First They Love You, Then They Hate You, Then They Love You Again

16 May 2009 at 2:53 pm (Life, Random)

I mean what IS it with people that love to dick other people around?

It’s amazing to me how you can show someone interest and they could care less about what you are showing them but the MINUTE you get “the clue” and back off, they are then ALL up in your face wondering why you aren’t in theirs anymore! Are you kidding me!? LOL

I often wonder if people live their lives to the beat of the “game” drum. Let’s be serious here, after a certain age, once you reach a certain maturity level and claim to be GROWN are you not supposed to leave all games and bullshit at the door? One would think that is the case but time and again I’m reminded it just isn’t so.

Fuck the thrill of the chase. There is no thrill in leading people on. There is no chasing someone that never wants to be caught. Life is too short to be living in some kind of theme park. And today’s theme seems to be the “funhouse”. It’s not fun being jerked around between someone’s wants and desires and another’s “lets see how hard I can make this person dance – and for how long.” I’m too hip to a lot of these games and it makes no sense for me to play them because I’m not a game player. I speak my piece, I keep it blunt, honest and real and you either dig it or you don’t, but one thing I never do is chase anyone. There is ONE reason I don’t do that and it’s reason enough: I am NO ONE’S fool. I will go to the depths of the Earth and back for my friends, family and loved ones but I do that for those that do the same for me. Why would I chase someone that has NO emotions or feelings invested in me? It sounds silly, right? But yet people do this day in and day out.

I don’t waste my time on people like that because my time is precious. Some days I have a shitload of time and other days I don’t have 2 seconds to rub together in order to fart and turn around. In the end, if you wouldn’t do for me the things I’d do for you, we have no dealings. That’s not to say I just brush any and everyone off … heck no. It just means I have standards and I apply them to the necessary people in my life. Some people, for the sake of business you have to give them a SMALL bit of leverage but in personal matters, I don’t give anyone ANY kind of leverage and I rarely give out 2nd chances. We aren’t children anymore. We ARE all grown, whether we act like it or not is up to US as individuals. If you, at your age, are still playing games – with yourself and with other people – I don’t want anything to do with you.

So please, for anyone out there that thinks its cute to mislead people into whatever situation you are trying to create, understand that they more than likely know what you’re doing and you’re losing their respect as you read this. Also know that if you are still around, it’s not because they’re being duped, its because true power comes within letting someone ELSE think they have one over on you 😉



  1. Brittney said,

    Wow!!! That touched me deep… Kinda going through this with someone and I told myself I’m done with his games.This just solidified my beliefs. Girl Uhn!! I will be forwarding this link to all my girlies. Thanks 🙂

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      Your welcome! Thanks for the comment. I’m glad I was able to show you in some way that you don’t need to be around such game play. Good luck with your endeavours 🙂

  2. ... said,

    Wow, NICELY SAID! You simply put all my words together in in this entry. Speaks a lot for people out there in situations running in circles or chasing after each other. Word.

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      Much love!

      Thank you for your comment. I try my best to write from my heart and experiences in order to convey a point of view thats relatable. I’m glad u were able to relate 🙂

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