The Youth Ain’t All That Bad

22 April 2009 at 2:15 pm (Life, Random, Raves)

Just a quick story I want to share.

I was on my way home from class today and there was an older lady on the bus that took it upon herself to get up and grab a newspaper on a seat about 3 feet away from where she was sitting. The bus was stopped at a red light and she didn’t move quick enough to get back to her seat because when the bus took off she was thrust forward. To many people they’d just grab onto something or someone if they weren’t able to find their footing, but this was a little old lady, there was no way her reaction time could be that quick. Now, there was a young guy sitting across from her and seen this happening and so he immediately jumped up to catch her in case she would fall. Race doesn’t matter here but let’s just say that he didn’t look like the kind of kid who’d jump up to help an old woman. The kicker? Closer to the old woman than this young kid was a middle aged grown ass man that didn’t even flinch when she stumbled in his direction. The old lady gripped onto the young guy so tight and just repeatedly said “thank you” over and over. She was so greatful. Who knows what could’ve happened had she fallen, you know?

People are so quick to judge our youth and write them off as self -entered punks but this kid surprised a lot of people. The bus wasn’t super crowded so what happened was seen by all, and as I looked around at the other passengers I could see small smiles and nods of appreciation. It’s good to know not all youth aren’t all bad people.



  1. pochp said,

    Only a fool would say it isn’t so.

  2. Mz. Fenyx said,

    Youth have earned a bad rep in many cases, but in many instances the youth come through with shining colors. *cheers* to young people with manners and proper attitudes!

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