Change Is Good!

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I woke up this morning with change on my mind. Ha! I decided to do a few different things with the blog and I figure its important to lay those changes out although some are quite evident. The first thing you will notice is the layout and background. I changed the entire theme. I did that because some of the changes I made needed to be in a sidebar rather than at the bottom of my blog. I hope the new colours are a little more uplifting and brighter than the dark layout I was previously using. I really enjoyed the simplicity of my old theme, however for all intents and purposes it was important I had a sidebar this time around.

Other changes include:

  • subscriptions: you can now subscribe to my blog via email or through Gmail, Yahoo! or AOL channels. This feature is added at the top of the sidebar to your right. Please take advantage of this feature people!
  • About Me section: nothing major or fancy. I just updated it and added a couple disclaimers and explained how I got my blog’s name since thats been a common question asked since I started it
  • event promo: a couple weeks ago I decided I would start another aspect to my blog and am now giving a small section of it (at the top under the banner) to promoting events happening in the city. if you wish to have your flyer or event posted please hit me up here
  • Twitter: FOLLOW ME! WHY DONT YOU FOLLOW MEEEE! lol. I don’t use it that often but if you are a twitter-er-er and you want to follow me, my link is there to the right in the sidebar. I had to protect my updates due to some fuckery, but it is what it is.
  • weekly motivation and throwbacks: early supporters and readers of Corprah Lanfrey have been wondering where the daily motivation and daily throwback pages moved to. They were never moved, I just made them private for a coupel months. Truth be told, I was just too busy to update them every day but I’ve brought them back on a weekly basis that I will update every Sunday. You can see those links under the banner at the top of the blog.
  • gravatars/avatars: just something small but for the people that are interested. If you have a wordpress account your gravatar/avatar of choice will now show up in the comments section since I’ve activated that feature
  • weekly polls: just something fun and interactive for my readers. I’m going to be doing 3 polls a week that you can vote on. Some will be pointless, random, silly, for statistical purposes. Take part and vote – it’s always appreciated. Polls will always be located mid-way down the sidebar located to your right. If the location ever changes, I’ll let you know.
  • daily horoscope: as of right now I’m only putting up MY horoscope but I’m looking for a way to have you able to check your own. I assume I could just put up a link to a site but I’m trying to KEEP traffic not divert it LOL .. so thats still a work in progress. Stick with me!
  • live traffic feed: haha I SEE YOU! I added this to get some perspective as to where my readers are coming from. I get a lot from Canada and the U.S. of course but you’d be surprised that people come from as far away as East Asia and even the Caribbean. I love it!
  • Meebo Chat: I’m not sure how long I’ll keep this or if I’m going to deactivate it for awhile. I’ve used it a couple times and have talked to some random people in the craziest of places but its mostly my fault that I forget to sign on when blogging (like right now – smh) and a lot of people aren’t aware of its use and HOW to use it. You DO NOT need a meebo username. You can chat to me as guest. I think I’ll let it stay up until mid-June and if there is still not that much activity, I’ll deactivate it until its requested back. For now, it’s located at the bottom of the sidebar to your right.

Well, folks, that’s it for all the updates. I hope you enjoy them and take advatange of them. Of course any and all feedback is welcome. Much love, always.




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