Nasty Idiots At Dominos Pizza

14 April 2009 at 12:31 am (Food & Drink, Oh You So Nasty!) (, , , , , , )

And the sad thing is that this probably happens a lot more than we realize. Only difference is that we don’t SEE it happen. These nasty assholes, fucking Christie and fucking Michael, just reminded me why I’m so worried about eating out and prefer cooking at home. If I can’t SEE you make my food, I’m wary. Mind you … all the ingredients at Subway, McD’s and BK (and other places) are prepared before the doors open =/ UGH!

See the nasty videos here



  1. Nasty Idiots At Dominos Pizza said,

    […] Original post by Corprah Lanfrey […]

  2. brian said,

    the pizza is gross

  3. brian said,

    there pizza is so nasty it mad me throw that day i even herd they put bugers on it

  4. brian said,

    nasty selfs

  5. brian said,

    my dad said he will sue yall because your pizza is nasty
    nasy selfs stupid and nasty and the boy and the girl that were puting bugers on the sanwichis

  6. Tony Carles said,

    findlay ohio dominos at main and tiffin,..nasty a dark green or black car w/ broken front of car parts.. almost run me over next time i call the police..went back to store and asked why i was almost run over and all were on the phone and glarring at me.said the Manager would be w/ me shortly .and my complaint.. i left the store..upset ..and not one of them said a thing to me as i left …when i looked back as i was leaving,…2 people were starring at me ..and i left a hurry…will tell all i know dominos is a cheap worthless pizza

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