Amazing Video Of Children Singing Coldplay

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I can’t stress how much I love this video, how beautiful it is. I watched it just a few moments ago and maybe I’m emotional right now but it brought me to tears. Every last one of those children looked so comfortable and confident and PROUD of their abilities and they SHOULD be. They all sang their little hearts out and it sounded amazing. The description of this video is so on point. It’s true, how can one hear something like this and think cutting funding to the arts & music programs across the nation is a good idea? Enjoy this and pass this along. This just made my day and my morning is that much brighter!

UPDATE: Many thanks to my girl, Darcel for sending me a link to another video which in turn gave me the name of this children’s group and their location which further enabled me to gather more info. Here is Staten Island’s PS 22 Chorus’s rendition of Survivor’s Eye Of the Tiger.

For more info on these amazing kids please check out their blog at:



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  3. Barbara said,

    BRAVO! This is what life is all about! This teacher is bringing so much love and joy to these children’s lives! My fondest memories from my childhood are when my elementry chorus teacher taught my class songs by the artist of my day such as “The Beach Boys”, “Elton John” and the “Beatles”. We learned to sing and have fun at the same time. He was a huge influence on my life. I even had this teacher play and sing at my wedding. Thank you to the teacher in this video! Music and Art are very important part of any school program.

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