“A Hot Song Doesn’t Override Bullshit”

22 April 2009 at 1:34 pm (Entertainment, Interviews, Music) (, , , , )

Eh. Jap City speaks the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth.  I love this guy. From months way back when I saw his first vid talking about R Kelly (Put That Nigga Under the Jail) to his latest on calling out fake rapper/gangsters,  I’ve been enjoying his truths ever since. Here he is (in an interview) basically explaining his stance on whether or not he’s “hating” on rappers in the game right now.

And he’s deathly on point when he says: “I’m just sayin the shit y’all dont wanna say”.  And I find him sexy as all hell, too. I seem to have a thing for guys from Chi-Town 😉


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    The same book ‘phobes use to justify hatred of gays,
    is the same book racists used to justify SLAVERY and SEGREGATION!

    “Fuck cars, clothes n’ hoes / I rock my flowz 4 da lolz / Fuckin’ Shirley Phelps Roper through her nasty panty hoes / Fuck caps, I wanna bust a nut in yer butt, cuz yooze a slut / a sexually repressed psycho ass religious nut / these churchie cunts needta take dey ass back ta Jesus land / This ain’t Kansas, we don’t give fucks about no preacha man / 80 year old cult leader / the laughing child beater / forget a heater / I’ma knock his ass unconscious and inject his veins wit’ drain cleaner.

    Hack Freddy boy to pieces / put ’em all in a box / tape it up with the scotch / and tie it up with some rocks / and drop that piece-uh fuckin’ shit off da nearest fuckin’ dock / my shit is death hop: a bitta Slayer mixed wit 3-6 / before they went shit – dropped Satanism and made mainstream BET hits / Ram a crucifix in Phelps pussy slits like Linda in “Exorcist” / militant atheist / makin’ religionist experience what true Hell is / I’m startin’ my own holocaust, and this one is for the zealots.

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