You Heard It Here First ….

26 April 2009 at 6:10 pm (Celebrity, Entertainment, Funny Things, Oh You So Nasty!) (, , , )

… I smell a set up. Yes, that’s right. On what, you say? On Britney Spears’ concerts. I don’t know if its to generate more interest or money but there are WAY too many instances of mishaps and shenanigens going on at almost every show for this to be JUST a coincidence. The latest issue is footage of her dancing and a conveniently close camera”man” capturing what appears to be a tampon string hanging from her crotch area. Now, I’ve seen said footage and I’m sorry, I just don’t believe thats a tampon string. It’s too thick and long to be dangling like that. The first time it’s shown, yes, it looks like a tampon string but the 2nd time it’s just much too long and thick. Gosh. I’ve worn tampons and I just can’t agree with that. It’s possible it could’ve been something hanging from her costume that came “out” at the wrong place during a quick costume change or it could’ve been placed there purposely for the camera”man” to catch. Either way it’s wretched. Can Britney not catch a break? Is she a part of this set up? Who the hell knows. Just know you heard it here first: something smells fishy (pun not intended)



  1. D Inspectah said,


    I’ve always believed there was a Britney Spears conspiracy. Whether she is in on it, or not. It’s just always convenient that there is a huge dilemna in the US or the world, and the focus is on her. The war on Iraq is looming… but Britney’s getting married! An impending recession? Britney’s gone crazy!!

    Her crazy spell was way back in 2006. Granted, it was a hell of a crazy time, but she’s right when she said “she’s paying for a long time”. It’s like the world is waiting for her to screw up again, and this time they are watching her under a microscope.


    The concert was amazing. She worked it. Still a big fan 😀

  2. You Heard It Here First …. | It´s Entertainment said,

    […] Original post by Corprah Lanfrey […]

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