Such Controversy For Such A Touching Commercial

13 May 2009 at 12:08 pm (Family, Life, Love & Relationships, Televison) (, , , , , , , )

I’m not familiar with the group MCYS (Ministry of Community Development Youth and Sports) that commissioned this commercial, nor am I aware of the politics going on in Singapore but I assume there is something up because of all the heated comments for and against this commercial. Without knowing these things, I watched it first on my friends facebook page and then searched for it on youtube to post it here and THAT is where I came to find out that people actually have a problem with it. When I watched, I teared up and revelled at the meaning of family and love. I suppose that maybe had I had some sort of history of this group I may have felt something else. I also see cries of the commercial being a rip off of Good Will Hunting, which, to me is irrelevant. Does it make the commercial any less meaningful? In the end, I still feel the message outshines the controversy and that message is: to ignore the small things that may annoy or bother you about your loved ones because when they are gone you will desperately want, at the very least, those small things to still be happening. Why? For this means they are still with you. Love your family and friends because life is too short and you never know when someone will be gone.


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