24 Season Finale TONIGHT!

18 May 2009 at 7:50 pm (Entertainment, Televison) (, , , , )

So after last week’s episode I’m now more anxious than ever to see a Bauer/Almeida face-off.

I’m curious as to how they are going to “cure” Jack. Or, if he’ll be cured at all. We already know, based on the sneak peek we received last week, that Tony and company plan to use Jack as the next bio-chemical “weapon” to be unleashed on the American public. We just don’t know HOW.

This show has seemingly “ended” about 5-6 times this season – lol. JUST when you think its over another threat presents itself! As always, 24 has provided its viewers with a crazy up and down season. Last years Season 6 was NOWHERE near on the level that this one was. The writers’ strike could be to blame … who knows? Even myself, a DIE HARD 24 fan, was frustrated at the lack of excitement the season brought HOWEVER, Season 7 has completely restored my faith in the ever popular Fox network franchise.

We also know Bauer and the back up and running CTU will return next year (see post here) for the final season taking place in New York. My girl pointed out an interesting theory (holla, Elle!) about Jack living with this virus he obtained for another “day” and that “day” would be Season 8 of 24.

I have a lot of questions and 24 usually delivers answers. With that said, here’s to a great season *tips hat* All 24 fans can atest to the fact that its been a GREAT one. Here’s hoping tonight’s episode will be no different. Get your popcorn and candy ready!




  1. Elle said,


    After last nights episode, it burns me to write this but…

    Your girl Kim Bauer gets forwards. She was on some Don Gargon ish. And she’s going to help bring back Teflon Don Bauer, so she gets a one hand clap.

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      I knew you would come around. Anyone that saves Jack, even Kim Bauer, deserves a round of applause! lol

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