” in even the smallest of ways for co-operating. Her lawyer implores the importance of the family to “know she is co-operating.” If you had true regret you would’ve come forward a LONG time ago. When reading this I just feel like her actions are completely self serving. And it makes me angry and disgusted.



  1. ann said,

    Totally agree.Just another way she feels she can manipulate her wants.It’s got nothing to do with the Stafford family’s loss.If that were the case,she never would have taken the child to her waiting boyfriend in the first place.These people are evil personified.

  2. Corprah Lanfrey said,

    Yes, Ann. People like her are master manipulators. She definitely manipulated dear little Tori. And yes, they are SHEER evil. In some ways I’m glad they didn’t keep Tori for many days. The thought of what she suffered the ONE day makes my stomach turn. I just pray she didn’t suffer too much and went quickly, though I’m hearing rumours of the opposite. It’s so sad. She was such a cute little girl.

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    […] Latest News On the Stafford Investigation […]

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