Oh Luther, Luther, Luther

16 April 2009 at 1:26 pm (Life, Music, Raves, Throwbacks) (, , , , , )

So, I just got a Luther Vandross drop from Derrick and I was going through Luther’s catalogue and I started getting sentimental. Luther Vandross was and still is my mothers FAVOURITE artist of all time. I was raised on his music – literally. There isn’t a song to which I don’t have a memory for. I mean, I know Luther’s music VERY well. So, I got on youtube and started looking for some live performances and I came across this one because, while it’s impossible to pick a favourite song, this is definitely one of them.

As I started to watch, I also started to cry – the floodgates started to open up at about 7:00. I’m a highly emotional person (I know, I know). I think what got to me was the way Luther passed. The man with the golden, silky and smooth voice left this world too soon. And then I realized and remembered that there will never be another voice like his. Ever. The only solace I take with me is that he left us an amazing catalogue of  timeless classics. I have to be happy with that. Luther to me, epitomized perfection and class when it came to being a true R&B artist. His voice was effortless. Every note was on point. He never sounded off. He was always always always a class act. He was a sheer genius at his craft. The music world and his fans and just humanity alike lost a lot the day Luther passed. I have so many sentimental memories of my childhood because of this man. From just smelling eggs, bacon and pancakes on a Sunday morning, to hearing his songs played at weddings and funerals. I miss you, Luther but your music will always live on. RIP.



  1. LaMont Anthony said,

    I have to say I definetly feel your pain. A lot is said about his gift of singing, which you’re right, there will never be another. But what I miss is the way in which he went about the craft of songwriting. Being a songwriter myself, I believe we lost one of the last true R&B songwriters for our genre. The way that he and Marcus Miller approached the writing and arrangement of a song was an art onto itself. Luther did a lot of covers, very well, but I was more of a fan of his original material. “The Night I Fell In Love” is one of the best R&B albums of all time. I too miss Luther…

    • Corprah Lanfrey said,

      oh you raise a great point! he definitely knew how to write from his heart and soul. thank you for your post.

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